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You don't have to quit your BASIC EDUCATION to be in the field of CREATIVE ARTS like Cinema, Music, Dance and Art. (Did You Know - 36)

26 Jun, 2012 | Did You Know! / Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

There was a time in the past when well known exponents in the Creative Field (Films, Music, Poetry and Arts) were supposed to be people who had to leave their studies in between to pursue their passion. But by the end of the last century this misleading fact related with Performing Arts faded away as Education became the foremost priority for all the kids, even for those who did have some exceptional hidden talent in them to be adapted later as their career.
Unarguably this crucial step of quitting or continuing studies for a career in Creative Arts is a personal decision of an individual. But here the basic motive of this write up is to make the young boys & girls aware of this truth that it is not always necessary to leave your studies in an incomplete state to pursue a passion of yours. Its entirely a wrong notion to think that there is no need of the Basic Education if one is willing to make his or her career in the creative field. On the contrary, it’s always better to go for your basic studies first along with continuing the training for your inner creative passions as you grow up. Because it will surely help you to be a better person and a better human from the inside, which would in turn enhance your creative expressions in the future.
Yes, in the present era, we have many big names who are on the Top today but haven’t completed their studies due to the choice of the career made in those important teenage years. But here my basic purpose is to make all the youngsters see the brighter side of the picture and to inform them about the amazing educational qualifications of some well known names of the Entertainment Industry to be followed as their INSPIRATIONS.
So, just take a look at the names below (in alphabetical order) and their degrees listed in front of them and then decide on your own.

Amitabh Bachchan– Graduated from Sherwood College in Nanital and later did his double major in Science and Arts from the Kirorimal College in Delhi. 
Amisha Patel - Graduation in Economics at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts with a Gold Medal.
Anurag Kashyap - Zoology (Hons.) from Hansraj College, Delhi.
Anushka Sharma - Graduated with specialization in Arts from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.
Arjun Rampal – Economics (Hons.) from Hindu College, Delhi.
Ayushman Khurana – Graduation in English Literature & also Masters in Mass Communication.
Genelia D’Souza – Bachelor's Degree of Management Studies.
Hrithik Roshan – Graduation in Commerce.
Imtiaz Ali - English (Hons.) from Hindu College, Delhi.
John Abraham - S
tudied economics at the Bombay Scottish School, Mahim in Mumbai and got his MBA from the Mumbai Educational Trust (MET).
Konkona Sen Sharma - English (Hons.) from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.
Madhavan - Graduated in Electronics from Rajaram College, Kolhapur. In his college days, was chosen to represent India as its cultural ambassador in Canada and was awarded the Maharashtra Best Cadet with a trip as NCC Cadet to England. He won the Indian Championship for Public Speaking and was selected to represent India at the Young Businessmen Conference in Tokyo, Japan in 1992.
Madhuri DixitBachelor’s Degree in Microbiology.
Manoj Bajpayee - History (Hons.) from Ramjas College, Delhi.
Minissha Lamba – English (Hons.) from Miranda House, Delhi.
Neha Dhupia - Graduated from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi, majoring in History.
Preity Zinta - Graduation in English (Hons.) and Psychology and even has a Post Graduate Degree in Criminal Psychology.
Pritam Chakraborty – B.Sc. (Hons.) in Geology from Presidency College in Kolkata and Post-graduate diploma in sound recording and engineering from the Film and Television Institute Pune.
Ranvijay Singh – B. Com (Hons.) from Hansraj College, Delhi.
Rabbi Shergil – Graduate from Delhi University.
Shahrukh Khan - Economics (Hons.) from Hansraj College, Delhi.
Soha Ali Khan - A
ttended The British School in New Delhi and Balliol College, Oxford. After her graduation, got a Masters degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Shankar Mahadevan – Graduation in Computer Science Engineering.
Shabana Azmi - She completed a graduate degree in Psychology from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.
Shyam Benegal
 M.A. in Economics
Satyajit Ray - B.A. (Hons.) in Economics.
Sonu Sood - Graduate in Engineering.
Sonam Kapoor - Graduate in Political Science and Economics
Urmila Matondkar - Graduate in Psychology.
Vidya Balan -  Graduate in Sociology.
Zakhir Hussain (Tabla Maestro) - Graduated from
St Xaviers, Mumbai.

Now these are just the names I could recall from my limited memory and there are bound to be many more working in their respective creative fields, entertaining the world. So this list should surely convey loudly that its great to be blessed with a creative talent by the ALMIGHTY, but to pursue it as your career you don’t really have to start IGNORING or QUITTING your Basic Education & Studies.
Admittedly, it can be argued that one can develop his personality himself with the help of his family without going through the process of formal education. Yes it can be done and is not impossible. But for being such kind of person, you need to work even harder, much harder than a normal person blessed with the guidance of his educational institutions.
In support of my article, here is an interview excerpt where in Mr. Subhash K. Jha asks the same question to Amitabh Bachchan :
“Do you think formal education is a necessary qualification for an actor? You've been to college, Mr Dilip Kumar hasn't!
AB : I think a formal education is necessary for an individual pursuing any vocation. Formal education just does not bring in academic knowledge. It brings with it curriculum, discipline, forbearance, competitiveness, understanding, vision and so many other qualities that are so essential for everyday existence in a normal society. My days in college may not have a direct reflection on my present profession. But I cannot wish away the other aspects of its benefits to me as an individual. An actor's performance will always betray his inner build-up as a human. Dilip Saab may not have gone to college. But can you really doubt the reflection of the quality of his inner self in his performances? That he developed these qualities independently and not through an educational institution, gives so much more credence to his unassailable genius.”

I hope my young friends understand now that its not always necessary to quit studies to go for your dreams and passions. In fact, the truth is that your basic studies and the educational experience gained from it will immensely help in your creative career further in a big way without any doubt, unconditionally.

(Note : Do let me know about any other names as I would love to add them in the list to make the article more impactful for all the youngsters)

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26 Jun 2012 / Comment ( 2 )
Amit Joshi

Yes you are right bobby.........I saw this tendency in some of young kids but I also felt doing so they are building unnecessary pressure on themselves because now they think "As I have left my studies I will have to succeed anyway otherwise people will laugh on me" . Some time people misguide them & sometime there is nobody to guide them.

An educated person can nurture his talent better than an uneducated person. Yes there are always exceptional cases but those exceptional need solid family support & of course their family members should be well educated too to guide them.

Education plays a vital role in personality development & behaviour which I think can not explain in words. One will have to go through basic education in order to understand its hidden power.

Bobby Sing

Yes Amit, Education remains the first step towards any kind of career to be adapted later and it should not be ignored strictly.
I m glad that the fact is fast being accepted by the younger generation today but still we should keep the guiding lamp on always...


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