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YAARA (Zee5) - A questionable remake of a French film which did not have anything we haven't seen before in our own films. (Review by Bobby Sing)

22 Aug, 2020 | ALL ABOUT INSPIRED MOVIES / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / Y-Z / Movie Reviews / 2020 Releases

Writer-director Tigmanshu Dhulia (who has also acted in a few films) began with a bang and delivered more than one gems in the early phase of his career as HAASIL, PAAN SINGH TOMAR and more. However, later even when his films became a mixed bag kind of ventures, there still used to be some notable moments in them with the glimpses of his earlier triumphs.
Sadly, YAARA comes up as a project, in which you never witness the reputed writer-director in even one sequence throughout its more than two hours of duration and the film rarely makes any connect with the restless viewer. Starring Vidyut Jammwal, Amit Sadh, Vijay Varma, Kenny Basumatary and Shruti Haasan in the lead, it follows a repetitive kind of story progression, revolving around a group of gangster friends having a bright present and a dark past that once again comes into their life after a couple of decades. As a partial period crime-drama (going back to the 70s), it actually looks like dated, as a stuck project made on a stale subject, which couldn’t release for many years due to some unknown reasons. 
But above all, the weirdest fact related with YAARA is that it’s an official remake of a French film A GANG STORY/LES LYONNAIS (2011) which ironically had nothing novel or fresh either in terms of concept or narration that we have never seen before in our own Hindi cinema. Cannot say why the original French film was chosen to be remade and who in reality got excited from the idea when it was initially pitched. Because, if truth be told then even the short narration of its basic concept, would have sounded repetitive, impactless and completely hollow, exactly like its end product.
The dull script, forgettable music, uneven editing and weak direction in YAARA never let the interesting cast perform. And thus, it all results in a below average film offering nothing fresh, exciting or engaging except a few action scenes and sequences happening in the past decades as per the storyline. 
So you can only opt for this in case you are a sincere fan of someone in the cast or are eager to see everything coming on the OTT platforms as ‘New Releases’. However, if you are interested to see this considering it a film by writer-director Tigmashu Dhulia, then better watch one of his famous, cult movies once again instead of YAARA, which is his weakest film till date, without any slightest of doubt.

Rating : 2 / 5

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