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YEH FAASLEY - Movie Review : Hangs in between a below average and intelligent movie. (Review By Bobby Sing)
05 Mar, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

The over famous Cricket fever in India, always has one favorable impact on Bollywood which mainly benefits all the small budget and lesser known films waiting for their respective turns to get a decent release. And due to this otherwise calm period at the box office, we get to see many such films which may have something new to showcase both in terms of storyline and performances. YEH FAASLEY is also one of those limited budget experimental kind of movies, which successfully managed to get a decent solo release due to the ongoing world cup and which also has an interesting story to tell blended with a mixture of mystery, suspense and emotional relationships.

As the movie started I only knew that it was going to be something on a Father – Daughter relationship with a heavy dose of emotions. But after its few initial reels, the film surprisingly turned out to be a suspense and mystery drama with some mediocre court room scenes leading to a serious and unpredictable climax. But sadly the interesting plot and few honest performances remain the only highlight of the film and overall it failed to generate any kind of excitement in the few people watching it in the theater.
On paper, the script of YEH FAASLEY had many elements in it which could have been exploited in a much better manner. A daughter discovering an ugly secret about the death of her mother in an early age aiming towards her own father as a culprit was indeed a great plot to reveal. But unfortunately both the writers and the director fail to convert it into a worth watching film altogether. Frankly speaking I found the film wandering through more than one genre post its initial half an hour. Sometimes it looked like as if it was fast moving towards a plot straight out of a horror movie and then post intermission it started juggling between a court room drama, mystery and suspense movie. However, the weakest point of the film remains its poor court room scenes which give it a feel of a B grade project. Moreover the film tends to be too lengthy towards it climax and goes on a never ending kind of investigative narration which is not enjoyable at all.
In all, YEH FAASLEY has only two merits in it. One is its freshness of the plot (which gives you a new insight of an unintentional crime) along with a fresh face Tena Desae, who is impressive in the role of a daughter caught in a dilemma. And second is the brilliant performance by Anupam Kher as a father who silently knows that he hasn’t done anything wrong with his wife, yet keeps on suffering due to the actions taken by her own daughter. Apart from these two factors, the film fails to materialize on its strong story plot and the surprise mystery element which could have been a winner if visualized in a different manner.
In addition to the above, YEH FAASLEY neither has any good soothing music nor a satisfactory cinematography which seems to be quite ill equipped, evident from many grainy and carelessly shot scenes witnessed towards its end. Also the director wastes many talented artists in the supporting cast such Seema Biswas, Pawan Malhotra, Rajendra Gupta, Sudha Chandran and Suhasini Mulay.
Summing up, it can be said that with a great potential plot in its script but a feeble execution on the screen, YEH FAASLEY remains hanging between a below average and intelligent movie, which sadly fails to make any kind of impact on the viewer.
Ratings : 2 / 5

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