Bobby Talks Cinema Rss Feed SARDAR UDHAM (SINGH) - A distinctively made technical marvel with its share of disappointments that manages to find its soul in the final 45 minutes. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The much-awaited film from one of the most talented directors of Indian cinema gave me a lot to think about three crucial points of filmmaking. The target audience, the edit, and the understanding/research made for the most important character of the film, other than the lead.
To begin with, it forced me to guess what would have been the target audience in the writer-director's mind when he conceived the initial 120 minutes of his 162 minutes tiringly long film. The thought originated because these first two hours

BHOOT POLICE - Another horror comedy blindly following the trend. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)
Hindi cinema has a long and repeated history of films made blindly following the trend. A big number of box office failures have been there in the recent past, for this very reason taking the viewers for granted, offering them the same kind of content every month or so. The three types of trends repeatedly followed by the production houses in the last decade are biographical movies (mainly sports biographies), horror or horror-comedies, and nationalistic films revisiting history or based on similar characters.

Mere Desh Ki Dharti from UPKAR (1967) - A traditional ritual for the nation. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
It is a widely known fact that Manoj Kumar conceived Upkar in the mid-60s on the theme of ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ suggested by Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri. He dedicated the creation to the respected politician’s sacred memory too, duly mentioning it in the opening titles. The film, written during a train journey, not only gave the writer-director a new image of Bharat Kumar but also laid the foundation for his series of patriotic movies, post its mega-succe

KURUTHI (Malayalam) - A must-watch that dares to say it all. (Review by Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller/Drama)
At times when hate is no longer considered a disgraceful expression, it is indeed gutsy to make a film like Kuruthi (meaning ritual slaughter) that dares to say it all without any holding back. Exploring the ugly, chaotic mess between a group of people with conflicting ideologies guided by religious fanaticism, Kuruthi refuses to use any metaphors and reveals the ground reality as prevalent in the present, taking no sides.
The most commendable feature of the film is that it has characters fro

NETRIKANN (Tamil) - Begins well but ends on a tiring note. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Last year, we had Mysskin’s Psycho exploiting the premise of a visually challenged male protagonist investigating the case of a psychopath killer. This year Netrikann (meaning The Third Eye) takes up the subject but with a female protagonist instead, played by the lady superstar Nayanthara. The two films based on identical plots are still different in terms of execution and storytelling, offering you a distinctive experience. As expected from Mysskin, his Psycho

HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA (1971) - The trendsetter brother-sister saga. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
It’s a bitter truth that most of the directorial ventures of Dev Anand are not known for their box office performances. But there is no doubt about the courage and vision his films displayed in terms of subjects, music, presentation, and cast, giving the deserving break to many talented newcomers.
Among the successful films directed by Dev, Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971) remains at the top, unanimously remembered as the path-breaking project of its times, solely responsi

DUSTBIN (Punjabi) - Punjabi cinema gets into Ram Gopal Varma zone. (Review by Bobby Sing)
In the last few weeks, Punjabi filmmakers have delivered a few average, yet path-breaking films in terms of bold subjects never tried before in Punjabi cinema. Releasing directly online, we recently had PANCHHI-on the life of a maniac and PLEASE KILL ME-about an abduction by an obsessed lover, two intense crime-based films with a lot of bloodshed. 
However, DUSTBIN moves one step ahead with an unexpectedly daring plot focusing on suspicion, adultery, and

LIFT (Tamil) - A horror film showcasing the suffocating corporate culture. (Review by Bobby Sing)
One of the scariest truths of the present times is the way corporates exploit the young talented minds using them as a product. Several instances in the past have openly revealed the suffocating culture immensely pressuring the youngsters, but they still have to be there with no other choice.
Lift directed by the debutant Vineeth Varaprasad exploits this basic thought as a horror movie revolving around a haunted lift and the office of a corporate firm. The best part of the fi

