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VIKRAM VEDHA (Hindi) - Why does the same narrative become so flat, routine, and plastic in a Hindi remake? (Review by Bobby Sing)

30 Sep, 2022 | Just In / ALL ABOUT INSPIRED MOVIES / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / U-V / Movie Reviews / 2022 Releases

Another remake of a mega-hit regional language film, yet again raises the question, that why does the same narrative become so unreal, filmy, forced, and plastic when remade in Hindi? Even when directed by the same director duo, strictly following the similar script progression and presentation, VIKRAM VEDHA surprisingly doesn’t turn out to be equally impressive and impactful as the original.
Personally, the news of its remake generated no excitement as VIKRAM VEDHA originally had nothing entirely novel or path-breaking either in its content or subject matter. The magic was all there in its brilliant narrative, direction, and the lead performances, superbly led by Vijay Sethupathi and Madhavan along with a pulsating, blood-pumping background score. The film truly got lifted by the superlative Sethupathi, boldly playing a middle-aged gangster with a grey-white beard, cleverly playing games with the unaware officer. 
Such was his portrayal in the film that one couldn’t think of any other name as a replacement in the remake version. Though Hrithik Roshan tries his best, reinventing himself in a different negative role, but Vedha is simply Vijay Sethupathi and Vijay Sethupathi alone with no second thoughts. Besides, in the Hindi version, it’s the sincere act of Saif Ali Khan, that at times looks like excelling Hrithik and that too, without any designer kurtas or a cunning smile. 
At the same time, I wonder why the background score in the Hindi version doesn’t sound as powerful as in the original in exactly the same sequences. Perhaps that is again where the mesmerising presence of an exceptional actor like Sethupathi, in a so realistic appearance, creates the difference, specifically in the intro scene that loses all its charm in the Hindi version. Can’t say what part of the remake was not directed by Pushkar-Gayathri putting it bluntly.
Making it clear, here I am not giving you a stand-alone review of the Hindi remake, typically repeating the phrase that the comparisons should not be made. On the contrary, one cannot avoid the comparisons in the present era when the original is also available at a click in both its original form and a dubbed version.
The aim of writing here is to provide precise information, strongly suggesting which version needs to be watched, offering a far superior and splendid cinematic experience to the viewers. To be fair, the new VIKRAM VEDHA can only be seen if the names and stars are the criteria one follows to watch films. The Hindi remake is not a poor one, but it fails to deliver the magic witnessed in the original, resulting in an average watch. The lead actors put up their best (including Radhika Apte), but the subject appears to be completely stale and repetitive, missing the novel touch. In fact, the maiden fresh addition remains Hrithik Roshan’s beard in the Hindi remake and the more than required, forced effort shows in the stylized attires, overuse of slow-motions, and an over-the-top act in the item song in particular. So, this can only be watched as a die-hard fan of stars and not cinema to be straight.
For friends looking for an energetic cinematic experience, the original VIKRAM VEDHA (Tamil) has to be seen in its English subtitled version with the sound being played on some good equipment. It is also available online as a dubbed Hindi film but that is strictly NOT RECOMMENDED as the questionable dubbing (not done by the makers) severely butchers the impact by almost 40-50%.
Hence, go for the original as a must, but then, the choice is all yours depending upon your chosen individual definition of cinema.
Rating : 2.5 / 5
For friends interested in reading the BTC review of the original VIKRAM VEDHA (Tamil), it is available at the following link, and the film is right there in the BTC list of Movies To See Before You Die.

Bobby Sing

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