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WELCOME - A comic of jokes edited together. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

20 Dec, 2007 | Movie Reviews / 2007 & Before

The latest in the inspired comedy series is this laugh riot which is full of stars. The basic plot is inspired from the Hugh Grant movie “Mickey Blue Eyes” (1999). Even the hero’s profession is kept same as an art house auctioneer. But then the script takes on indianized plots and tries to make you laugh through comic sequences. No doubt the promotional packaging was superb which surely gave the movie a big initial draw at the cinema houses. But the content is rather not impressive and its like several comedy sequences joined together. The focus of the screenplay keeps shifting from one plot to another.

The biggest disappointment is that it has less of Akshay and the viewer keeps waiting for the scenes with his brilliant timing. There is more of Anil Kapoor & Nana Patekar as two dons. Nana is kind of same with his expected mannerisms but Anil is superb and acts like he is enjoying every minute of his act. He even looks a lot younger than his age. Feroz Khan looks graceful but is loud at some scenes. He has more scenes in the climax of the movie and is also introduced after the interval. The heroines are only there for the glamour quotient of the movie and could not ask for more in this heavy star cast movie.
The first half of the movie has many unwanted sequences which are only inserted to create laughter and have nothing to do with the screenplay. But the film gains momentum in the second half when Vijay Raaz enters as a phony film director. Infact in my opinion this plot of making Nana an actor in a fake film should have been the highlight of the movie, which could create more laughter’s in the cinema. The songs are all inserted as usual and only few are hummable.
The best part of the movie comes towards the climax after Katrina accidently shoots the son of Feroz Khan. The chase and the play with the dead body afterwards is surely hilarious. It is the main highlight of the movie as you get to see some quality comedy scenes and timing in this.
In all the film is not as expected but still will brings audiences to the cinemas due to the superb promotional packaging, immensely popular catchy title song “Welcome” and due to the current hot thing in Bollywood – Akshay Kumar.

Rating : 2 / 5

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