LITTLE THINGS (2016-19) (Web Series/Netflix) - It mostly has just two characters on screen and they still amazingly keep you engrossed for three complete seasons of 21 episodes. (Notes by Bobby Sing)
Love stories in movies and web series always focus on their two lead actors taking the narrrative forward, but along with many lovable supporting characters who contribute a lot to the project’s overall reach and impact. Many a time, it’s the supporting cast that actually becomes the second-best feature (or the backbone) of a hit love story along with the impressive lead couple.
Contradicting the above basic rule, we have also witnessed movies in both World cinema and Indian films wherein the enti

CHAL MERA PUTT 3 (Punjabi) - Disappointing film taking the viewers for granted. (Review By Bobby Sing)
A series, delivering worthy sequels one after another, is a rare phenomenon in the world of cinema. Besides, making entertaining comedies with the same characters, settings, and tone is an even more difficult task to achieve for any creative team. 
Unfortunately, Chal Mera Putt isn’t that rare series, with both its parts 2 and 3, sliding down in terms of content and entertainment offered to the excited audience. With the original film remaining the best, its part two was still an a

SUNNY (Malayalam) - Subtle depiction of the quarantine trauma as the first ever attempt on the theme. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Ever since we started making films and web series based on the pandemic, a soulful attempt on the traumatic experience of the quarantine days was expected, conceived by a visionary team. Taking the lead, Malayalam cinema once again proves its supremacy with Sunny–the first Indian film based on the 14 days quarantine stay of an individual. 
Revolving around a troubled soul returning from Dubai, checking in a five-star hotel for his two-week time period, Sunny is largely a solo-chara

The famous Mirror Scene in Hindi cinema and the original western classics. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
Based on an unusual theme, Manmohan Desai’s Mard (1985) was a successful film of the director, having a few notable deviations from his routine format. Apart from being a pre-independence period drama featuring Amitabh Bachchan as the solo hero, it also had music by Anu Malik making a grand entry into the camp. But most importantly, it was also the director’s first film that got criticized for its crude humour, particularly in the song “Hum to tambu mein bambu lagaye baithe”.

QISMAT 2 (Punjabi) - Tragedy served along entertainment. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Qismat 2 begins typically with a loud background score, as seen in almost all the Punjabi films forcibly generating a comic feel. It then moves into flashback showcasing college life and romance between the lead couple, again using the stale references of the discovery channel and its commentary (in Hindi). The narration gets lifted the moment Sargun comes on screen in some unusual attires for a college-going girl in Punjab. Ammy Virk also gets into form as the girl shines brightly with he

NADUVAN (Tamil) - A messed up thriller that had the potential. (Review By Bobby Sing)
The dominance of crime-thrillers in the south regional language cinema continues with Naduvan (meaning neutral/man in the middle). As a betrayal and revenge drama based on an extramarital affair, the basic structure of the film had all the elements of becoming an engaging thriller. Sadly, the writing and execution don’t let it be the same with an overstuffed second half leading to a messy climax.

Naduvan begins with a philosophical monolog

The traces of Punjabi Music in Yash Chopra Films (Exclusive Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
Beginning his journey from Punjab, living with the people, tradition, and music surrounding the beautiful fields, Yash Chopra never forgot his initial years as a down-to-earth Punjabi in his entire life. Remembered as the King of Romance, his music always remained the key attraction. Plus, traces of Punjabi folk prominently used to be there in almost all the films he was associated with in his illustrious career. 
However, keeping it focused on his directorial ventures,

KAANEKKAANE (Malayalam) - An exceptional, unmissable family thriller with outstanding performances. (Review By Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama/Thriller)
The writer-director team of Bobby-Sanjay and Manu Ashokan is back after their much-appreciated Uyare (2018) and they have returned with an even better film Kaanekkaane, meaning ‘As I watch’.
Thoughtfully written and executed with a limited but extremely talented cast, Kaanekkaane is an emotionally tense family thriller, beautifully amalgamating the elements of both genres. Manu and Bobby-Sanjay present their subject, maintaining a very sharp

