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When even the maestros made a mistake, innocently! (Did You Know - 79)
26 Aug, 2014 | Did You Know!

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The phrase “To err is human” is often used when we commit a mistake unknowingly and it doesn’t get caught or gets caught after a while when our work is judged from a different perspective post (may be) many years.
Yet the other fact remains that we don’t often get to use such phrases while studying the work of maestros of the stature like Yogesh, S. D. Burman and Lata Mangeshkar working together for a project. And that’s the reason why this particular instance certainly comes into the category of the ‘Rarest of Rare Case’ when neither the creators could catch the mistake somehow nor the viewers mentioned it in the initial years of its release quite amusingly.
But at the same time, this write-up on such unbelievable error is not being discussed here with a negative vibe at all and our respect for the blessed geniuses remains intact forever.
The creation in focus here is from film US PAAR released in 1974 having a truly melodious & difficult rendition undoubtedly. Beautifully written by Yogesh, superbly composed by S. D. Burman and magnificently sung by Lata Mangeshkar, the song is “Yeh Jab Se Hui, Jiya Ki Chori” with just a small innocent mistake made in the end.
The first line of the song means “From the time my heart has been stolen” with the theft being represented by the word “Chori”. But perhaps accidently, while singing the track, Lata Mangeshkar sings “Chhori” instead of “Chori” in the end of the song which actually means “A girl” in Hindi. The error comes just in the last line sung and therefore possibly didn’t strike to anyone while recording it in the studio. But more interestingly it wasn’t later pointed out by the uncountable number of listeners too in all these years until the recent research being made for a TV program based on Hindi film music.
However two more unusual insertions in the tracks's second antra (verse) are also worth mentioning here.
Firstly it’s the word “Tainey” used in place of “Tuney” in the line,
“Kya Jadoo Kiya Tainey, Baandha Jo Tujhe Mainey……….Yeh Aanchal Se”
and then the use of “Tuyi” instead of “Tu Hi” in the line,
“Jidhar Ab Main Dekhun, Bas Dikhey Re Tuyi
Admittedly, where many reputed lyricists might not like/approve this deliberate molding of words in the song, I personally loved this sweet twisting as ‘the artistic liberty’ taken by the renowned writer. And the word “Tainey” is also used in few regions of north India in their local slang.
Still the addition of these peculiar words and a rare error in the last line surely makes this song as one of the most precious ones in the history of Hindi film music. So if you are eager to hear the melodious track once again with all the new findings, then its just a click away at the following link at youtube.
(Courtesy : Many thanks to Shishir Krishna Sharma for enlightening us with such a rare instance.)

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26 Aug 2014 / Comment ( 2 )
Raja Shah

Hello Bobby,
This is a very nice article which duly points out the error with utmost respect. is there any other compilation where we can go thru this kind of observations?
Keep up the good work..

Bobby Sing

Hi Raja Shah,
Thanks for the kind appreciation.
Not exactly about the mistakes but many amazing facts are all included in articles in the DID YOU KNOW section of this site,
link to which can be found at the right column of the site.

Hope you will enjoy reading the articels there too.

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