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What's Your Raashee (2009) & Mr. Yogi (1989)

26 Sep, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / W-X

Mr. Yogi - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

Ashutosh Gowariker’s movie on romance and marriage revolves around a NRI boy who has come to India in order to get married within a week. To meet his urgent requirement he decides to see 12 different girls representing each Zodiac sign in the few days he has got. Harman Baweja plays the role of a desperate NRI boy and Priyanka Chopra convincingly plays all the 12 girls by herself.
Whereas the movie is said to be based on a novel by Madhu Rye, the theme also has huge similarities with a late eighties T.V. Serial made by Ketan Mehta in 1989 with the title “Mr. Yogi”. In that highly popular serial too there is a NRI person played by Late Mohan Gokhale, who wants to get married to an Indian girl. For this he shortlists 12 different girls and then meets a new lady in each fresh episode of the 13 week serial. It also had the veteran actor Om Puri playing the Sutradhar (narrator) of the story in a comic style.
Interestingly the serial was also based on a Gujrati play where in the lead character was called Mr. Yogesh Ishwarlal Patel aka Y. I. Patel or Mr. Yogi. And in “What’s Your Raashee” too, Harman Baweja has the same name as Mr. Yogesh.
May be both the movie and the serial are based on the same novel or story, but it’s not mentioned anywhere in details about the same.

As contributed by our avid reader, Mr. Jayesh Adhyaru. 
(In his response to this post)

Both “Mr. Yogi” and “What’s Your Raashee” is based on the same novel by eminent Gujarati writer Mr. Madhu Rye named 'Kimble Ravenswood'. The Gujarati novel was translated into English to prepare a complete script for the movie.

In the late eighties,
Mr. Ketan Mehta wanted to use the name of the lead character 'Y. I Patel' as 'Why I Patel', so he changed it from 'Yogesh Shankarlal Patel' (which was in original novel) to 'Yogesh Ishwarlal Patel' in Mr. Yogi.

The o
riginal novel also has a character of Yogesh's American girlfriend named 'Peggy' which is not in the movie WYR. Incidentally, you can read the writer's name as 'Dr. Madhusudan Thakar' on the book 'What's Your Raashee' read by Harman Baweja in the movie. "Madhusudan Thakar" is the original name of Madhu Rye, but he has not written any book on astrology and is not an astrologer either.

(Thanks Jayesh for your valuable contribution)

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26 Sep 2009 / Comments ( 6 )
Jayesh Adhyaru
Hi Bobby,
This is Jayesh Adhyaru, a journalist from Divya Bhaskar, a Gujarati Daily from Dainik Bhaskar Group. Earliar, we talked on your \'Lalola-Mr. ya Mrs.\'post.

Yes, U r right, Mr. Yogi and WYR is based on the same novel By Eminent Gujarati writer Mr. Madhu Rye named \'Kimble Ravenswood\'. He is our columnist and lives in New Jersey, USA.

When I talked to Mr. Naushil Mehta (wel known playwright and co-writer of WYR), he told me that from very beginning Ashutosh wanted to make film on this subject. Naushil Mehta made stage play named \'Mangamti Kanyaa Ni Shodh Ma\' (In Search Of Suitable), and he told me that Ashutosh was present there, too.

Entire Gujarati novel was translated into English to prepare script for the movie.

Mr. Rye wasn\'t too happy with the changes made by Mr. Ketan Mehta in Mr. Yogi.

Few years back some drama students played play based on this novel named \'Yogesh Patel Nu Vevishal\' (Yogesh Patel\'s engagement) being very faithful to the original novel.

Mr. Ketan Mehta wanted to make pun in \'Y. I Patel\' as \'Why I Patel\', so he changed from \'Yogesh Shankarlal Patel\' (which was in original novel) to \'Yogesh Ishwarlal Patel\' in Mr. Yogi.

At the time of Mr. Yogi both Ketan Mehta and Late Mr. Mohan Gokhale went to USA and three of them prepared script of Mr. Yogi, but after that many changes been done in that script.

Original Novel has the character of Yogesh\'s American girlfriend named \'Peggy\' which is not in the movie WYR.

As per my knowledge, Mr. Madhu Rye is writing sequel of Kimble Ravenswood.

Warm Regards,
Jayesh Adhyaru
Bobby Sing

Hi Jayesh,
It was really great to read about the right info on the similarities between both the projects.
Your contirbution will surely be useful to all friends reading the post.
I will definetely add the additional info into the post soon.

Thanks once again and please do keep writing in.

Jayesh Adhyaru

Hie Bobby,
Thank You!
In WYR, there is \'Yogesh Bharatbhai Patel\' i.e. Y. B. Patel (to make pun as \'Why Be Patel\')!
We can read writer\'s name \'Dr. Madhusudan Thakar\' on the book \'What\'s Your Raashee?\' which Yogesh reads in the whole movie.
"Madhusudan Thakar" is original name of Madhu Rye. But he has not write any book on astrology or isn\'t an astrologer! :)
Warm Regards,

Bobby Sing

Thanka a ton, Jayesh for all this exclusive info.
I hope you will continue contributing to my posts in the future too.

natvarlal patel

I liked this serial much.I would like to buy the set of this serial Mr.Yogi. can u do something for it ? If yes then send me the details for it so that I can step towards it.


Bobby Sing

Currenly the serial has not been released on Home Video Format and frankly there are very rare chances of it being available very soon. Also unless it gets aired once again on any TV channel there is no hope of getting it on the net either.

Still I will keep you informed on the same whenever it happens.
Thanks for writing in and Keep Logging.

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