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The immensely blessed Saira Banu and the amazing love story of SAIRA-DILIP. (A loving share by Bobby Sing)
23 Aug, 2017 | Articles on Cinema / FEW LIFE INSPIRING WORDS & POSITIVE SHARES

The initial article titled,

“Probably the most blessed lady in our tinseltown - SAIRA BANU” 
- by Bobby Sing 

can be read at the following link @ UCNews
Taking it further,
for a moment just think about a young girl who began her life (as an adolescent) falling in love with one of the biggest stars of Hindi cinema (a man 22 years elder than her). She later successfully managed to be his leading lady in films as well as in life and is now in her early 70s taking good care of her beloved superstar husband of 94.
A life entirely lived in love, going through some serious marital issues in the mid-years too, this is indeed an amazing love story of the immensely blessed Saira Banu and an exemplary display of dedication towards her childhood hero Dilip Kumar.
Thinking about their inspiring togetherness, looking at the latest pictures shared on the web, I remember a famous saying that, “After a certain age of married life, a wife eventually becomes the mother taking care of her husband as a kid.”
And what better example can be there for the same than the adorable SAIRA-DILIP (and not DILIP-SAIRA as explained in the article shared above)
Timely reminded by the couple, would like to conclude with another important thought I had in mind while writing the short piece……… which might be helpful to many friends resulting in a much peaceful life.
"रिश्तो को तोड़ने से ज्यादा रिशते बनाने और निभाने के लिए जिगर चाहिए।
और यह बहुत खूबसूरत बात है, अगर हम समझ पाएं।"

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