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WORLD CUPP 2011 - Movie Review : Only good intentions cannot make a good movie. (Review by Bobby Sing)

20 Dec, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

Cricket may be the most famous game in India with millions of viewers glued to the screen while a match is on, but the same cannot be said about the several movies made on the game. In fact out of all the flicks written around the sport in the history of Hindi Cinema only two have been successful so far and they are “Lagaan” & “Jannat”. The latest “World Cup 2011” also carries the legacy forward since it’s just another weak project revolving around the game of cricket and it’s currently over famous fixing racket.

However, there is one good thing about the movie and that is the decent intention with which it is made to uncover the invisible racket of match fixing. In the past we have seen “Jannat” which used the fixing plot as a commercial angle to make it likable by the viewers. But in “World Cup 2011” the actor-director Ravi Kapoor, simply tries to give an answer from his side to everyone involved in this degradation of the game. Sadly, that is the only worth mentioning point in the movie, as otherwise it’s quite a weak product quite similar to “Dil Bole Haddipa”, “Victory” and many more.
For a change, the story has a repenting Captain of Indian team who is facing a ban for being involved with some bookies and losing the World Cup 2007 in the finals. After a gap of four years he is again given a chance in the World Cup of 2011 and making the best use of it, he fights back with everyone coming in his way towards the cup. The predictable plot lacks the spirit needed in a sports movie and that’s where everything goes wrong for “World Cup 2011”. The story moves too smoothly showcasing all the developments happening on the screen with an impossible ease. A banned captain gets a second chance on a simple request to the coach. The cricket board has only one visible head who can take major decisions all by himself and the Captain of Indian Cricket team attends the party hosted by the bookies accompanied by almost half of his team.
Surprisingly there are also number of names taken in the movie which resemble many real life characters immensely famous in Indian Politics and Cricket. Like the captain of the Indian Team is named Ravi Indulkar, who even has a Bengali and Sikh player in his group indicating to the realistic Indian players on the field. The move was good to fetch extra attention from the media but it’s the execution which fails to make its mark on the viewers. Actually every movie on a particular sport essentially requires a lot of home work to be done on the finer details of the game. “World Cup 2011” scores the minimum in this context, since it mainly focuses on exposing the fixing mafia in the game and pays less attention on how the game is actually executed. For instance every time a wicket falls down in the match post intermission, the entire team gathers right on the middle of the pitch and starts jumping, hugging & celebrating (which is a major offense in cricket).
Talking about the lead actor-writer-director Ravi Kapoor, he has got the romantic looks and might be able to do much better with some intense training from the right people in the field. Manisha Chatterjee, as his love interest, could not rise above the average level. Prem Chopra, Suresh Oberoi and Zakhir Hussain are just there to do their routine jobs. Cinematography is okay but Aditya Shrivastava saves his better compositions for some another big project. He also seems to be very desperate in his guest appearance in the Tapori Song which is undoubtedly inspired from the “Bhai” number of “Shooting at Lokhandwala”.
In all, Ravi Kapoor may have made this project with the noble intentions of resurrecting the controversial image of cricket and its players, but as a movie on the screen, its remains an amateurish effort from the heart.
Rating : 1 / 5

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