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VILLAIN (Malayalam) - Mohanlal is the only one shining in this average thriller. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)
29 Oct, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

Mohanlal and Vishal as the two rivals in a crime thriller titled VILLAIN certainly raised the expectations to a different level altogether before the film’s release. But at times, even masters falter in their efforts, getting lost in their own ‘between the lines’ strong messages forgetting the general audience.
In fact that’s exactly what happens with VILLAIN which otherwise comes up with a decent thought of “Everything is Grey”, but struggles to score overall as any great engaging entertainer featuring two big stars. The film actually remains lost in its too many (long) verbal conversations and strong meaningful lines following a strange laid-back approach. And honestly, I also found its basic structure quite close to Mohanlal & B. Unnikrishnan’s GRANDMASTER released in 2012 revolving around a similar theme, which actually was a much better film in terms of engaging the viewer and providing the promised entertainment.
The present VILLAIN keeps stressing on its emotional angle a lot ignoring the logical reasoning in its crimes and the quick investigations shown, resulting in an unexpectedly average film relying completely on Mohanlal as its only savior. So you can watch it just for him and almost for nothing else.
Rating : 2.5 / 5 (with the additional 0.5 only for Mohanlal’s credible act.)
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