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Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan performing in the midst of Bollywood stalwarts in 1980. (Did You Know - 27)

01 Jun, 2011 | Did You Know!

If a young student of today’s hip generation loves music, but is still not familiar with the legendary name of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab, then its like being a young student of a primary class who yet doesn’t know anything about his honorable Principal of the school.

The name, for me is nothing less than any Spiritual Guru or teacher and I have always considered Ustad Saab as one of my precious treasures of life with Almighty’s blessings. His incomparable works continue to infuse new life in our otherwise hectic routine and his musical gems would surely continue to be an inspiration for many generations to come on this planet.
So, loving him spiritedly, I really get excited whenever I get to listen a rare track or see a rare photograph of Ustad Saab through some early contact of his or over the net. Recently I found some really great nostalgic photographs of probably his first performance in India, at the wedding ceremony of Rishi Kapoor in January 1980. The rare photos have Bollywood stalwarts, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Rahul Dev Burman and Rishi Kapoor himself praising the Ustad for his gifted talent.
And as I have written in one of my previous articles, it was indeed the genius of Raj Kapoor, who could see the magical talent in Ustad Saab so early in the year 1980, almost a decade before the whole world could recognize the GOD sent genius performer.
Thanks to Mr.Jamil and the team for these rare pictures taken from their Facebook Fan Page : http://www.facebook.com/TheLegend.Nusrat.Fateh.Ali.Khan
Bollywood Stalwarts and Ustad Saab - Bobby Talks Cinema.com
- And here is a Bonus Rare Picture of Rekha greeting Ustad Saab -
Taken from the same Facebook Page.
Rekha greeting Ustad Saab - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

If you too have any rare such photo of Ustad Saab in your possesion then do send me as I would love to share the same with all my friends here.

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01 Jun 2011 / Comments ( 18 )
Amazing Collection !!!
Bobby Sing

Thanks Isvinder for being here and writing your kind comment.

Keep Visiting and Writing In.

Anirban Mitra

Thanks for this nostalgic post Bobby Ji. I\'m a huge fan of Ustaad Saab. He was not only a gifted singer but also a gem of a person. He was a very humble, down-to-earth, simple person. In today\'s world you\'ll hardly come across a celebrity without a huge ego.
The quality of simplicity and humility itself is a rare human characteristic. Coupled with the exceptional musical talent, Ustaad Saab is one of the outstanding artists the world has seen.

Bobby Sing

Thank you too Anirban for showing your true love for the master here.

Keep Visitng and Writing in as there is a lot more to share with friends here.

Muhammad Mustaqeem

Ustad NFAK was not only a legendary singer but also a great human being. His voice gives ecstatic touch to my heart and I\'m sure every fan of him feels the same way. His voice prosper the message of peace and love. Pakistani nation feels proud of him........as he is loved by nations.
May Allah rest his soul in heavens, Amin !!

Bobby Sing

Thanks Muhammad for visiting and sharing your respect for the master. Sometimes it is very difficult to put your words together in the praise of a great man and I truly feel the same many times.

Keep Visitng and Writing in.

Amazing pics! and they say he was introduced to the Indians through copied songs.
Little off topic , did Ustad Saab really compose \'sanson ki mala\' ? the wordings seem to be from Sanskrit language.
Bobby Sing

Hi Chris,
Thanks for being here and yes sometimes people want to take the credit and that may be the case as you have mentioned.

Regarding "Sanson Ki Maala" it is infact the first hand redition by Ustad Ji but where as the words and compostion is concerned it may be inspired from any old traditional text and tune but still in absence of any solid authentic info it should be take as his original creation.

Cheers and Keep Visiting!


Avnish Chandra Suman

"Sanson Ki Mala" wala was written by Mira Bai herself & Composed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in 1979, Just before he came to India. He made it especially for Indian audiences in only and first performed it in Mumbai in 1979 (before Raj Kapoor\'s son\'s Marriage).

Find more at http://nusratonline.com , A new tribute site researching NFAK\'s Legacy...

Bobby Sing

Hi Avinish,
Welcome to the site and thanks for writing in too with this valuable info.
However I am still not convinced and confused over Mira Bai writing the lyrics as I remember reading about it somewhere with another name. (Cant recall it though)

Still keep visiting and be in touch.

Avnish Chandra Suman

Dear Bobby Ji,
Meera Bai was a great poetess herself. She had devoted her whole life to Krishna and given the gift of her love towards Krishna, in form of her BHAJANS. And Sanso ki Mala is probably here best bhajan ever.

You can find the proof in the book "Mystic Songs of Meera", by V. K. Subramanian.

Bobby Sing

Dear Avnish, 
If a person calls himself a creative lyricist, musician and still doesnt know anything about MEERA-DIWANI then he is probabaly only fooling himself around.
So I do know, love & respect Meera Bai and her pure devotional love from the deepest core of my heart and have also sung many Bhajans of her, out of which my most favourite one is "Daras Bin Dukhan Laage Nain"

Hence immensely glad to see a authentic reference of this song in the source mentioned and that is indeed worth sharing with all.

Chees to this share with HIS BLESSINGS

Avnish Chandra Suman

It was around year and a half back, I still remember sitting in my colleges\'s computer lab reading this article (and not coding, what I was supposed to) ...........

"If a young student of todays hip generation loves music, but is still not familiar with the legendary name of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab, then its like being a young student of a primary class who yet doesnt know anything about his honorable Principal of the school."

I was a novice NFAK fan then, not much time since I discovered him, these lines felt so true .. I showed it to all my friends ... my favorite past-time those days used to be Enlightening my friend\'s with NFAK\'s greatness and glory .... .. It wasn\'t very different from talking about my grandfather ( NFAK\'s holds the same love and respect in my life)...

Sorry, for getting carried away.. I resisted mentioning it ... but I couldn\'t...!

Bobby Sing

Hi Avnish,
As you replied to this article with reference to Meera Bai, so I decided to introduce Meera too in a similar phrase as in the first lines of the write-up.................., which you catched well.....!

But apart from that, was extremely glad to read you honest reply and ever more happy thinking that it was my article which became one of the reasons responsible of inspiring you to listen more works of the one and only master.
In few words it was like "A JOB DONE WELL" for me as the sole purpose of the article was to introduce THE MASTER to the deserving music lovers of the new generation only.

However, your comment also made me realise that its so easy now for all youngsters to listen to Ustad Ji in 2012 when almost all his songs are just available at a click, sitting in your personal room, which in many cases may also not result in generating the same impact on many young ones as it made on us in the early 90s.

In those days, the moment we got to know that anybody had a unheard cassette or even one new Qawwali of Ustad Ji, we used to travel on buses to his house, ring the bell and straight away ask him/her for the same without feeling any shy or hesitation.....Such was our passion for the MASTER...

And having lived those days, I was therefore really happy seeing the kind of work done at the new site of yours on the MASTER and would like to offer any kind of help you need for the same from my side.

Do let me know more about it and ALL THE BEST from my side always.....!

Asim Hussain

Its always joy to watch or see any content which is new or rare. Thanks you so much providing these images.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was introduced to Bollywood in his early days when he performed at Rishi Kapoor wedding.

Do visit my blog nusratfan.com.

Bobby Sing

Glad to know Asim Hussain that you loved watching these photographs which are infact from that marriage event only you have mentioned.

Keep Visiting and Writing in.

express news live

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was a legendary musician from Pakistan. He produced many music, qawali albums, He gave all time hit to Bollywood. His composition still equally popular as it was in his life.

Bobby Sing

Yes he undoubtedly was one of the most blessed creative artists on this planet tiil date.

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