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UYARE (Malayalam / 2019) - An inspiring, uplifting film about an acid attack victim, focusing on her survival and rise instead of her sufferings. (Review by Bobby Sing)

30 Dec, 2019 | Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi) / Movie Reviews / 2019 Releases

Knowing about its subject based on a fictional story of an acid attack victim, it is obvious to assume or expect an explosive kind of film focusing on the terrifying incident, its horror, the consequences and sufferings of the girl, with her face and the trauma being in the limelight. However nothing of that sort is true for the Malayalam film UYARE directed by debutant Manu Ashokan starring the talented Parvathy in the lead along with Asif Ali, Tovina Thomas and more playing the important supporting characters. 
The routine expectations do not get fulfilled from this thoughtful film as it’s not interested in presenting the socially relevant plot as any kind of disturbing crime-thriller. Not interested in stressing upon the decisive acid-throwing scene at length supported by some loud background score. And not at all willing to sensationalize or exploit the performance through the gimmick of cinematography, make-up or prosthetics (also visible in the minimal designing of its posters). 
On the contrary this is film where the makers focus on the girl instead of an acid-victim and the camera presents her with sincerity and respect avoiding the focus on her face and the expected constant gazes. Besides, the director also thoughtfully manages to portray the state of mind of the two fathers involved in the case in a few confrontation scenes, so sensitively written by the writer duo Bobby-Sanjay.
On the flip side, it does have a few too convenient (unreal) developments incorporated in its second half that could have been avoided. But they thankfully don’t dilute the core message of the film which is about the triumphs achieved by the girl post the sudden acid attack and its medical consequences.
Hence UYARE might not be a powerful or explosive film because of its subtle execution. But it’s an important and a must watch film as it doesn’t talks about the sufferings but the achievements of the girl fighting for her social existence. It is not about the tragedy but the path chosen by Pallavi following her childhood dreams. And it doesn’t just convey the story of an acid attack, but gives the message of survival and the spirit of moving on as an inspiring, uplifting film.
The title UYARE in Malayalam means “Rise” or “High” which is just apt for the story of a trained girl pilot facing an acid attack and then striking back. Plus I simply loved the way music has been used in the film, especially the title song coming at the perfect moment having a soul-stirring composition making you feel ‘the rise’.
To be fair, this is a fictional story of a survivor (written after thorough research), different from the upcoming film CHHAPAAK directed by Meghna Gulzar, based on the real life story of Laxmi. So cannot say how impactful or strong Meghna’s film would be. But before you watch that film, this certainly deserves to be seen for its conception, visualization and performances all together.

Rating : 4 / 5 
(Note : UYARE currently is available at Netflix for a subscription with English subtitles) 

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