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Tunes of Glory (1960) (Movies To See Before You Die - War Movies)

21 Nov, 2013 | Movies To See Before You Die / War Movies

Though treated as a film belonging to the ‘War-Movies’ genre, TUNES OF GLORY is not exactly about any realistic depiction of the war front, guns or severe violence. In fact this is one of those rare movies which introduce you to the tense scenario within a specific regiment, due to the difference of outlook between its two respected seniors, without taking you into the war-field at all. 
It is a well presented, impactful and brave story of conflict between two powerful personalities in a military regiment, when a new commanding officer is unexpectedly sent for a vacant post, which was sure to be given to the acting Colonel, well admired & respected by the entire regiment from a long time. Now where the old & familiar Colonel is a lenient, fun loving & friendly officer for all, the newly appointed senior is a strict disciplinarian which leads to all that conflict of command between the two. As a result, one gets to see many brilliant, tense yet enjoyable confrontations scenes between these extremely contradicting characters, till its brutally shocking climax delivers a serious shock, leaving the viewers with nothing but eyes wide open with a strong disbelief.
Based on the novel written by James Kennaway, TUNES OF GLORY is undoubtedly one of those lesser mentioned, but exceptional war-films (without depicting a war), which is rightly remembered for its two flawless key acts along with a thoughtful direction of Ronald Neame. At one end Alec Guinness simply wins your heart through his lovable portrayal of a friendly officer and on the other John Mills strongly makes you feel the pain felt at his end caused by his self-honor, sense of responsibility and long cherished tradition of being a military man. Superbly supported by the entire cast, the film has an entertaining script full of funny, engaging and well-written sequences between the two seniors.
However, when it calmly reaches towards the end, it stuns you completely with a shocking culmination and your whole outlook towards its leading characters changes dramatically. In few words, the final moments of the film truly convert it into one of the most authentic, powerful and profound adaptations on screen talking about the respected honour felt by the soldiers for their posts or uniform. And if you really feel for this pride felt by the military men guarding their respective countries anywhere around the globe, then do watch this classic film at the earliest and salute them all.
Directed By Ronald Neame
Written By James Kennaway
Starring : Alec Guinness, John Mills, Susannah York and more.

For more check out : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0054412/

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