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Mazdoor Ka Paseena - from COOLIE (1983) - (Life Teaching Dialogues & Songs - 1) - By Bobby Sing

01 May, 2014 | 10 Most popular Articles AT BTC / Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / Articles on Cinema / Life Teaching Dialogues and Songs

Watching CINEMA as an incredible, lively medium having a worthy value, much more than just an escapist means of entertainment is what I have always followed right from the early years (in the 80s). In fact it was through this enjoyable fascination towards movies only that I learned most of my initial lessons of life picking up many superb one liners hidden in all those well-written dialogues penned by the great maestros.
One of the precious enlightening teachings I learned in my first decade of life only was from Manmohan Desai’s COOLIE released in 1983, showing us the way how we should treat the workers or labourers contributing in so many things around in our daily life. A single line said in the film taught me how to regard everybody’s work (of all types) with a respectable dignity and it would be just perfect to share the same with all friends here on the occasion of International Workers Day / Labour Day celebrated on the 1st of May.
It is the introduction scene of Amitabh Bachchan in the film, entering with his elegant walk on the top of a train compartment with Allahrakha, the friendly eagle resting on his hand gracefully. Jumping on the platform in front of Suresh Oberoi playing the arrogant rich traveller, Amitabh calmly smiles and says this one line thoughtfully penned by Kader Khan as,
“Mazdoor Ka Paseena Sookhne Se Pehle Uski Mazdoori Mil Jaani Chahiye Janaab”
The moment I heard this dialogue while watching the film as a kid, it got registered somewhere in my inner psyche permanently and I follow this golden rule till date, quite religiously. The statement teaches us how to treat the persons working for us or our family in any manner (big or small) respectfully and to give them their dues without any intentional delay of any sort, even before they ask for it. (Because only then we can expect our dues to be paid in time too, completing the invisible life-cycle follwing the 'Karma' rule of give and take.)

Praising the medium of cinema from heart, this is how many a times movies do teach us something relevant through few extremely important one liners, easily becoming a guide, a teacher or a thoughtful friend too just like the rich, esteemed literature.
However, more importantly, after posting the article here, I was informed by my FB friend Camaal Mustafa Sikander, that this is actually a famous inspirational quote from Hazrat Imam Ali as,
“Mazdoor Ki Mazdoori (Ujrat) Us Ka Paseena Khushk Honay Se Pehlay De Deni Chahiye.”
And it was indeed very thoughtful of our well-read scholar writer Kader Khan to incorporate this valuable teaching in the film's dialogues in such a fine manner giving us a precious lesson of life to be remembered forever. As a matter of fact, that is the way learned writers pass on the knowledge to their next generations even in the entertaining medium of mainstream cinema made for the masses.

Will soon be writing more in this series with

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01 May 2014 / Comment ( 2 )
Camaal Mustafa Sikander

I doubt if this dialogue is by Kader Khan, always use it but never remembered it was in Coolie, somehow I think it was said by Sohrab Modi but then maybe Kader Khan was inspired by Sohrab Modi, his dialogue delivery matches him, so maybe you are right.

Bobby Sing

Dear Camaal,
As per my info it is Kader Khan only who was a close associate of Manmohan Desai in those years both as an actor and a writer.

However the interesting point is that in reality the film direction credits have been shared by two persons that is Prayag Raj and Manmohan Desai in the film's titles...... not known to many.


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