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Zakhmi Aurat (1988) - One of the most daring films from Hindi Cinema, suggesting Castration as punishment for rapists, when we were still watching Doordarshan more than two decades ago. (Did You Know - 38)
09 Sep, 2012 | Did You Know!

Zakhmi Aurat - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

In the last millennium, Hindi Cinema was more famous for its films full of songs and romance with its lead actors dancing around the trees unrealistically. Though there was an important ‘Thoughtful Art Cinema Wave’ too operational within the Industry itself, but still meaningful subjects were rarely adapted by the mainstream film makers in those years particularly in the 80s.
And that’s the reason why ZAKHMI AURAT should be rated as an important trendsetter of that era, which despite of having all the usual songs, dance & drama, had something extraordinary to give to the conservative minds of the Indian viewers. Made on the subject of increasing Rapes in the society, the film suggested a shocking punishment for the accused wherein a gang of victim women starts castrating all the rapists, registered in the Police records, who have escaped the court cases due to their money power and influence.
No doubt its subject was bold enough for the Indian audience who were still used to watching Doordarshan as their only TV channel in those years. But at the same time, the courageous project was also applauded a lot by the women power of the country and remained the talk of the town for weeks through newspapers and magazines. Dimple Kapadia played the lead role of the victim Police Officer in the film which is still envied by many renowned Hindi film actresses as they don’t get to play such strong characters on the screen often. For instance, Deepti Naval, a leading actress from the “Parallel Cinema Wave” proudly mentions ZA in the personal note at her official website too.
Taking its inspiration for the castration plot from another controversial English flick I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE (1978), Zakhmi Aurat is admittedly just an average film as per its direction and execution is concerned. But considering its brave and unconventional plot adapted way back in 1988, the film does become an important milestone of Hindi Cinema indisputably. Moreover since no one has dared to make another movie on the similar subject again in all these years, it becomes obvious to wonder, that how director Avtar Bhogal and his team along with Dimple Kapadia thought of making such an audacious film more than two decades ago?

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Jst watchng da muv n its really realistic... luving it.

Bobby Sing

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Good movie !!!

Bobby Sing

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