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Remembering the unforgettable Doordarshan Serials of the last century.

26 Dec, 2009 | Articles on Cinema / 10 Most popular Articles AT BTC

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This write-up is like a nostalgic trip down the memory lane when apart from the movie world the only visual entertainment source we had was the Doordarshan. Before the Cable Revolution arrived in India around 1991, every person in a household had his own favourite serial as per their choices and they all used to sit glued to the small screen at their fixed times and week-days. But the best (or sad) part is that the most of the below mentioned serials still remain the pioneer masterpieces in their different genres and that’s why the  Home Video market is rightly bringing them all back in the form of DVDs. So let’s go back in our golden days of Television Entertainment reading all these famous serial titles.

1.      Aur Bhi Gham Hain Zamane Mein (Drama)
(Most of the friends here may not have heard of it but this is the first serial I can recall watching on Doordarshan in the late 70s or the early 80s.)

Air Hostess 
3.      Ados Pados (Comic Family Drama)
4.      Apradhi Kaun (Mystery/Detective Serial)
5.   Bharat Ek Khoj (Historical / Mythological) (Available on Home Video)
6.      Buniyaad (Drama)
7.      Byomkesh Bakshi (Detective Serial) (Available on Net but awaited on Home Video)
8.      Barrister Vinod (Crime/Detective Serial)
9.      Bahadur Shah Zafar (Available on Home Video)
10.  Chitrahaar (Weekly presentation of new & old songs)
11. Circus (Drama/Comedy)

12.   Dada Dadi Ki Kahaniyaan (Children/Educative/Fantasy Tales)
13.   Ek Do Teen Chaar (Children Mystery/Detective Serial)
14.   Fauji (Drama) (Available on Home Video)
15.   Flop Show (Comedy) (Available on Home Video)
16.   Hum Log (Drama)
17.   Honi Anhoni (Based on Supernatural Stories)
18.   Idhar Udhar (Comedy) 
19.   Kachhi Dhoop (Drama) (Available on Home Video)
20.   Kahan Gaye Woh Log (Historical)
21.   Kakaji Kahin (Social-Political Comedy)
22.   Katha Sagar (Drama - Literature) (Available on Home Video)
23.   Karamchand (Detective Serial)
24.   Khandaan (Drama)
25. Kiley Ka Rehasya (Suspense/Horror)
26. Ladoo Singh Taxi Wala (Comedy/Drama)

27.   Moughli (Based on Jungle Book) (Children) (Available on Home Video)
28.   Mahabaharat (Mythological) (Available on Home Video)
29.   Malgudi Days (Comedy – Drama - Literature) (Available on Home Video)
30.   Mirza Ghalib (Poetry – Drama - Historical) (Available on Home Video)
31.   Mr. Yogi (Drama/Comedy)
32.   Mr. & Mrs. (Drama/Comedy)
33.   Mungerilaal Ke Haseen Sapne (Comedy)
34.   Mulla Nasruddin (Naseeruddin) (Comedy)

35.   Nukkad (Comedy/Drama) (Available on Home Video)
36.   Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan (Celebrity Interviews)
37.   Rajni (Social Drama)
38.   Ramayan (Mythological) (Available on Home Video) 

39.   Saptahiki (Weekly Announcements of Forthcoming programmes)
40.   Surabhi (Variety Programme)
41.   Subah (Drama on Drugs)
42.   Shrikant (Drama/Literature)
43.   Tamas (Historical) (Available on Home Video)
44.   Tenali Rama (Drama/Literature) (Available on Home Video)
45.   The Sword of Tipu Sultan (Historical) (Available on Home Video)
46.   Udaan (Drama) (Available on Home Video)
47.   Ulta Pulta (Comedy) (Available on Home Video)
48.   Vikram Aur Betaal (Fantasy Tales) (Available on Home Video)
49.   Wagle Ki Duniya (Comedy)
50.   Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi (Comedy) (Available on Home Video)
And there are three worth mentioning masterpieces among the recent serials :
Dekh Bhai Dekh (Comedy) (Available on Home Video)
Zabaan Sambhal Ke (Comedy) (Featuring Pankaj Kapoor) (Available on Home Video)
Office Office (Comedy) (Featuring Pankaj Kapoor) (Available on Home Video)
Please let me know if I missed out any famous serial of yours in the list as they all got to be there to make it a complete article in all aspects.

(Updated in May 2014)
Note : Due to more than 500 responses to the post, having some valuable and rare information about various useful links, the interaction has been compiled into yearly PDF files available for download at the links given below.

So all interested friends can go through these informative comments and responses by clicking the following links.


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26 Dec 2009 / Comments ( 37 )
Upendra Singh Sikarwar
sir please resume a serial phir wohi talash of lekh tandon on you tube videos
Bobby Sing

Hi Upendra, 
This is actually just an article written remembering the old times and the serials.
I am not uploading anything from my side, but certainly would keep in mind if it gets uploaded by another fan like us in the coming times.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,

mahendra kumar

Can any one remember the series, "Jugalbandi" featuring Girish karnad, Radha Seth and Tom Alter. 

Bobby Sing

Thanks for writing in Mahendra Kumar,
Lets see if some friends can come up with some information about the query in the reply comments.


Hi, i am trying to remember the tv show based on boarding school kids that used air either on Saturday or Sunday mornings during the late 80s. Any help in identifying would be much appreciated.
Bobby Sing

Thanks for visiting Akila,
I hope a friend here can share some info in the reply comments.



