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Why daughters are always referred to as Goddess Lakshmi and not Goddess Saraswati or Durga? (Food for Thought by Bobby Sing)

01 Jan, 2015 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / FEW LIFE INSPIRING WORDS & POSITIVE SHARES

You must have read several articles about the importance of daughters in our life, how they actually complete a family bringing in much more love, understanding, responsibility and awareness in both the parents as well as the other members of a family. How their presence is essential for a society as a whole and how several programs, initiatives or government schemes are being planned to uplift the position of woman in our country since many decades. How every educated, concerned and socially aware person around us very well knows and understands the importance of “Women Equality and Empowerment” in our still developing Indian society and How the recent years have witnessed much more efforts and time being devoted towards this particular issue all over the country.
However recently through a personal experience I realized that despite so much being said and done in this specific direction, our hidden reservations, worries and fears of the unpredictable future with a sort of burden are still intact as it is, when it comes to greeting the family and parents blessed with a charming girl child. To make it more clear, most of the Indian families living in various regions, largely consider birth of a girl child as an auspicious occasion referring it as “Lakshmi Aagman” since ages. The girl is called with the name of Goddess Lakshmi (meaning Goddess of Wealth) and the family members are wished saying, “Aapke Ghar Lakshmi Aayi Hai!” like a ritual adapted religiously.
But on the contrary, if you look at the smiling faces of those people carefully, then they have a completely different story to tell which makes you question that,
“Is this reference to Goddess Lakshmi being used just to console the family blessed with a girl child, keeping in mind all the future traditions to follow including the curse of Dowry, or they really feel that joy on the arrival of a goddess in the family from heart?”

If truth be told then it doesn’t seem to be any kind of joy in reality since the wide use of this reference clearly indicates that even the well educated minds of the society still consider a girl child as a burden, particularly a financial burden which they then try to console or balance calling the newly born kid as Lakshmi.

Digging more into the psyche, had this not been the reason then why nobody chooses to greet the adorable newly born girl in a family as the arrival of Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge and Education) or Durga (Goddess of Shakti/Power) giving her innocent identity a much wider expansion.
On a personal note, I would love to have our daughters becoming more educated, self dependent and achievers in various fields as Goddess Saraswati along with discovering more self-power to fight all the evils of this world following the footsteps of Goddess Durga.
Hence as I feel in this new age of awareness, every baby girl should be greeted as the representative of the three Goddesses Lakshmi, Sararswati and Durga together instead of only one, eliminating all worries of the future giving them more deserving respect and power.

Just give it a thought and greet them with more love, respect & confidence in the future with HIS BLESSINGS.

bobby sing
(1st January 2015)

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01 Jan 2015 / Comments ( 8 )
P P Pandey
I have never given more importance to money than is actually required. I have always kept my necessities under my control so that those could never go beyond my means. A daughter can never be a liability if one does not give much importance to meaningless social customs. My daughter was born almost at the moment when I got my selection letter for the post of Probationary Officer in a bank. As I had always adored Saraswati, I named my daughter after Saraswati only.
Bobby Sing

Loved to know that P.P. Pandey and many congratulations for this insightful gesture.

vinay ved

I admire your many of the appropriate observations Bobby dear and this article too falls in same box. Growing tendency of dowry demands from late 70s till current era, and to help the Babul in best manner through words and deeds, right from the birth of a girl where she is termed as Goddess Laxmi to become Talisman for her father in meeting all the needful demands of life including married one to developing many practically implemented idioms like " Never drink a glass of water at daughter\'s house", "Never go empty hands to meet daughter", " Sanjhi Tiyaan" etc.etc. So yes you are right to note why they were never revered to Gayatri or Saraswati initially. This has impacted into deep alpha-consciousness of females too as they choose to stay Laxmi and be a spendthrift than to think wisely and get educated with sensible demands. Its like new hindi / punjabi film song which we hate to hear but it gets banged on our heads through all media so many times that we too start humming" Char bottle vodka". So yes we must address girls with educated voices to help her develop as a better human and not just a burden on fathers, brothers, husbands and sons.
Vinay Ved

Bobby Sing

Many thanks for your lovely detailed comment Vinay.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

Roket Singh

Bobby Sing

Very nicely written. RESPECT
However the problem is the people, who read your blog or visit web, are already blessed with the brain to understand this and they try their best to educate girls. Problem comes as you move outside the urban periphery where people still think this as a burden. State like Haryana is a prime example. On top of it people use chemical substances to have boy child which not only puts the life of child in danger but children born through this medium are well endowed mentally.

- a long time follower

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Roket Singh for being with me for so long appreciating the effort and writing in an eye-opening comment for all.
The problem is sure there without any clear solution in the present scenario and all we can do is keep making effort to bring in more awareness.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,


Hi Bobby, 
So grateful that people like you and all of us reading here have that much rationale to understand this ugly truth. I feel we should just let people understand their worth and there should be no one sitting on the judges seat to tell that, Whether it be our moms or dad or brother or sister or anybody. The so called contractors of our society take the back of closed minded people, and if thats not enough, the long back written texts which we all know can/cannot be biased and glorify women as lakshmi so that they remain in that zone and never question the reality.

Bobby Sing

Hi Gauri,
Thanks a lot for reading, appreciating the thought and responding with such an encrouraing comment.
It really makes me feel better and positive about the future ahead for the next generation.
Keep visiting and writing in.
Bobby Sing

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