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ZED PLUS - Watch it as a well written, light and fairly entertaining political satire surprisingly coming from the thoughtful director Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi. (Review by Bobby Sing)

28 Nov, 2014 | Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / Y-Z

As a pleasantly surprising, light entertainer coming from Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi, the insightful director of CHANAKYA (TV Series), PINJAR and the recent UPANISHAD GANGA (TV Series), ZED PLUS can easily be rated as one of the best political satires in the recent times supported by some exceptional dialogues & performances without shouting it loud or going overboard in its more than two hours of duration.
Yes, it reminds you of a few films based on somehow similar concepts and is not a perfect classic as I felt towards the end. But still would like you to watch it considering a refreshing change from the typical romantic comedies and action movies thrown one after another promoted by few big names. Especially for its worth praising writing and dialogues conveying many seriously concerning issues with a great entertaining ease by all talented performers.
In other words, if you wish to witness a film that can simply be called a director’s project from start to finish then ZED PLUS is the one to go for. Performed well by many underrated actors in full control of their director, it’s based on a very carefully written script which is in fact a delight to watch for most of its time and doesn’t disappoint hugely post its intermission too. Beginning with some superb sarcastic comments on the governing people, it takes a good 15-20 minutes for the introductions and then begins the fun quickly maintaining the pace throughout till those (sadly) predictable concluding moments which could have been given a different turn. So its only the final 30 minutes of the film that make you feel watching something obvious and seen before diluting the overall impact of the movie putting it honestly. But as a whole it certainly comes as a much needed relief among the silly crap regularly being offered by Bollywood makers with an amazing consistency.
Actually the best part of ZED PLUS that makes it worth recommending is its story telling, particularly the dialogues full of many brilliant witty remarks, idioms and representation of many recent developments in the country discussed all over. For instance watch out the way it portrays the confusion or debate over the use of Hindi and English in our government matters, VIP culture getting an added advantage disturbing the everyday life of a common man, the media playing a big role in the country’s active politics, terrorism used as a triumph card by the shrewd leaders of all parties and how corruption and sudden easy money pollutes a simple, honest mind too without taking much time in just a few weeks. Personally I loved the ringtone insertion of Vande Matram and the look alike prime minister used very subtly by the thinking director so well in its key sequences.
The script intelligently crafts a fine buildup after the initial introductions and then the superb performers take over from there, impressing you gradually as the story progresses. Adil Hussain as the puncturewala, takes time to grow on the viewers. But once he does, the actor proves his hidden caliber that made Dr. Dwivedi select him among many other known names that could have helped the movie commercially in pure business terms. Adil beautifully portrays the role of a simple man who at first could even allow a passenger to walk away without paying and then later becomes a greedy, selfish man looking at the opportunities coming his way in the film’s second half.
Mukesh Tiwari as Adil’s childhood friend delivers another polished performance showing his already proven versatility yet again. Kulbhushan Kharbanda as the Prime Minister is a perfect choice resembling our current Prime Minister of the country and he is a treat to watch. K. K. Raina, another under-rated actor of our industry plays the PM's personal assistant to perfection. Rahul Singh as the security in-charge, Shivani Tanksale as Fauziya & Ekavali Khanna as Saeeda prove their talent quite boldly, whereas Sanjay Mishra once again becomes the cause of laughter heard in the theater with his repetitive yet superb act of an unknown terrorist looking for his chance to make a big name in the news media. Plus it was great to see Liliput on the screen after a long time as the petty thief among many other familiar talented faces in the supporting cast.
However, the surprising fact remains that Mona Singh turns out to be the second best performer after Adil in the film playing the homely, lovable, honest wife witnessing the change coming in his husband’s persona with the changing times. And she truly nails it enacting her given character wonderfully and you are sure going to see a different Mona here than all her previous performances till date.
Musically, Dr. Dwivedi uses only a few songs and that too as “Sutradhar” tracks sung by Sukhwinder making an enjoyable screen appearance too along with Hrishitaa Bhatt with her well-choreographed dance moves. The songs set the mood right and so does the cinematography and background music of the film taking you into the ambience of a small town with all realistic likable character as seen around us in our daily lives.
Summing up, admittedly many might find it based on a wafer thin & unconvincing plot taking time to grow on the viewer in its initial hour having some underdeveloped side tracks too such as the Sanjay Mishra one. Moreover where the first half can easily be drawn parallels with films like PEEPLI LIVE, the latter makes you recall some earlier much famous political satires such as KISSA KURSI KA, AAJ KA M.L.A RAM AVTAR and more. Yet, I would like to rate ZED PLUS as an attempt above them all due to its simplicity, truthfulness and a well written authentic portrayal of all real life characters capable of transporting you into a different world altogether in its two hours.
So do give it a chance and try not to miss watching this fairly enjoyable, well intentioned comical, political satire in the theaters as the latest pleasant offering from Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi.
Rating : 3 + 0.5 / 5 (with the additional 0.5 for Dr. Dwivedi, for pleasantly coming out of his own set pattern of more serious works)

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