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WANTED - Movie Review : Bollywood Action Hero is back in form. (Review By Bobby Sing)

19 Sep, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

It’s good news for the real Bollywood fans, the common man, living out of the metros in small cities, towns and villages. Salman Khan brings back to them their good old action cinema with the same punches and enthusiasm which got lost in the new age glossy kind of movies in the recent years. The angry young man is back on the screen bashing all the bad men real hard. And it was indeed a lot of fun and relief to see a true Bollywood kind of movie after a long time stuffed with our own trademark action, fights, love, dance and songs.

Remake of “Pokiri” already made in Telugu and Tamil, “Wanted” starts off normally with a mention of Mumbai underworld nexus and a newly appointed honest Police Commissioner in the town. Salman Khan makes a routine entry as the usual filmy action hero who works for the underworld dons and is known for his killer instincts and attitude. After a few slow initial moments, the movie starts growing on you gradually and holds a strong grip over the viewer till the intermission. Especially the confronting scene at the basket ball court between Salman and Mahesh Manjrekar sets the mood in and you start enjoying the movie from there on.
The explosive second half is a real treat for the action lovers where Salman beats and kills uncountable men left and right with a great confidence. Here you witness the good old cinema of Bollywood Heroism back on screen where the Macho Man is hitting more than 20 men on the screen among the loud roar of claps and shouts from the audiences. Later we even have a suspense element added towards the climax which though is predictable but still adds more spirit to the highly violent fight sequence in the end.
Salman shows great attitude in his highly brutal act and also looks very cool in his casual shirts & denims. His emotional scenes with Ayesha Takia are equally convincing and enjoyable. Thinking about his amazing action scenes in the movie, you just cannot imagine anyone else doing more justice to the role other than Salman himself. Here, I would also like to mention, one highly appreciable scene in the movie where Salman Khan strongly criticizes his close friend for eating “Gutka”. That was indeed a very commendable effort from the actor to save many lives from this highly famous killing habit in the youth today.
Ayesha as the leading lady unexpectedly gives a spirited performance in the movie and is not just there for adding glamour. Mahesh Manjrekar, as the corrupt cop, deserves a special mention for his scenes providing the right momentum to the movie. Govind Namdeo suits the role of Police Chief perfectly but Vinod Khanna is completely wasted in an unimportant role. Mahek Chahal is there as the vamp and Manoj Pahwa tries to make you laugh with his not so entertaining getup.
Sajid Wajid come up with a couple of good numbers enjoyable on the screen (with a special appearance of Govinda & Anil Kapoor), otherwise the movie could easily do without so many songs. Action is the main asset of the movie, getting the much needed support from its Cinematographer. Story wise, “Wanted” has nothing new to offer, but after a long time, Indian Common Man gets a pure MASALA Movie to enjoy on the lines of highly successful action movies released a few decades back. I would even like to rate “Wanted” better than “Ghajini” since it does not take help of any additional (memory) gimmicks added deliberately in the script.
Surprisingly, this hardcore action movie comes from the director “Prabhu Deva” who is more famous in Hindi Cinema for his amazing dance movements. And quite unpredictably, he delivers a highly entertaining flick especially for the single screen theater viewers, who simply love Bollywood movies as one of the most important passions of their lives. The critiques may find it over the top and the thinking viewer may take it as a routine flick with a weak script. But if you are not among any of these, then just go for this engaging action drama and enjoy the three hours in the dark with your friends. It’s pure Bollywood for the masses, coming back to the silver screen after a long time. At least, it is not a usual inspired movie from the west for a change.
In a nutshell, if you loved watching Amitabh in “Deewar” & Sunny Deol in “Ghayal”, then here is another equally entertaining act by the still young & angry Salman Khan. “Wanted” is undoubtedly among his most hard hitting and enjoyable movies till date with a different Salman altogether as never seen before. So, just go for it now and have a great time with him.

Rating : 3.5 / 5 (With a special mention of Salman’s explosive performance.)

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19 Sep 2009 / Comment ( 2 )

hey bobby,
I have seen wanted yesterday after reading yr review. I would agree with u on one thing that it is a truly masala movie. May be north audience might like this since lot of movies are made for overseas audience. In south these kind of movies are very common out of 10 u would see 6 are like this. I have seen the original version(pokiri) it was more gripping than wanted and undercover cop concept might be inspired by "departed". I\'am not sure whether "wanted" is better than "ghajini".

Bobby Sing

Hi Jagadish,
The only reason why I found "Wanted" a little above than "Ghajini" is that it purely excels on grounds of its execution, action and attitude.

Where as "Ghajini" was so much dependent on its "Memory Gimmick" played not that impressively as in the Original. If we just imagine Aamir taking his revenge without having any memory problems than the movie simply becomes lifeless. Otherwise action and Aamir was equally good in both.

On the other hand "Wanted" has nothing new in its storyline or script and it even has many unwanted songs, but still it manages to win over a real Bollywood lover.

I hope you get my point.

Keep writing..........Cheers!



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