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Hello Charlie (Hindi/Prime) - A mis-venture that can only be played to kids for keeping them engaged for a while. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)
09 Apr, 2021 | Movie Reviews / 2021 Releases

An online movie portal has to maintain a balance of genres in its repertoire taking care of the variety. So along with projects related to crime, mystery, love, action, comedy, drama and more, it also needs certain films that are actually good for only kids below 8-10 years of age, who have yet to develop a choice or understanding and need something of their interest to keep them engaged.
That is the best HELLO CHARLIE can be defined, as a film that can be played to the kids when they are not eating their meal or not agreeing to stay in a room for a few hours. Because the kids don’t even care whether its Jackie Shroff playing the Gorilla or a real Gorilla being there in the film. They just see a few funny sequences involving the animal on screen and enjoy watching its various acts. Hence HELLO CHARLIE can easily be used for your own benefit in the above-mentioned way, without expecting it to be any kind of comedy, adventure or fun-film. 
On the other hand, despite being a mis-venture, it still shows some courage to present the main character of Jackie Shroff as a millionaire trying to escape from the country due to his unpaid bank loans, mocking the infamous personalities in news since last few years. But then, it is also surprising to see the name of Late Pankaj Advani (of SANKAT CITY and URF PROFESSOR fame) credited as the story writer of the film in the beginning. Giving it a second thought, the talented writer-director must have got an entirely different film in mind than HELLO CHARLIE directed by Pankaj Saraswat for sure.

Rating: 1.5 / 5 (including points for showing the courage to mock the famous millionaires)

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