ANNABELLE SETHUPATHI (Tamil/Hindi) - An awful mess in the name of horror-comedy. (Review By Bobby Sing)
We often get to hear honest confessions in interviews, later given by the lead actors, about certain choices made in their careers. At times, they admit having agreed to do a film for just the financials involved or for obliging a long-time friend to maintain a valuable relationship. Though such choices work for the actors differently, they certainly turn out to be a shocking, painful experience for the viewers, having no merit in their presentation.
Unfortunately, Annabelle Sethupathi is one of those poorly

Yash Chopra’s Chandni, Cognac and Reshma - (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
Chandni rightly deserves a special mention in the career of veteran director Yash Chopra for more than one reason. It not only resurrected the director’s career post a chain of unsuccessful ventures, but also consolidated Sridevi’s topmost position in the trade facing tough competition from contenders like Madhuri Dixit.
Returning to his forte of love and romance-based scripts, Chopra didn’t come up with any novel story in <

SEEP (Punjabi) - A sincere attempt to break the monotony of Punjabi cinema. (Review By Bobby Sing)

 As one of the first few original Punjabi movies to be released on the OTT platform, Seep (a card game) defies the typical format followed in Punjabi cinema and tries something fresh focusing on the local settings, ambience, and village politics.

Written and directed by Gurpreet Gill and Jeet Zahoor, it doesn’t heavily rely upon comedy or songs and has been made as a social drama pointing towards a grave issue faced by the state since the last decade. Another positive and novel feature of the film remain

PAAGAL (Telugu) - Weird but has a few merits. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The new Telugu film coming after the second wave of Covid-19 is as mad and weird as its title, Paagal. It’s a love story that doesn’t care about logic and is completely filmy and over-the-top in its execution post the initial emotional sequences showcasing the loving relationship between a mother (Bhumika Chawla) and her kid boy.
An unusual or rather bizarre love story of a mad youngster looking for a girl who can love her as passionately as her mother, Paagal beg

BELL BOTTOM & BHUJ – The irony helplessly looks at the content and the praises. (Movies Notes by Bobby Sing)
Coming straight to the point, the irony isn’t that Hindi Cinema is constantly making poor to average mainstream movies. The irony is that here mediocre cinema is being celebrated and praised, taking the critics along and then the fans keep appreciating the film just because it features their beloved icon and they have to defend it to be in the competition.
With the same mindset, the opening of the film and the collections are discussed, whereas the content is not even considered (forget a discussion) in

HOME (Malayalam) - Not to be missed life teaching drama. (Review by Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)
With Home, Malayalam cinema once again prove how content-based movies can also revolve around the middle or old-aged characters without getting melodramatic bringing heartfelt smiles onto our faces. Thoughtfully written and directed by Rojin Thomas, Home is a film representing the present times when emotions get only expressed on digital mediums, forgetting or avoiding personal contacts. It brings forward the contradicting reality of the new world where everyone stays connected but living in their digital shells holding on

PUAADA (Punjabi) - Fair entertainer made on a set format.(Review by Bobby Sing)
Punjabi cinema opens post the lockdown with Puaada (meaning a problematic mess), and it does entertain as an above-average comic-family drama. That’s the good news associated with the film, along with the fact that it is yet again a comedy made on the set routine format of Punjabi cinema.
Puaada begins in a familiar manner, introducing the characters of two families and friends, but takes too long to reveal its key plot. The situational comedy largely works because of i

The Invincible Legacy of BAWARCHI (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)

It’s a strange fact that Bawarchi, directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, always strikes us first, whenever films revolving around food or foodie movies get discussed in Hindi cinema. The fact is quoted as strange because though the film is titled Bawarchi (The Cook), it isn’t exactly related to food or cooking as a foodie-film. Fondly remembered for its light-comical and life-enriching moments, Bawarchi is all about a mysterious cook who transforms every member of a dysfunctional fam

Chal Mera Putt 2 (Punjabi) - An eye-opener case study of a re-release.(Review by Bobby Sing)

Cleverly banking upon the popularity of Pakistani dramas and their collective cultural fan-base, the original Chal Mera Putt (2019) was conceived featuring Iftikhar Thakur, Nasir Chinyoti, and Akram Udas–the three renowned actors from Pakistan. Presented along with Amrinder Gill and Simi Chahal, the idea clicked, resulting in its sequel as Chal Mera Putt 2. The film that couldn’t reach its audience releasing just before the nationwide lockdown in March 2020,