Would like to know name of the serial produced by Purinder Sharma was being telecasted on doordarshan in 1980s basically shot in Nanak Pura New Delhi, as my late elder sister had participated in the serial. If any body knows please inform. Regards.  

Bobby Sing

Thanks for writing in Vipin Varma.
Though I havent got any info on the project but would love to know about it as I am a Delhite too.
Lets see if any friend can share something rare and exclusive regarding the same.

Akila, the serial name was, 'neev'i think. 
Bobby Sing

Thanks for the valuable input Deepak.


Namaskar dosto

I am writing after almost 2 years or so and shall be updating all the serial list that are available on youtube soon..for now those who would love to watch dd serial Neev is now available on youtube.

Bobbyji apke blogs padte rehte hai...you not only talk about cinema..you talk about sensible cinema





Bobby Sing

Namaskar Rashmi,
Thanks a lot for helping us all with more updates on the online availability of the serials.
And a big thanks for your kind praise and support for bobbytalkscinema.
Looking forward to the new names in the list soon.


Surya Darshan

Hi Bobby,
I would be really greatful if you could help in locating "Aranyak" tv serial based on Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay. it aired in 90s and was one of the masterpieces.

Bobby Sing

Hi Surya, 
Though I dont have any info with me about the same (also due to the language issue), lets hope any friend reading this responds with some info in the coming days.


When you are updated by someone about any old serial, then please update the name.

I also remember some names

Khel Khel Main (Childrens Detective) similar like ek-do-teen-chaar
Aa Bail Mujhe Maar (Comedy)

Space City Sigma (Fantacy/Advanture)

Chunauti (College life)

But remove some of your mentioned programs like

Surabhi because it was aired in 1990 (this article is for programs of 70's and 80's)
Byomkesh Bakhsi (1993) etc

Bobby Sing

Dear Anuj,
The write-up was more like a nostaglic journey back in time remembering the good old times and the time period is of the last century that includes the 90s too.
However w​​ill try to update the article soon.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,

Syed Adnan Akhtar

The name of the serial was "Neev"

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot for your valuable addition.
Do keep visiting and writing in.

Somnath Banerjee

There was another famous one named "Ajnabi" with Danny Denzongpa as the main protagonist. 

Bobby Sing

Sorry for the late reply as many comments got hidden due to a technical glitch.
Thanks a lot for the added mention.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

Denver Johnson

Here are some which were equally popular, there are all from the late 80's

1) Campus

2) Kissa Shanti ka ( Archana Joglekar)

3) Khoj ( Detective Serial)

4) Sara Jahan Hamara ( starring Girish karnad and firdaus dadi)

5) Singhasan Battisi

6) Kashmakash

7) Amir Kusro

8) Indradanush

9) guniram bhai guniram ( starring rakesh bedi)


Bobby Sing

(Sorry for the late reply as many comments got hidden due to a technical glitch.)
Thanks a lot for the value additions in your comment.
Please keep visiting and writing in,


U forgot quite a few good serial like shaktiman, reporter, tehkikat, alif laila, shri krishna, chandrakanta, chanakya

Can u uplist whole library of serials telecast on dd

Bobby Sing

Hi Pooja,
The article is actually about the serials aired in the 80s before the Cable TV revolution in 90-91.
However there are many more names mentioned in the 100s of comments below the post.
Hence its a really long task to name each and every serial of the last century as many still skip the memory test often.

But you are sure going to find a lot of info in the comments if you go throught them.

Tapaswini Mohanty

I have been searching for Honi Anhoni from years. I could not get it in YouTube. I was very small when it was aired, so couldn't understand most of the episodes. I just remember 2 of them. Please find some links for it.

Bobby Sing

Unfortunately it has still not been uploaded by its production house.
May be in future it gets there on the net somehow.
Keep Visiting for updates.

TK Verma

The oldest TV serial I rememer is from late 70's called - Laddu Singh Taxi Wala starring Paintal. 

Bobby Sing

Dear TK Verma,
Yes, it was the first serial to be telecast on Doordarshan in 1976-77.
The name is right there in the list which is in alphabetical order.

Thanks for writing in and Keep Visiting.

Pramod Pandey

This is now available on youtube posted on July 18,2019

Bobby Sing

Thanks for visiting and writing in.


It was called Neenv, available on YouTube

Bobby Sing

Thanks for the valuable info.
Please do keep visiting and writing in.

Gaurav Tomar

Vikram aur Betal, Buniyad, Ramayan, Fauji, ye sab kuch ese serials hai jo bachpan se jinki kahaniya kisse muma papa sunare hai!! Kuch bhi kaho, classic old doordarshan serials ka standard hi alag tha! Re-watch all the Old classic doordarshan serials with us here👇👇


Bobby Sing

Thanks for your valuable comment.
Please do keep visiting and writing in.

Brajesh Upadhyay

A big fan of Aranyak TV serial, was a kid but still remember and was enchanted with the story and screenplay. Can't found even in youtube

Bobby Sing

Hi Brajesh,
You can find a few episodes of the serial ARANYAK at the following link (if it is the same you are looking for)


There was an old doorshan TV serial about a grown up son of a dead postman discovering a sack full of letters that his postman dad for some reason didn't deliver. The letters are couple of years old and the son decides to post them. Each episode is about how the arrival of these letters cause havoc or clarify things in the recipients life...any one remember them please? It might be in late 80s or early 90s. 

Bobby Sing

Hi Mimi,
I honestly dont recall but this is really interesting and I would love to read more about it and also see it if possible.
Lets see if any friend here has an info about the same.

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