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Zauq and his famous couplet defining the journey of life. (Selected Urdu Poetry - 1)

14 Feb, 2010 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

Sheikh Ibrahim ‘Zauq’ was Mirza Ghalib’s famous rival and contemporary in the Mughal Court of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. This is one of his most famous couplets, which defines life and its unexplainable journey in a mesmerizing style.


Zauq and his famour couplet.


"Layee Hayaat Aaye Qazaa Le Chali Chale,
Apni Khushi Na Aaye Na Apni Khushi Chale,
Duniya Ne Kiska Raah-e-Fanaa Mein Diya Hai Saath,
Tum Bhi Chale Chalo Yun Hi, Jab Tak Chali Chaley" 

Life brought me in this world without any intimation and would also take me from here one day, without any prior notice.

Neither I came here with my own consent nor can I leave this place at my own will.

Who can accompany you till the end of this perishable life of desires?

So, Just keep living my friend, as it comes, with the feeling of ‘LET GO’ till your time ends.

Just keep walking & enjoy the path!

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14 Feb 2010 / Comments ( 11 )
Natasha Latiff
I can die reading this. SOOO prettty.

This is one of the great poetry..One will always inspire reading this..I jz luv this..n this is vry gud exmple of the sweetness of urdu shayari n language..

Bobby Sing

Thanks Devdasrakte for loving the poetic expressions.

And Keep Visiting as there is lot more to share here.


Naresh Goel
Very nicely said by the poet. Send more poems. Write them in Hindi. Very nicely explained in English.
Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Naresh Goel for your kind comment,
Would surely try to post in some more soon!


Beautiful...reminded Begum\'s rendition of it... listening it now.
Bobby Sing

Thanks Shal for writing in and Keep Visiting.

atul chandra sarkar

What a simplicity of expression that leaves on your heart an indelible impression-bahut khoob

Bobby Sing

Very True Atul Chandra and thats the reason I really love the expression of poetry from heart.

Thanks for visiting and Writing in,

Very nice poetry
Bobby Sing

Thanks for visiting and writing in Munir.

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