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WOH AURAT HAI WOH NAARI HAI (My Poetic Expressions -1) (Dedicated to Women and her divine existence in the world.)

10 Mar, 2011 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

Poetry has always been close to my heart and soul and I regularly used to write about my expressions and experiences in this divine form in the past, especially in my college years. In fact those were the days when SHAYRI still had its share of limelight and there were numerous programs being organized throughout the year with great excitement and enthusiasm. But during the last few years, the new electronic media has completely changed the entire scenario and may be due to that, there came a distance between me and my poetic pen, and I was not able to write any lines, couplet, poem, ghazal or nazm of my own. But as desired by the ALMIGHTY, now after so many years, I am again feeling an urge from the poet inside and willing to write more in all those divine poetic forms as it comes.  

Luckily have started it all again on the well thought and well deserved occasion of “WOMAN's DAY” and my first KAVITA (Poem) is devoted to all those women around us, who are the silent builders of this beautiful world we are living in. And who don’t ever seem to be interested in claiming for their due credit ever.

Saluting them with all my love and respect........here is the poem titled


Woh Aurat Hai Woh Naari Hai - Bobby Talks Cinema.com


Would love to read your comments on this sincere effort and would also be sharing more of my poetic expressions soon with all my friends here.

10th March 2011 
Bobby Sing (Saleeb)

UPDATE NOTE (2021) : In the last 10 years, these verses have reached people beyond my expectations and the poem was read in quite a few programs organized on women empowerment, after duly informing me over mails. Really grateful to all who considered this poetic expression important and worthy enough to be shared with many more.

Lots of Love and Regards
Bobby Sing

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10 Mar 2011 / Comments ( 14 )
Palki Singh

Well a great attempt and true in so many ways but It could have been to the next level if the other side of a women was also highlighted or may be at the end a picture of a modern women was painted...wat do u think???

Bobby Sing

Hi Palki,

I was expecting that someone would be saying that it misses the picture of the modern women. But as I see it this senisitve side of a woman persona, which is more important and valuable to showcase in all forms of creativity.

Morevoer its true that today's girl has crossed many hurdles but whenver you talk about that, then unfortunately this precious side of her gets overlooked and left out which I dont really like.

So thats how I wanted to make everyone realise about WOMEN's around us who are our silent makers of the world.

Keep visiting and writing in,



Dear "Saleeb",

Very nice lines and full of your inner-self my friend. I am so glad to see that you have finally decided to reveal your this dimensional thought projections and help us know you better and more.

A very hearty Welcome to the World of Words.


Bobby Sing

Thanks Vinay Ji for your kind words......and Yes i would surely be revealing a lot more about my self as an open book here in the coming months.

Just pray that my re-found wings (which got folded somehow) dont go on the hide ever again from today itself.


Ravi Mysore

Dear Bobby ji,

I enjoyed your well penned verses.
Please keep your verses coming more frequently at this site.


Bobby Sing

Hi Ravi Ji,

Thanks for your appreciation and would surely be coming back with more verses of my own..

So keep visiting and writing in.




Dear Bobby ji,

Keep flapping your wings broader and with-in your arms reach so that you can make all kinds of winds your own wings as such.

My prayers, wishes and concerns are always with you brother.


Nishant Nigam

Dear Bobby sir,

Really wonderful , very nice to read.
Hope every one reads it and feels in the same way as u do.

Waiting for your next piece of poetry.

Nishant Nigam

Bobby Sing

Thanks Nishant, and Yes now I will be writing it more often.

So Keep Visiting and writing in......Cheers!


Good Work...as always
What inspires you to write so well.?
Must write a book very soon.
Bobby Sing

Thanks bro for your support.......As I see it, A man never writes on his own, because I dont think poetry can be written delibrately, cos then it becomes a bit professional.

So its always the experiences of life, good and bitter which make you write about it.

And about the book, GOD WILLING, I surely will one day.




Rajinder Bhatia

Dear Bobbyji.
I enjoyed your poetic description of the sati savitri, but a similar poetic description of the modern women........... ( Kalpana Chawla,our honourable President, Shrimati Pratibaji Tai Patil,Mrs Kiran Bedi.Sania Mirza,Katrina Kaif.....................who have reached the top in their own fields and on their own merits,................... would be an interesting revelation of the other side of the coin called \'women\'.

Your poetry is also like a whiff of fresh air for Bollywood as we have been punished for too long to listen to the likes of Kad...Khan and songs like "eh Ganpat chal daru laa"

So Bobby ji keep it up and we Hope that you will soon join camps like that of the talented Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar in Bollywood and give us some more lovely-shovely and jolly-good poetry.

Best wishes.

Bobby Sing

Hi Rajinder Ji,
I am both surprised and glad to have you here at my site.....Because frankly speaking you are the first person giving his comment on my site from the family other than my younger brother.
Which at times makes me feel a bit strange too as there is no body in the world who doesnt love atleast one of thethree things and thats Movies, Music and Poetry.

Anyway I warmly welcome you to my site and thanks for your encouraging words a lot.

But do keep visiting and writing in...

bibek bajaj

a truly nice poem ............. motivating me to write one myself........... great work bobby ji...............
and other poem enthusiasts this is my poem page on facebook where i publish my own poems.... visit it.......... www.facebook.com/lovemeetcafe

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