The Journey of Ganpati Songs in Hindi Cinema - (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most spiritedly celebrated festivals in India, particularly in Mumbai, Maharashtra, where the entire city slows down for Lord Ganesha. Worshipped as Vighnaharta - the destroyer of all the obstacles, the ten-day festival is celebrated with music and dance, ending with ‘The Visarjan’ (immersion) when the devotees come out together with their idols resulting in a magnificent sight.
While the festival has its mythological, historical and political linka

ALPHA ADIMAI (Tamil) - 88 minutes of a well-conceived thriller. (Review By Bobby Sing)

It always feels great to witness an impressive attempt made within a limited budget delivering the kicks, as expected from a taut crime thriller. However, Alpha Adimai is a lot more than just a well-made film, as it successfully delivers without relying upon any shocking twist, with a simple plot revolving around just five characters in a duration of only 88 minutes.

The film begins with a quote by Dostoevsky pointing towards people secretly having a liking towards the wrong. It then introduces two youngster

THIMMARUSU (Telugu) - An average attempt on an interesting premise. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Reopening of a forgotten case is one of the most exciting plots in the genre of investigative crime thrillers or courtroom dramas. It brings in the excitement and the viewers emotionally feel connected to the protagonist, re-investigating to prove the innocence of a helpless victim. Thimmarusu: Assignment Vali is a film exploiting the same in which the heroic lawyer acts as a detective, who decides to fight for a young innocent boy convicted for murder.
A remake of Kannada hit Birbal

BOOMIKA (Tamil) - Horror without any scares. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The horror genre has to deal with probably the biggest load of expectations as some novel thrills and scares are expected from its every new release satisfying the die-hard fans. Presenting an innovation in this genre is an extremely difficult task, and that is the key reason most of the projects made as horror films fail to deliver following the tiresome, familiar path.
The same is the case with Boomika with a difference of an original social thought that sadly never gets interpreted on the screen in a relat

Lord Krishna and his enlightening interaction in YEHI HAI ZINDAGI - Much before OMG and PK in 1977 (Articles On Cinema by Bobby Sing)
Oh My God (2012) and PK (2014) were the two innovative Hindi films, which raised several pertinent questions on superstitions, the existence of new-age gurus, and their interpretation of the supreme power. The films were indeed courageous attempts by the makers in the new millennium, but they were not the pioneer films to explore the subject with a much superior and worthy predecessor releasing in 1977.
Where the religious films have their history in Hindi cinema led by mega-hits like Jai San

COLD CASE (Malayalam): Exactly as its title - A Cold Case that reminded me of two Hindi crime fiction novels read more than three decades back. (Review by Bobby Sing)
A mystery thriller with a touch of supernatural featuring Prithiviraj as the investigating officer was exciting enough to raise the expectations of both the fans and the lovers of this particular genre. However, the film directed by Tanu Balak as his debut project doesn’t turn out to be anything exciting or novel either in terms of content or execution. 
Perfectly conveying through its title, the film is exactly a cold case, missing the ‘must-have’ thrills and exciteme

PHOTO PREM (Marathi) - A beautiful film on death and smile together that deserves to be seen remembering the ultimate truth of life. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)

The concepts of death and smile represent two extreme situations in our lives and hence it is tough to assume then together in a plot talking about senior citizens in particular. Surprisingly, Photo Prem not only incorporates them both in its innovative storyline but also comes up as a beautiful light-hearted film capable of lifting your spirits in these tough times.

It’s a known fact that we don’t like to talk about death because of our own fears. But have you ever thought about death in a lighter tone?

THE PARCEL (Bengali) - Interesting concept but unexciting writing and direction. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]

 A psychological-mystery thriller, The Parcel, directed by Indrasis Acharya, has a novel premise that grabs your attention at once making a fine start. A doctor couple living along with their young daughter receive surprise gifts from an unknown sender having old photographs of the wife, raising several doubts affecting their marital relationship. The sender neither conveys any message nor keeps any demand as a blackmailer, making the matters worse. 

