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VIKRAM VEDHA (Tamil) – An exceptionally conceived action crime thriller focusing on the clash of two titans one shouldn’t dare to miss. (Movies To See Before You Die – Thriller)

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Watching this classic crime thriller in the theater was an experience in itself as VIKRAM VEDHA literally surpassed all my expectations from a gangster-police drama featuring two matured actors in the lead playing the arch rivals. Beginning with an unusual animation going back to the folk-tale of Vikram and Vaitaal (Baitaal Pacheesi), the film slowly pulls you in and then makes an exceptionally solid impact particularly with its unexpectedly novel execution of an entirely known plot.

In other words, despite the story revolving around the routine characters of a tough police officer and a wanted gangster, VIKRAM VEDHA rises above any other recent film of this genre made in an Indian language to be precise. Its script keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout and many sequences simply excel in execution particularly the outstanding entry sequence of Vijay Sethupathi (Vedha) that unarguably remains the best introduction scene for any leading character conceived in the recent decades (and mind you he is supposed to be the villain in the film).

A classic interrogation scene perfectly sets the mood showcasing both the good and the evil as Vikram (R. Madhavan) and Vedha(Vijay) sitting across the table going through the key incidents in their lives. And then a fast paced narration and a fabulous writing simply blows your mind along all magnetic performances by the cast heading towards a thoughtful climax. Offering a unique kind of experience, I never expected or assumed an action crime thriller to use the traditional mythological tale of Vikram-Vetaal in such an intense and impressive manner with a terrific storyline and unbelievably effective characterization.

A pure cinematic treat loaded with many majestic big screen moments, the film’s energetic soundtrack and background score certainly deserves a loud mention here since it acts as a crucial character of the film enhancing its overall impact on the viewer to many folds. In fact it’s the pulsating background score you have in mind while walking out of the theater apart from the performances and execution giving you the exact picture.

Brilliantly directed by Pushkar and Gayathri, VIKRAM VEDHA also happens to be that crucial Indian film that strongly proves how the characters in a script can amazingly excel even if played by middle aged grey haired actors defying the set norm (specifically pointing towards the typically routine Hindi Cinema).

In all, widely labeled as one of the best films of 2017 (among the Top Five to be exact), it would be a crime to miss VIKRAM VEDHA for anything, particularly if you love watching the larger than life heroic Indian cinema focusing on the clash of two titans. A must watch, powerful crime thriller that is surely capable of changing the perception of many living in India, towards their own Indian Regional Language cinema as a strong eye-opener.

So do go for it at the earliest (preferably in its original form avoiding any dubbed version) and don't miss it at any cost being a true lover and supporter of our own Indian cinema.


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(Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

Indian commercial movies are known for their larger than life cinema and enjoyable cinematic moments focusing on the lead characters in particular presenting them in style. Carrying the tradition forward, VIKRAM VEDHA is one of those exceptionally brilliant films of 2017 that truly does the same featuring two middle aged, grey haired heroes R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi playing the good and the evil forces like never before.

Amazingly based on the traditional mythological tale of Vikram-Vetaal (Baitaal Pacheesi), the film has a terrific storyline, worth praising execution, a pulsating background score and an unbelievably effective characterization that stays with you for days after watching the film.

A not to missed cinematic treat with many enjoyable big screen moments, VIKRAM VEDHA has been widely praised as one of the best crime thrillers of the recent times and thus deserves to be seen at the earliest without giving any second thoughts.

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29 Dec 2017 / Comments ( 4 )

TA DA DA DA RAAA.. TA DA DA DA RAAA..   if any of the frnds here has still not been attacked by this desease, u r surely missing something.. Go for it.

Bobby Sing

Thats right Avik. Luckily the film is being aired tomorrow on Star Gold at 8pm (though in a dubbed Hindi version).


Even dubbed version with many breaks is outstanding. Mindblowing performances, intermingling of old story of Vikram Betal with crime thriller. Veda edge is Vikram wife and R.Madhwan edge is Puni. Keep guiding us for such type of great movies.

Bobby Sing

Sure Vikas as the pleasure is all mine.
Great to know that you loved the movie even in a poorly dubbed form.
Just imagine what would have been the impact of the original version.
Keep Visiting and Wriging in,

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