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Yaadein (1964) - A first of its kind, artistic attempt in Indian Cinema. (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama) (Did You Know - 28)

05 Jun, 2011 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama / Did You Know!

Yaadein - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

Sunil Dutt, a lovable person, is fondly remembered by everyone not only as a film personality, but also as a kind, humble and thoughtful human who had a multi-dimensional career ranging from an actor-producer-director to a social worker-politician. However, it might be news for many that the thinking man was also the first person to make an innovative venture in Bollywood called “Yaadein” in the year 1964.

The film was a unique attempt since it was A SOLILOQUY act performed by Sunil Dutt, in the role of a worried loving husband, who is surprised to see his wife and children not at home one day as he returns from the work. Making his own assumptions, he starts imagining about the reason for their absence and in turn begins talking to himself about his own mistakes and regrets.

The attempt was and is still novel because it has only One Actor in the movie, Sunil Dutt, who talks to himself and his imaginary personalities throughout its nearly 2 hours of duration on only One Set. And that is the reason it is termed as A SOLILOQUY. Indeed a path breaking, Black & White experimental piece of art, which was also directed by the legendary Sunil Dutt himself as his directorial debut.

Apart from its solo act, YAADEIN is also a must watch movie for every student and lover of cinema for its brilliant use of imaginary expressions. Just watch out the way Sunil Dutt very intelligently uses the background music, various voices, photographs, cartoons, images and shadows to show the presence of the second person in the narration. In fact the film also introduces you to another form of visual expression SILHOUETTE, in which a black shadow is used to depict a distinct personality.

Reportedly included in the “Guinness Book of World Records” too, in the category of Fewest Actors in a narrative film, YAADEIN surely is a gem not to be missed if you really are interested to see some ‘not so famous’ – experimental kind of movies made by Bollywood Film-makers in the past. But while watching it, do remember that it’s not a usual story-telling king of project made to entertain the viewer. It moves very slowly, becomes monotonous and even less interesting after a while. So it’s obvious that most of the viewers of this jet-age may find it pretty boring and un-happening.

Hence watch it only if you consider yourself a game for such out of the box, insightful classic, remembering the man with an infectious smile and golden heart – Sunil Dutt.

Produced & Directed By Sunil Dutt
Starring : Sunil Dutt
Music : Vasant Desai
Dialogue Writer : Akhtar-Ul-Iman
Check out the Link for its record : http://www.prideofindia.net/world.html

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05 Jun 2011 / Comments ( 4 )
I think I saw the wife (probably Nargis) in the climax. Wonder why the film is unknown.
Bobby Sing

Yes CHRIS, she was indeed NARGIS as the black shadow in the end. And why the film is unknown because Bollywood runs on its own self made destrutive routes which are evident till today if you pick out some of the latest blockbusters and see them.


manish bhardwaj
have you watched \"des hoya pardes\" starring. gurdas mann juhi chawla and divya dutta, a punjabi film. its a must watch. not a masterpiece but one of the rare punjabi films to be watched.
Bobby Sing

Hi Manish, Yes I had watched "Des Hoya Pardes" a long time back and as I remember it was a fine film.....but since you have reminded me again so before commenting further, I will watch it again and then get back to you. Till then Keep Visiting,

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