The fresh concept successfully pulls the viewer in raisi

SHERNI (Prime) - A fine satire, even if not any powerful film about an issue, presented with a misleading title. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)

In 2005 Karan Johar productions released a film titled KAAL that also created a suspense around a man-eating tiger in a jungle, along with mentioning the important ‘Save Tiger’ mission. The film kept revolving around the tiger with only one sequence showing the real ones, later moving into an entirely different arena ruining the expectations. That actually remained the reason for the film being a non-performer at the box office.
SHERNI strongly reminded m

SANDEEP AUR PINKY FARAAR - It superbly begins like a Dibakar Banerjee film but doesn’t end being the same, strongly reminding you of THE WEDDING GUEST (2018) - (Review By Bobby Sing)
The latest offering by Dibakar Banerjee begins on a brilliant note with a realistic road-rage sequence making you recall the director’s excellent work in his initial projects as Khosla Ka Ghosla, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye and LSD. The film, then makes a very fine progression remaining engaging as well as unpredictable in the next 20 minutes introducing its basic premise and the characters. Plus, the first scene coming again with a different POV (point of view), further raises the expectation of so

NOVEMBER STORY (Tamil/Hindi - Web Series) - A brilliant plot that doesn’t get an equally brilliant execution. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Breaking the set pattern of murder mysteries or who-dun-it crime thrillers, November Story has a brilliant plot that raises your expectations the moment you get to know about the murder and the key suspect. Featuring Tamannaah Bhatia as a computer/hacking expert, it has multiple storylines that all get connected with a murder and a date in November hiding a dark secret related to the past.
Sharing the outline of its exciting key plot, the seven episode series is about a famou

KALA (Malayalam) - A technically well-crafted film merely focusing on violence. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Have you ever thought about how much violence we have seen in the last decade through the forwarded videos on our mobiles? Have we become habitual of watching them in a repeat mode or we have started finding some kind of ugly pleasure in those videos that cannot be expressed in words? The questions surely ask for a timely debate but the fact remains that these videos do target the demonic side of our persona, that exists in every human without an exception.
Competition, jealousy, bias, revenge, and hatred tow

EK MINI KATHA (Telugu) - An overstuffed entertainer reminding you of Ayushman’s bold and unconventional comedies.

When Vicky Donor made a breakthrough in Hindi cinema, Kalyana Samayal Saadham did the same in Tamil movies, which was later made as Shubh Mangal Savdhan in Hindi. The success of these films resulted in more comedies based on sex and unconventional subjects like Badhaai Ho, Dream Girl, Bala, and Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan featuring Ayushman Khurana in the lead. Ek Mini Katha is the latest Telugu film made on exactly similar

NIZHAL (Malayalam) - An engaging innovative mystery that could have ended better. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Nizhal’s unique presentation begins right away with an accident and an unusual appearance of a young magistrate, struggling with his post-traumatic stress issues. Though the initial sequences at once make you think how he can sanely pass judgements over the cases heard, the film refuses to give it a thought and leaps on to its basic plot without wasting any time.

The mystery element gets in as the magistrate meets a school-going kid through his psychologist friend and listens to his strange story. The kid&rsq

OPERATION JAVA (Malayalam) - An anthology of cyber-crime cases pointing towards the educated unemployment in the country. (Review By Bobby Sing)
The most-watched and popular TV serials are the ones showcasing investigations of real-life cases of crimes solved by the police department. So, if you are addicted to that kind of content then Operation Java is a perfect choice for you, as an anthology of many interesting cases of cyber-crimes solved by the officials with the help of two young interns.
The debut film of writer-director Tharun Moorthy, though its narrative remains uneven, the project rises above the routine a

AARKKARIYAM (Malayalam) - A Hitchcock-like mystery thriller with a shocking twist. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Set in the initial days of the first nationwide lockdown last year, Aarkkariyam (meaning Who Knows) is a distinctive attempt that refuses to follow the set format of a crime mystery thriller. It neither has that fast-paced, exciting narrative nor many twists and turns thrown at every 10 minutes to keep you glued to the seats. Yet, the film successfully manages to impress, engage and shock with its one unexpected twist hitting hard, strongly reminding you of the tactics of maestro Alfred Hitchcock. Incidentally, the same al

