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Yehi Hai Zindagi (1977) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

05 Feb, 2012 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Yehi Hai Zindagi - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

Very few movies have got the immense power to transform the viewer, teaching him an important lesson of life through its fictional drama. Such movies cannot be made intentionally, but they get made on their own with the help of an invisible creative-spiritual power that mysteriously guides the team in their making process. And one of these Spiritual Classics is “Yehi Hai Zindagi” released in 1977, directed by K. S. Sethumadhavan.

Now why it is being called a Spiritual Classic? 
That’s because the movie features LORD KRISHNA visiting the protaganist Sanjeev Kumar at regular intervals of life, granting him all he wishes for, of the material world. At first Sanjeev doesn’t believe that he is the GOD meeting him in person, so he very casually treats him as a ‘theater artist’ dressed in the attire of LORD KRISHNA. Even later, when he unwillingly has to accept the truth, he starts asking ‘Big things’ from THE LORD just to test his powers and KRISHNA goes on fulfilling his every single wish at an appropriate time.

However, the moment Sanjeev starts becoming rich from a poor labourer, his minds begins functioning differently, his EGO comes into action and from here onwards the film gets into the mould of A LIFE TEACHING LESSON with many interesting twists & turns in its well written script. A pure gem for its every sequence of the enlightening interaction between KRISHNA (adorably played by Vikram Gokhale) and Sanjeev Kumar at the various phases of his life, the film has some exceptionally written dialogues which are so simple yet highly effective, that seriously force you to think establishing an instant connection. Particularly watch out for the conversations with the word “My Sin” which is simply outstanding and insightful work from both the writer and the director, still remembered as the key feature of the film by many who watched it in the theaters or later at Doordarshan.

Besides, “Yehi Hai Zindagi” is an important venture, because it teaches you the meaning of EGO and Self Centered Personality in a very straight forward and entertaining way. The director uses many commendable light comical moments in the film which don’t let the movie movie into a too preachy, philosophical or heavy. zone So at one end, you are having fun seeing Sanjeev fighting with THE GOD like a child, and at the same time you are also being taught some precious lessons of life quite effortlessly.

Therefore, it can easily be included among the career best performances of both Sanjeev Kumar and Vikram Gokhale, who is a real delight to watch playing the role of LORD Krishna with a mysterious smile.

Representing its thoughtful theme, a song in the movie says it all in just one beautifully written line, which goes as,

“Pyaar Ka Badla Mujhe Dekho Kaisa Mila, Pyaar Ke Badley……Mujhko Paisa Mila!”

It’s really sad that our Hindi Film Industry forgets its own fine gems and doesn’t even care to re-store their original prints for the current generation. The film is presently available at Youtube and Home video.

Summing up, if you really want to give your family a good enlightening gift one fine weekend, then enjoy it together rediscovering the missing love and warmth. I am sure after watching it every single person in your family will have a cheerful smile on his/her face and some great positive thoughts to share.

So go for it at the earliest and feel the magic of life as loving guided by LORD KRISHNA.

Directed By K. S. Sethumadhavan
Starring : Sanjeev Kumar, Vikram Gokhale, Utpal Dutt, Ramesh Deo, Lucky Ali, Neeta Mehta and more.
Music by Rajesh Roshan

Lyrics by Anand Bakshi

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05 Feb 2012 / Comments ( 15 )
Indeed this is one of most remarkable movies in Hindi Cinema. I have seen it many times and always get carried away with its powerful current.

You penned down the right views, so very very correct ones. Thanks a lot for always being authentic and natural in your approach.


Actually around half of Sanjeev Kumar\'s movies of the 70\' are gems, and they are sadly obscure. Surprised to see Lucky Ali in the film. I think it was Vikram Gokhale\'s best performance in a hindi film.

Bobby Sing

Yes Chris, it is indeed Vikram Gokhales' best performance and probably Lucky Ali's first film too.
Thanks for visiting and writing your valuable comment.

amit joshi

2 days before I saw it after your recommendation I bought the DVD from a store and I must say the movie is very much entertaining without being too preachy. Sadly I coudn\'t see the ending (last 10 minutes) due to scratchy DVD :(

I am surprised that I never saw this movie on any channel on television ever before.

One more thing it is hard to recoganise vikram ghokhle he was very young at that time.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Amit for watching it after my recommmendation and I am glad that you liked it too.
Cheers to that!

very nice movie for me and all
Bobby Sing

Thanks Annu for your kind visit and comment.


I want to see this movie I do not from where to get dvd please suggest if somebody knows in delhi.

Bobby Sing

Hi Arjun,
Try the following link to get the VCD of the movie :


zuber khan

hi i heard they are making a movie with akshay which is something to do with GOD i hope they are not making sequel of this classic film.

Bobby Sing

Hi Zuber Khan,
The film is called "Oh My God" and its not a sequel as I dont thing any director would even dare to try its sequel.
Now though the film is said to be based on a play, but for me it seems to be a mixture of two films, Yehi Hai Zindagi and The Man Who Sued God. 
And both these movies are in my list of "Movies To See Before You Die' too.

V Basava Kumar
Hi, Hello.
Absolutely true, one will not be able to remake- a movie like - yeih hai zindagi- I remember this movie, after reading your views & comments, it took back to my chid hood memories, i saw this movie in 1982- on Television,I was 13years old, at thoes days movies were telecasted on sunday evening.
I share the same opinion as you, for the dialog in which (vikram ghokle)as lord krishna - makes sanjeev kumar to repeat the medicine\'s name ending with \"mycin\" relating with -MY SIN- and making (sanjeev kumar & the viewers to realise), that whatever the (karma) deeds (sins) we commit that are nothing less than sins , which will return back to us in the form of ill health for which we take medicines.
One more thing to notice in the movie is about the faith that, whatever -the money -we contribute in the donation box-will belong to the god,& is to be utilised for the sacred works.
Here Sanjeev kumar who is non be-leaver of god borrows around 5 rupees money from the donation box, which his wife use donate the money in the name of god, & postpones every time to repay, where lord krishna himself descends down to get that 5 rupees back from sanjeev kumar, and that\'s how the movie moves on to the conclusion.
I wonder whether i can get the CD to make my children watch this movie.

thanks, to you for bringing my childhood memories & moments to remember back.

Bobby Sing

Hi V. Basava Kumar,
Really enjoyed reading your comment and glat to know that my post could take you back in time with those golden memories.
However regarding the movie, you can buy its DVD from the following link at a throw away price along with 2 more movies.


Keep Visiting and Writing in,

Monika Mathur

I just remembered the last part of this film which was strongly implanted in my brain but I had forgotten the movies name or maybe I was very young at the time I had seen this movie.

Still my sin dialogue has repeatedly come to my mind whenever I saw any medicine ending with it. I was trying to tell my kids about it and then tried to search for the amen when I got this link.

Thanks for the update. It was a beautiful movie

Bobby Sing

The pleasure is really mine Monika Mathur.
Glad that you could relive your fond memories through the article.

Thanks a lot for visiting and writing in.

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