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VICKY DONOR - Its not only a great comedy but one of the best romantic movies from Bollywood with a loving message. (Review by Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Comedy/Drama)

20 Apr, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases / Movies To See Before You Die / Comedy

Vicky Donor - Bobby Talks Cinema.comLearning from my personal experience I can candidly say that its pretty difficult to write about a bad movie as one has to explain all the reasons behind the rejection. But its really very easy and exciting to write about a good & delightful movie made on a difficult subject like VICKY DONOR, which makes Bollywood take its next giant step towards maturity.

So first of all I would like to congratulate John Abraham to back & produce a film on such an off-track subject which is usually not supported by the producer community.  I have always believed that after becoming hugely successful in your own field, it’s the duty of a person to support some good & meaningful projects which otherwise don’t get any approval from the fearful Industry. And with VICKY DONOR, John fulfills his duty in an impressive manner, without featuring in it in the lead role and giving a much deserving chance to the talented cast.

Secondly (as said earlier in a review), the film once again proves that ‘An Enjoyable, Must See Movie’ solely depends upon Writing, Writing & Writing alone. So the next set of wishes goes to both the director Shoojit Sircar and the screenplay-dialogue writer Juhi Chaturvedi for making a thoroughly enjoyable film offering many hilarious and thoughtful sequences with many well written lines right till the end. They both not only convert a serious subject of artificial insemination into an entertaining comic one but at the same time also retain the optimistic feel of the issue in a splendid manner. Moreover they also meet another requisite of Good Cinema in which movies should both entertain and enlighten the viewers about some rare issues of the society. And VICKY DONOR being a comic take will surely enlighten many more viewers of the country about this available medical technique, who might not be aware of it till now with a clear vision.

Third are the fabulous performances in the movie from its entire talented start cast interacting beautifully with each other. Actually the magic behind their great acts lies in the notable characterizations of their respective roles written realistically by Juhi. Ayushmann will surprise many in the industry with his completely natural, confident and captivating performance in the lead role of a sperm donor. And he really bowled me over with the way he speaks Punjabi in the film in a flawless style. Frankly there has to be someone behind that undoubtedly.

Annu Kapoor once again proves the exceptional talent he has in his outstanding portrayal of an Artificial Insemination Specialist Doctor operating from a small office in Daryaganj, next to Jama Masjid. His act readily proves that he is unarguably one of the most under-rated & under-utilised veteran actors of Bollywood till date. Yami Gautam acts well and looks stunning on the screen as never before. In fact after a long time I felt like witnessing a character on the screen with whom the viewer can easily fall in love instantly. She adds both glamour as well as sensitivity to the project impressively and this is sure going to fetch her many more reputed projects soon. Admittedly, she is one of the reasons why I would like to see VICKY DONOR once again in the theater.

Jayanta Das as Yami’s father and the actress playing her aunt suit their roles perfectly. But one of the major appealing points of the film remain Dolly Ahluwalia and Kamlesh Gill who play Ayushmann’s mother and grandmother respectively. The two ladies are truly the scene-stealers here with their funky dialogues and great face expressions. Especially when they both are talking about their past experiences in a drunkard state and while dancing in the marriage sequences. The viewers are positively going to talk about them first while walking out of the hall before any other actor.

Musically VICKY DONOR gets ample support from two fine tracks played repeatedly in the film namely, “Rum Whiskey” and “Pani Da Rang”.  John makes a friendly experience in “Rum Whiskey” played in the end credits and “Pani Da Rang” gels well with the story progression on the screen. The background score supports the comic feel of the film perfectly and cinematography is fine capturing the Delhi ambience in a realistic mode once again, after last few movies such as BAND BAAJA BAARAT & DO DOONI CHAAR.

Besides, the point which needs to be mentioned here essentially is that taking a clue from its promotional campaign on various channels, VICKY DONOR might appear to you as a rare comedy made on an off-beat sexual subject. But clearing this misconception I would like to reveal that along with being a hilarious take on the serious subject in its first half, VD is a great romantic film with heartfelt emotions in its later part. In true words, I would like to rate it amongst the best romantic films made in Bollywood which not only talks about an inter-caste marriage between a Punjabi & Bengali but which also revolves around a thoughtful subject of artificial insemination written brilliantly with some great comic touches and a fantastic climax.

VICKY DONOR also goes into the list of those well made successful movies which take huge support from Punjabi language and Delhi’s famous Punjabi Mohalla vibes for its entertaining script. Though frankly I don’t support the way the makers show the Punjabi ladies abusing and drinking heavily as if that’s a part of their daily routine. But still taking the reference on a lighter note, I would strongly like to recommend VICKY DONOR to all my readers here who wish to see something fresh coming from our own loving Bollywood. Especially the friends coming from Bengali and Punjabi origin, as they would all surely enjoy watching this thoughtful realistic comedy more than anybody else.

Ending with a strange question, which was also pointed out in a scene in the film, I would like to ask that if all the Palmists (the palm-lines readers) can tell how many children one has by looking at the lines on the palm, then how will they come to know about the children of a Sperm Donor whose sperm has been used by so many families?

But try to think only after watching the film as a must!


Ratings : 4.5 / 5 (Including 0.5 more because its not easy to make a romantic comedy based on such a serious theme.)

Another Surprise of the Film (which I came to know later) is the song "Paani Da Rang" which is composed, written and sung by the lead hero Ayushmaan himself along with playing the guitar too.
And thats really a great achievement for this mulit-talented boy.

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20 Apr 2012 / Comments ( 10 )
amit joshi

Thank you thank you very much for suggesting such a wonderful movie...............Just watched............enjoyed.........cant describe in words.......you said all I wanted to :)

Thanks again

Bobby Sing

The Pleasure is all mine Amit....

John Saggu
It was indeed the best movies that I have seen yet. Wonderful dialogues and wonderful and new script. All over its gives a Punjabi Influence and being Punjabi its also make us happy.
Bobby Sing

Great to know that you loved and enjoyed it throughly.


gagan chawla

talking abt the movie all i can say is its one of best hindi movies u will see in a long long time....its witty yet realistic.....humourous dialogues.....but still manages to stay true to life....amazing performances....cute romance....and fab music...paani da rang is amazing....a big fan of ayushman since his mtv days....wat a fine start to his career....a rare movie i enjoyed after 3 idiots...and that says a lot....

Bobby Sing

Yes Gagan it can easily stand tall with 3 IDIOTS.
Quite deservingly.


Vikas Saitya

Hi Bobby
The movie is ultimate & after a very long time, I can easily say that I am going for repeat viewing of this small dynamite, after BOL this movie have touch a social issue with so much freshness & aliveness.

Great work done by Juhi & Shrojit Sarcar of Yahaan Fame (second time hits the bulls eye)

Take Care
Vikas Saitya

Bobby Sing

Sure it is worth seeing twice or even thrice Vikas.
So do go for it again!



prakash bhatia

Hi Bobbyji,
A very fine review indeed. Sorry Sir reading this review after such a long time. The lady who portrayed the character of Yami\'s aunt is a very well known theatre actress of Delhi and her name is Swaroopa Ghosh she was also seen in Madras Cafe. Jayanta Dass and she have worked together in many plays of Amal Allana. Cheers

Bobby Sing

Hi Prakash Ji,
Thanks for adding this valuable info about the actor and glad to hear that you loved watching the film too.

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