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VICTORY : A clear example of wrong choices made by Harman Baweja.

01 Feb, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

Harman Baweja and his “Victory” is the best example in the current times which proves that a God Gifted Golden spoon does not always guarantee you success in life. You have to earn it with your hard work and by making right decisions at the right time.

Harman Baweja, no doubt is a hard worker, a fine dancer and an actor in making but he is a victim of wrong choices made in the important initial years of his career since he chose two great disasters to start with. “Love Story 2050” was the first mistake made by him, which still gave him some appreciation for his work, but “Victory” is a more bigger blunder chosen by Harman which may result into serious problems for his future works.
The movie starts off with the echoes of “Chakk De India” and then gives us a view of the life lead by an overnight star in cricket. It tries to explain how money, power and fame can adversely affect the talent in a person. The movie has a message to give that you may get success due to luck or talent but maintaining that success needs even better talent and intelligence.
Sadly, this is the only good point about the movie as rest has nothing great to review. All the characters have acted as just another movie they have signed and the direction is too simple to extract anything special from any one. The main USP of the movie was the real Cricketers acting in it. But that only becomes the weakest point of the movie as all the Real Life Heroes are treated as junior artists and are not given the required attention and importance in their respective scenes.
Even the promos were unable to impress and bring all the cricket fans into the cinema halls. Till date except “Lagaan” & to some extent “Iqbal”, all other movies based on cricket have failed to hit the bull’s eye and same is the case with “Victory”. You still need a “Aamir” or “Shahrukh” to make a hit sports movies in India. Imagine the fate of “Lagaan” minus Aamir and “Chakk De India” without Shahrukh.
So I would not like to go in details for reviewing this movie as it has nothing to offer in any department and is big let-down for all associated with it.
This movie once again shows that to be a star-son or industry-born person is not always enough to make it big. The right choice of script and subject is the real backbone of success for any artist here. It happened with Sanjay Dutt when his “Rocky” and other initial attempts were not accepted. But he bounced back in his later years with huge critically acclaimed and hit movies. I hope “Harman” also hits back with new spirits and surprises very soon. My best wishes for him… 
Rating : 1 / 5

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