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Two Brothers (English) / Deux Freres (France) (2004) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Adventure)

23 Feb, 2011 | Movies To See Before You Die / Adventure

"Two Brothers” is a beauttiful visual expression, based on the story of a Tiger’s family fighting with both man and the nature together. The film easily proves why Cinema is the most effective and important medium of creative expressions which uses both the powers of vision and sound together to give you some unbelievable experience in the dark.  

One of the few brilliant projects, sensitively made around the characters of animal kingdom, TWO BROTHERS unarguably can be kept in the bracket of The Top 5 movies made in this particular genre till date. And I am bit surprised too that why I couldn’t find its name prominently mentioned anywhere on the famous sites stating the list of world’s worth watching movies over the net.
So, for all the people who can pay their due respects to the innocent creatures not having any ability to express themselves verbally, this is a rare gem not to be missed. Crafted with great sense of emotion, care and concern towards the animal fraternity TWO BROTHERS brings forward the issue of reducing counts of Tigers in a very novel and touching way. Without revealing the main plot of the story, which would surely take you by surprise, I would like to add that if you really want to see some amazing kind of work done with Tigers then go for TWO BROTHERS this weekend and enrich yourself with an enlightening experience.
Having the power to impress the viewer from its first scene itself, the film forcibly makes you think that how on earth the director was able to make the real adult tigers and their cubs act like some human actors emoting as per the script given to them. Obviously the scenes with the Tigers must have been shot separately to be incorporated later on at the editing table. But the way they have been executed is indeed exceptional and commendable. Like, I just loved the director’s poetic or painting kind of expression, when the playful cub hides himself between the other stuffed toys lying in the house in such a cute way. Here I would also like to mention that along with its highly emotional content the film also has its own share of bloodshed and some brutal sequences of Tiger hunting shown in a realistic manner. So its quite possible that the kids watching it may get frightened or may start asking you questions about animal hunting and its reasons. Hence be prepared to tackle these minor hiccups if you are watching the film with all the kids in the family.
But nevertheless, despite of this important concern for the minors, TWO BROTHERS is a rare, not so famous masterpiece which must be seen by all lovers and students of cinema. It not only teaches you the craft but also makes you think about the brutality being practiced with the innocent living beings all over the world in a hidden way. As per my view, I would strongly like to recommend all the SAVE TIGERS organizations to buy the rights of this visual treat and use it in their task of saving the lives of remaining tigers more effectively.
The film has an immense power to save at least a few of the left beautiful creatures in the whole world. So there is no harm in giving it a chance……….MAY the generations coming after us get to see the beauty of this yellow and black together.
Directed By Jean Jacques Annaud

(Note : Thanks Himanshu for recommending this unforgettable movie.)

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23 Feb 2011 / Comments ( 5 )

Hey Bobby....

Just read your review n I feel so good & in a way proud for watched this movie. In fact I have also recommended this classic to so many & would like to spread more.

Thanks you so much for posting it here. Your writing is again speechless. And the point for SAVE TIGERS that you mentioned is very very necessary considering todays scenario about this beautiful & my favorite animal.

I am completely agree with you about the initial sequence of tiger family emotions & execution. I was awe that how they might have done this!!! I can watch that scene hundreds of times.

And when both brothers met again in their adulthood in fighting cage... I was literally crying....there were other scenes too that bring tears to eyes for animal lovers....

Thanks again for taking it in your movies to see before you die list.



You know in fact Aircel have used small clip of this movie for their SAVE TIGER campaign TV add. Check here. Just a year back.


Bobby Sing

Thanks Himnashu Once Again for recommending it......and it was really great of AIRCEL to use its clipping for their social cause.

Lets pray more and more people see it and particularly the one who are engaged in such inhuman activites and may thier hearts get transformed watching it.




Saw this movie years ago on TV, loved it. Some other good movies in the genre of human-animal bonding are Duma, Secondhand Lions starring Michael Caine & Robert Duvall, Hachiko: A Dog\'s Story starring starring Richard Gere. Especially Hachiko makes you cry.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Vamsi for visiting the site and recommending more movies in the same genre.

I have seen Duma but would surely be going for the rest of them in a short time. Will get back here after watching them.

Cheers and Keep Visiting.

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