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The never before LOCKDOWN and rediscovering yourself with a small experiment/meditation - (Few Life Inspiring Words and Positive Shares) - By Bobby Sing.


A new reality is here in front of the entire world with nations facing completely unexpected situations never imagined before and everyone struggling for his/her existence admitting the reign of a supreme power.
(To keep the write-up free of any religious overtones, I am staying away from relating that supreme power with any kind of religion whatsoever, giving it a more pure, sacred and indescribable mystic identity.)

Living the last few weeks locked up in our homes, we all must have experienced a lot, rediscovering our old hobbies, passions, family relationships and much more that was somehow forgotten in the blind and fast paced life lived in the past decades. 

However this sharing is probably of something beyond, which I will like to suggest and recommend as a small experiment or a timely meditation that might open many new important avenues for all like-minded friends and readers coming from different regions of the globe.
It’s difficult to explain but I will try to do the task to the best of my ability.

To be honest, it might also be scary and disturbing for many……  shaking them hard….. but I will still like to recommend it positively expecting some significant revelations and results. 

So here it goes.

The world exists at the verge of uncertainty at this particular moment and the future is completely unknown and insecure more than ever before beyond our wildest of imagination. Moreover this situation stands true for both the rich and the poor, may be more scarier for the rich as they have much more to lose than the poor.

So living in this kind of world, not sure about anything about the future, just try to see what we are as a person, without the professional associations we are known for.

To be straight, for a moment, just disassociate yourself from any kind of position you are in your job or in your business.

Disassociate from your ‘chair of power’ or from your identity in the business.
Disassociate from what you have been doing since years for your living.
Disassociate yourself from the reputation you have earned mainly because of your job, profession or position.
Disassociate yourself with that all, BECAUSE that is a false assumption we have been living with forever.

If truth be told, then we are certainly not the job we do or the position we have earned in our profession (willing or unwillingly) in the last many years or decades.

We are just not the work we have been doing all these years as there is a huge difference between the job/profession and our real self to be precise.

It certainly will be difficult to understand for friends below the age of 30, still into changing jobs and trying new things. But for the ones in the middle age, we should surely try to see the difference here in our actual being and our identity related with the work we have been doing in our entire lives. 

Sharing a recent example that gave me the insight of writing these words, it happened a few days back when I tried to know about some people and their well-being on phone from a mutual friend.

Enquiring about X, I asked‘ How is X doing in these times?”
The answer came, “Oh that Insurance Agent hasn’t called since long!”
“How is Y doing?”
“The Stock Broker is doing bulk deals!”
“How is Z?”
“That Event manager must be facing tough times as all events have stopped!”
Now this is simply absurd and illogical way of remembering or informing about the known people. 
Because the above recognition is of the work they do, the job they are into……. but not what they really are. 

An insurance agent, a stock broker or an event manager is the identity of the work they do for their living………… but this is not them. The real identity of these people is what they are other than their work or profession or position earned till date. 

But we never think that way in our routine life and continue to recognize or remember people just with their professions or positions even after they DIE. 

The particular thought also came to me working in the entertainment field when I found many big talented legends being brutally neglected just because their era is over and they are not working in the field as they once used to delivering major hits. 

So my suggested experiment is to think or explore what we are without our work or source of earning we are known for?

As a twist in life, for a moment just think about how people will deal with us, talk with us, consider us………. minus the job, position or work we have been associated with - minus the reputation that might be because of our position, the chair or the power.

Will they all behave in the same manner if we don’t have this job or reputation belonging to the chair?
Will they consider us worthy enough without any of these things just as a human?
In other words, just think for a while, that is everyone around respecting us because of our real identity or because of our job/profession and the reputation coming along with it?

In short, in this rare and unexpected lockdown, let us try to explore what we are without all these things, without our profile, we are known for since years.

Do we really know who we are other than these things?
Are we really willing to break that misconception and explore our own selves?
Are we interested in finding what gets left if we start deducting all these things one by one from our individual identity?

The thought is important as it breaks the monotony of life lived till date and asks us to explore the unexplored before it all begins again in the same blind manner at a brisk pace.
Yes, this is quite complex and I don’t know whether I was able to explain it in a proper way or not. But I tried my best and will like to leave it here sowing an important seed to grow in your blessed minds!

Give it a serious thought and stay safe as this scary mess is sure going to get over soon 

Bobby Sing (Harpreet)
27th April 2020

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