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Trust (2010) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

15 Jul, 2012 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

I have always been in favour of films made on socially relevant subjects which are in fact the need of the hour. But very rarely we get to see movies which can scare us perhaps just at the right time, with the right message. Movies, talking about the current questionable living styles of the younger generation or related subjects, which might contribute in the personal lives of the viewers in a big way. TRUST is also one of those important movies which essentially needs to be watched by the parents of the young ones busy enjoying their teenage years and by the youngsters too, who are just close to becoming adults around the age of 18.

The film talks about the negative side of the technology we all have become slaves of in the present times which is popularly known as INTERNET. It showcases how it can be misused by some sharp minded maniacs to trap the young children and then sexually exploit them as they like without any kind of resistance or risk. TRUST, more importantly alarms you about a truth that “Parental Care” or “Safety Measures taken by the Parents” may not be that successful at all as you are thinking and your kids might be at a huge risk using these “Open Facilities Available” in their locked rooms (and on their mobiles) without your knowledge. It has some well directed scenes depicting the trauma faced by the family which is sure going to make you think about this “New Obsession” of the youth from a different angle.

In realistic terms, its completely impossible for parents to keep a strict track of each and every thing done by their immature kids in that tender age. Because if they try to do the same then their friendly relationship with their growing child gets affected drastically leading to some severe consequences having a long lasting impact. Therefore, freedom also needs to be given to the child to expand in his or her own understanding within a specific limit. And the child also needs to respect this freedom granted to him by his loving parents. Now under these circumstances only one thing is left which can maintain a perfect balance within the whole family and that is a five letter word called TRUST. This film is all about this mutual TRUST between the parents and their kids which gets beautifully expressed in its last scene depicting a helpless father’s emotional outburst in front of his loving daughter who has been a victim.
Though for the Indian audience, TRUST might have many offensive scenes or objectionable conversations considered unsuitable for the teenagers. But then its always have been a tough question for the parents to decide that how & when their kids should be told the darker truths of our society related with SEX. No doubt its always better to share with them the real facts intelligently before it becomes too late, yet the timings of this mutual understanding session between the kids and the parents remains more or less a personal choice of the elders.

From cinematic point of view, TRUST may not be a pure gem with some great achievements made in its technical department. But it sure is a film which might scare you of some horrifying facts of life just at the right time with the right vision. Hence it really needs to be seen at the earliest by the families who are deeply concerned for their growing kids and wish to have a loving relationship with them based on nothing but TRUST.
Director : David Schwimmer.
Writers : Andy Bellin, Robert Festinger.
Stars : Clive Owen, Catherine Keener and Liana Liberato.

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15 Jul 2012 / Comment ( 2 )
I remember a film called \'Aetbaar\' starring Amitabh,which has similar plot elements. Even Ashmit Patel starrer \'Inteha\' is similar.
Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
Both the films you have mentioned "Aitbaar" (2004) and "Inteha" (2003) are actually versions of "FEAR" (1996).

But "TRUST" is completely different concept though revolves around father, daugher and the trust within a family.
The film mainly talks about a family, the "INTERNET" and how it can be used to trap young girls.
Plus I cant write more here as it will reveal the actual plot of the movie for the readers.


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