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UDTA PUNJAB - Pre-release Questions and Fears (A preview by Bobby Sing)

15 Jun, 2016 | Articles on Cinema

A controversy certainly helps a film or a book before its scheduled release and there always is a counter allegation too that it’s all a pre-planned strategy of the PR agencies to ensure a great initial. However this time the clash really got into an ugly state with CBFC losing the case in the court forming the frontline news and the honorable judge also rightly reminding the exact phrase behind the abbreviation that happens to be ‘Central Board of Film Certification’ and not Censor Board as more widely or commonly quoted.
The case eventually divided the viewers into two big groups supporting and opposing the film for their own individual reasons. But in the process, they all sadly missed the other major issues showcased in the official trailer pointing towards the falling state of Punjabi mainstream music and singers, the issue of Bihari workers migrating to the city in big numbers and the role of Police & Politicians in the huge supply of these life-taking drugs in the state widely ignored by the central authorities.
Anyway, moving ahead of these infamous biased controversies and having personally witnessed the changing state of Punjab since the last 15 years, I have my own questions and fears regarding UDTA PUNJAB and its director’s basic vision behind using the backdrop of land of five rivers called Punjab, [meaning Panj (Five) Aab (Rivers)].
The questions would rightly give you an idea about how thin is the line UDTA PUNJAB is balancing upon that can easily be referred to as ‘playing with fire’. And I hope it doesn’t affect the image of the state adversely, sending a wrong message to the world in a partial manner.
Completing the process of a questionnaire, the detailed answers and the conclusion will be right there in my review to be shared post the decisive Friday.
But till then here are those crucial points I have in mind before going for the film :
1. What is the DISCLAIMER they are putting in the beginning of the film?
2. How close is Shahid Kapoor’s onscreen character to the famous Honey Singh and how they have indicated the same with what kind of similar reference?
3. What is the language spoken in the film? Is it Hindi, Punjabi or an awfully sounding mix of both? And can this be a crucial problem for the non-Punjabi speaking regions in terms of understanding the dialogues?
4. How ‘Bihari workers in Punjab’ are depicted on the screen and with what purpose through the character of Alia Bhatt?
5. How convincing is the reason of Diljit’s heart transformation in the film?
6.. What impact does Kareena makes in the role of an activist/journalist/nurse/doctor?
7. How are the songs ‘Chitta Veh’ & ‘Andar Da Kutta’ used in the sequences and do they result in any kind of influential provocation?
8. How justified is the use of Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s cult song in the script, sung by whom?
9. How clearly is Pakistan and state politicians shown linked to the drug business in Punjab?
10. How realistic is the abusive language used in the film in its major scenes? Was it really necessary or its just thrown in for the obvious reasons?
On a lighter or filmy note…..!
11. How funny is Satish Kaushik’s character taking care of the entertainment factor?
12. How is romance portrayed in the proceedings linking the various characters? Or Has the director simply kept the romantic element out making it too realistic?
On the very purpose of the film…..!
13. Can UDTA PUNJAB be a propaganda film in disguise having some political inclinations?
14. Is it a socially concerned movie made with a responsible purpose or just using the backdrop of Punjab to get some instant eyeballs and publicity?
15. Projected as a social drive against drugs, does it also have any focus on the state of rehabilitation centers operating in the regions or just skips that considering it as unimportant?
And lastly but most importantly
16. How PUNJAB and the people of the state are portrayed in the film stressing upon the drug menace? Is the depiction full of negativity or they have also shown the positive side too following a balanced approach?
Hope there are all encouraging answers to the above, giving us an entertaining as well as an enlightening film this Friday putting the controversies to rest. Otherwise it will be nothing short of opening a PANDORA BOX if it doesn’t turn out to be something made with a clear and socially concerned vision by the renowned makers.
So stay tuned for the answers coming in the review next.

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15 Jun 2016 / Comments ( 4 )
How can you compare tommy singh with Honey singh ??? Is honey also a drug addict?
Bobby Sing

Dear Siddharth,
My indicative answer to your question is,
"I am working in the Punjabi Music Industry since more than last two decades."


It is a very good attempt, excellent performances by all leading actors.
Can\'t wait to hear from one of my most favourite movie critics.
Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot SD,
Yes the film is more than just fine.
But you are going to be shocked, enlightened and surprised by the review all together...for sure.


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