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Woodstock Villa (2008) & Kaosu / Chaos (1999)

19 May, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / W-X

White Feather Film and Sanjay Gupta seem to like the Asian World Cinema (Korean/Japanese/Thai) a lot. Recently it was in news that their “Zinda” which was inspired from “Old Boy” was caught in rough clouds. But in spite of that, we again have another inspired movie “Woodstock Villa”, all taken from a South Korean movie “Kaosu” or “Chaos” (1999).

Knowing the fact that the movie was also introducing “Sikander Kher” in the industry, it was really a bold decision to launch him with an inspired version. Sikander, has a good screen presence but I wish he had got a better movie as his launching pad.

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