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Topkapi (1964) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller / Suspense)

09 Sep, 2010 | Movies To See Before You Die / Thrillers

If you are a huge fan of thrillers based on an engaging and well planned heist plot, but still haven’t seen TOPKAPI, then you are really missing one of the most entertaining movies made in this particular genre. Though not included in the World’s Best Movies by the renowned critics, it still remains a well-made classic, having all the essential elements of entertainment just in the right dosage ranging from comedy, action, drama and suspense.
Its brilliant script [based on Eric Ambler’s novel The Light of Day (1962)] and the presentation makes you fall in love with its key characters, right from the very first impressive scene. And then the film turns out to be a great entertainer with many worth watching performances and highly enjoyable, thrilling sequences related to the planning and execution of the actual robbery. Based on an original idea of stealing a valuable dagger from a museum in Istanbul, the way it represents the heist, probably later on also inspired a similar sequence in the famous MISSION IMPOSSIBLE too, showcasing the intruder hanging upside down in the hall, without touching the ground.
TOPKAPI reportedly had two different kinds of climax at the time of its release. But in the current available format we can only enjoy the one in which the whole group of crooks gets caught just because of a small innocent flying bird. And as per an unconfirmed information, the other climax showed the dagger being snatched away by a petty thief after the team successfully steals it from the museum. Indeed an amusing thought put in by the writers and the director.
The movie has an OSCAR connection too since Peter Ustinov, who played a small time thief falling in the trap of the actual heist planners, also won his first Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his amusing performance in the movie. So if you just want to have a good weekend, enjoying a movie full of comic entertainment along with an exciting suspense, then go for TOPKAPI without any second thoughts and have a great time with your loved ones and friends together. In short, this is sure to be a delightful watch for all, irrespective of the age or gender as a complete family entertainer.
Directed By Jules Dassin (the man behind another classic RIFIFI)
Starring : Melina Mercouri, Peter Ustinov and more.

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