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VODKA DIARIES - Spend your money on the real vodka instead or a nice outing. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing]

21 Jan, 2018 | Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases

Promoted as a well-shot, exciting murder mystery featuring Kay Kay Menon in the lead, VODKA DIARIES impressed almost everyone with its trailer, theme and the interestingly unusual title before the D-day. However post the release, the film once again points towards the fact that here we have certainly mastered the art of making a promising 2 minutes trailer but not a complete 2 hours thriller to be straight.
Putting it differently, the film is such an unexpected disappointment that you wonder why Kay Kay agreed to do it, the actor associated with many reputed and appreciable projects in the last decade or so. In fact this is a rare film where you will find even the veteran hamming a lot in its various sequences along with Mandira Bedi, Raima Sen and Sharib Hashmi making no impact of any kind due to the poor writing.
Directed by the debutant Kushal Srivastava, the film begins with a top shot of Kay Kay running through mountains entirely covered with snow (for no reason disclosed) and then suddenly introduces him as a high ranked police officer, clearly giving you a hint of the clumsy vision and a pretty average mystery thriller coming ahead. But sadly what unfolds next, doesn’t even allow you to rate it as an average film, trying to deliver another THE SIXTH SENSE (1999) kind of suspense drama reaching nowhere.
So if you are looking for some great mystery, thrill and investigation in the project featuring Kay Kay as the chief investigating officer, then this is not going to fulfill the expectations, as here we don't even a murder mystery in its script (giving you a decisive indication). So taking a hint from the film's club/hotel called VODKA DIARIES, it would be better if you spend your money on some real Vodka instead or a have a nice outing.

Rating : 1 / 5
(Note: The article was first published on UC-News Mobile App in January 2018)

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21 Jan 2018 / Comment ( 2 )
Mustafa Raja
Heavily inspired from SHUTTER ISLAND.
Bobby Sing

Didnt recall while watching Mustafa Raja.
Will have to see it again and get back.

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