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VILLAIN (Malayalam) - Mohanlal is the only one shining in this average thriller. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

29 Oct, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

Getting lost in its Shakespearean quotes, philosophical lines and painfully long conversations VILLAIN unexpectedly remains an average crime thriller, stressing more upon emotions than any engaging investigations or a shocking suspense.
Based on the vision that “Nothing is white or black, but all grey”, the film turns out to be that shade of grey that mostly represents a repetitive, predictable and less engaging narration putting it bluntly. And the only saving grace in the entire story progression remains Mohanlal, as a highly convincing police officer struggling on the thin line between murder and suicide fighting with his own family tragedy. Vishal as his opponent does well in his given role, but the writing never lets him shine as bright as he could in the second half. Vishal’s onscreen persona appears fine but his reasons and way of committing the crimes never look like a part of any mature or taut thriller featuring two big stars.
VILLAIN has some well-shot sequences and a decent background score desperately trying to present it as an intense, thoughtful thriller with a message. But everything gets lost in its weak screenplay, unnecessary songs, too many side-plots and the supporting cast (Hansika Motwani, Manju Warrier, Srikanth, Raashi Khanna and more) coming up with nothing great to brace its two principled protagonists.
May be writer-director B. Unnikrishnan wished to make it as a slowly developing thriller with a strong emotional angle exploding in its final hour. However that’s not what we get to see in his end product as VILLAIN. The film loses its grip in the first half itself and then gets into an all predictable zone later with Mohanlal strangely finding his man by just digging into a hospital database and recalling a nail-polish shade. Moreover the too long debate in the finale fails to get you involved in anyway despite its powerful lines.
Summing up, this is quite a disappointment as a thriller promised by the talented team. And frankly the film kept reminding me of Mohanlal & B. Unnikrishnan’s earlier GRANDMASTER too revolving around a similar premise released in 2012 (as a much better film in comparison). In short this strictly average film can only be seen for Mohanlal alone and almost nothing else to be exact.
Rating : 2.5 / 5 (with the additional 0.5 only for Mohanlal’s credible act.)
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