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When my Career Consultancy didn't work for a few strangely concerned parents - by Bobby Sing (Few Life Inspiring Words - 23)

20 Apr, 2017 | FEW LIFE INSPIRING WORDS & POSITIVE SHARES / Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

A few years back, I was invited by a friend for a ‘Career Consultancy Fair’ in a school, with a duty to take up a stall solving the queries of parents and students regarding their choice of careers.
The fair began at 10 am and around 1 pm before the lunch my organizer friend quietly came and politely said, “Bhai, Lets go for a round and another person will take care of your seat meeting the parents.” 
I readily walked away with him and we kept roaming for an hour before he told me the real thing behind our aimless wandering. Actually the inner story was that a few parents had made some objections over my way of consultancy provided to the 15+ young students as I was asking them about,
“What they passionately wished to do as WORK in their life?” instead of 
“What they ideally should do to earn some big MONEY?”
So in the language of those few parents, I was encouraging the students to choose a stream as per their inner passion, unnecessarily pushing them towards a huge risk………… instead of guiding them towards a stream which will more securely help them to become richer and successful in life in a much safer manner.
With a lot of curiosity in mind, I insisted on meeting those parents. And meeting them I asked one of the well-educated mothers in the group that, 
“What will you like your son to be in life…… happy or rich?”
She replied, “I would like him to be rich… as happiness will easily follow the money earned!”
Since the fair was organized by one of my friends, I stopped that discussion right there and walked away saying sorry to those group of parents, apologizing for the inconvenience caused unintentionally.
They were happy watching me walk away all alone without any student following and I noticed a few students looking towards me with many unanswered questions in mind.
In the evening, my organizer friend called me again explaining the situation and he honestly confessed, “Sorry Bhai, I know you were right but I could not accept that in front of the parents for professional reasons.”
I had nothing to say in response and could only say “Never Mind” before cutting off the phone. 
However that day I once again realized that one of the easiest tasks in life is to get married and have some kids becoming a family soon. 
But one of the most difficult tasks of life is to be a PARENT……… capable of guiding the kids to be happy and contended in life with minimum regrets in mind.
Probably the most difficult task of them all!

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20 Apr 2017 / Comments ( 3 )

Hello Sir,
Loved your article. Honestly speaking today maximum of the parents want to have their child to be rich. Sir I always tell my student follow your passion.


Bobby Sing

Hello Nazia,
Thanks for your kind support and I am glad that your students are blessed to have a teacher guiding them rightly.
Keep it up and Keep writing in with

Good thought ,Sir Thankyou.
Bobby Sing

Thanks for visiting and writing in Navdeep.

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