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MAHESHINTE PRATHIKAARAM (Malayalam/2016) - A superfine, enjoyable mix of almost everything our Indian cinema is known for. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

07 May, 2020 | Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi) / Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

As the directorial debut of Dileesh Pothen, MAHESHINTE PRATHIKAARAM (meaning Mahesh’s Revenge) is one of those exclusive or rather rare films that has almost everything our Indian cinema is widely known for. Based on the revenge theme as its core premise, this can also be quoted as probably the only example of ‘a sweet revenge drama’ wherein a soft, heartfelt, romantic emotion always remains alive in the film, right till the final sequence.
It begins showcasing the daily life events of its protagonist with a pinch of humour as a black comedy. Reportedly inspired from a true incident it further adds local flavour of friendship and innocent romance to its delightful narration before it comes to the public insult and oath of revenge. Surprisingly even after introducing its core plot, the story returns back to a mature romance with a thoughtful reference of art and profession focusing on photography. And then it all ends with a well-shot, realistic action sequence defying the routine.
Sounds weird or confusing! 
Believe me it’s nothing like that for even a few moments in its two hours of duration because the execution and writing remains thoroughly enjoyable and convincing with an exceptional lead performance by Fahadh Faasil and a brilliant support coming from Soubin Shahir, Alencier Ley Lopez, Anusree, Aparna Balamurali and all others in the cast. The ladies are truly a delight to watch along with Fahadh, who simply excels in portraying a wide variety of emotions in his complex characterisation. The visually appealing film has a fabulous screenplay that keeps you guessing along with an apt background score, a crisp edit and a few soothing, melodious songs, beautifully complimenting the onscreen progression. 
In all, as a tasteful and sweet tale of revenge, MAHESHINTE PRATHIKAARAM offers a novel yet relatable kind of experience and thus deserves to be seen praising the courageous team effort of Dileesh, Fahadh, Soubin, Alencier and Syam Pushkaran (screenplay) together creating a sheer gem. The film deserves to be there in the BTC list of Movies To See Before You Die for being a ‘Real film’ about the ‘Real People’ shot in a completely ‘Real Style’. 
Sharing the exact reason, I decided to include the film in the reputed list, the moment I witnessed the two entertaining sequences shot around a death in the family at two different points in the film with two different girls. You will get to understand what I mean post watching these particular sequences. Plus it also made me notice a dialogue which was often said by one of my respected music teachers.

And it says, "An artform cannot be taught, but it can be learned"

Summing up, go for it as a must and have a great time watching Mahesh’s revenge.
Rating : Movies To See Before You Die 

Interestingly, even the second venture of the team titled THONDIMUTHALUM DRIKSAKSHIYUM (2017) turned out to be an equally appreciable or even better film revolving around another unusual script, also included in BTC list of Movies To See Before You Die.
For friends interested in reading its review, it can be accessed clicking the following link:
(Update April 2021 : At the time of update, MAHESHINTE PRATHIKAARAM could be seem at Manoramamax OTT portal with English subtitles for a subscription) 

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