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When Balraj Sahni was mistaken as a FRUIT SELLER by a local villager. (Did You Know - 43)
21 Jan, 2013 | Did You Know!

Mausam Beeta Jaaye - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

This amusing incident was told by the most natural actor of Hindi Cinema, Balraj Sahni many decades ago in Radio Vividh Bharati’s “Fauji Bhaiyon Ka Jaymala” program which used to air on Sunday afternoon in those years.
It happened while Bimal Roy and his team was shooting DO BIGHA ZAMEEN in a small village of Bihar and the scene had Balraj Sahni walking with a baggage (Gathri) on his shoulders with the song played along saying,
“Dharti Kahey Pukar Ke, Beej Bichha Le Pyar Ke,
Mausam Beeta Jaaye, Mausam Beeta Jaaye”
As the shot was being canned, suddenly a local village labourer (unaware of the shooting) came close to Balraj Sahni and said,
“Do Tho Hum Ko Bhi Do” (Give me two pieces too!)

On this uninvited interruption, Bimal Da shouted “Who is this man coming in between the scene?”. Seeing this Balraj Sahni asked him to be calm and then asked the labourer that “What did he want?”
Listening the question, the person innocently replied, “Arey Khud Hi To Bechat Ho Haak Lagaa Kar Aur Humse Poochh Rahey Ho?"
“Kya Bech Rahaa Hoon” asked Balraj Sahni to which he surprisingly answered,
"Arey Kaise Burbak Ho…….Khud Hi To Keh Rahey Ho "MAUSAMBI TAAJAA HAI…..MAUSAMBI TAAJAA….!"
And Balraj Sahni had no answer to his sweet remark on the lyrics being sung.
Actually he had it heard the song in his own way which actually had the words, “Mausam Beeta Jaaye, Mausam Beeta Jaaye”. But he took the words as “Mausambi Taaja Hai, Mausambi Taaja” and Balraj Sahni as the fruit seller selling fresh Mausambi (also known as Citrus Limetta or Sweet lime, a fruit just like Orange).

Now just try to listen the words used in the song from this perspective and you will sure have a good laugh at the similarities in its pronunciation.
{Courtesy : Shared by a dear friend Mr. IPS Bawa (Anchor/Commentator)}

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