Who contributes more to a song - A composer or a lyricist? Explained by Majrooh Sultanpuri and Naushad. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
In the last few decades, Hindi film music has been associated with a questionable practice of remembering the classic melodious songs by only the name of their singers. Though we had an appreciable tradition of mentioning the lyricist, composer, and the vocalist together in all the radio programs of the past (before the ‘90s), the legendary vocalists still gained the major attention and fame due to their huge fanbase.
The situation actually became worse post the Cable TV and FM revolution in the country

ASURAN (2019) and KARNAN (2021) - Two must-watch Tamil movies that remind us about the centuries-old social evil that probably exists more prominently in the new millennium. (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama / Thriller)

A recent TV debate had an honest and blunt panelist sharing his views on the social divide in the country. Beginning his enlightening argument, he said that we the middle-class people debating about various social problems of our country are in reality just a tiny, small proportion of our vast population. The rich are even in a smaller percentage and a big majority of our country is the poor living in the smaller cities, villages, and remote areas we might not have even heard of. There is a whole different world out there lived by these

SARDAR KA GRANDSON (Netflix) - A film about Punjabi characters, written without researching about the language, culture or the people. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)

As a light-hearted, family comedy SARDAR KA GRANDSON didn’t have any negative vibes before the release and just seemed to be another average project exploiting the India-Pakistan emotions with an innovative angle. But sadly, that wasn’t the case post its online release.
In reality, as the film began, it turned out to be a completely fake attempt in terms of presentation, language, and understanding of the culture depicted in its unusual storyline. To be fair, nobody expects perfec

RADHE - It’s really unfortunate and sad that a team with all possible resources at their disposal comes up with this kind of project offering simply nothing. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)
As I finished watching the first half of the film, I straight away recalled our South commercial movies that always begin with some lighter content, before moving on to their main twist devised as a stepping board. But then, almost every time, their subject also has something novel and fresh in the storyline, even if the film doesn’t turn to be a great one.
So, keeping that in mind, it was fine when RADHE began in a similar manner focusing on fights, songs, and love angle in it

NAYATTU (Malayalam) - A bold, eye-opener cop-thriller that exposes the system without any hiding, making you recall ARDH SATYA from the ‘80s. (Review by Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller)
Hindi cinema witnessed a new-age wave post Govind Nihalani’s path-breaking Ardh Satya in 1983, creating a thought-provoking debate among the audience and the filmmakers together. Vijay Tendulkar wrote the bold film exposing the system and it resulted in a complete transformation of the genre bringing in the appreciable change. Post Ardh Satya, though it took decades to deliver any similar meaningful attempt, Hindi filmmakers still excelled in off-beat films like Shoo

JOJI (Malayalam / Prime) - The outstanding performances remain the key reason behind its overall excellence. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Beginning with a blunt clarification, had it not been publicised through various means, the film would not have been viewed as an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, to be honest. Yes, JOJI’s storyline has the similar incidents but it cannot really be called a faithful version of Macbeth as widely quoted. Keeping it short, it doesn’t have many key elements of the iconic play with the most important being ‘Guilt’, largely missing from its presentation and characterisa

MANDELA (Tamil / 2021) - One of the best Indian political satires that makes you smile, laugh and feel the shame at the same time. (Review by Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die – Comedy/Drama)
Written and directed by Madonne Ashwin, MANDELA is a praiseworthy directorial debut, as a comic political satire that deals with everything our democratic elections are known for involving the parties, leaders and voters altogether. Titled after the world icon Nelson Mandela (Late South Africa President), it stars Yogi Babu as the protagonist, whom we have earlier seen playing typical kinds of roles in many films as a supporting comic actor. In MANDELA he has unarguably gi

THE PRIEST (Malayalam / 2021) - The twin case format doesn’t benefit the lengthy and repetitive film. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)
For the die-hard fans, Mammootty’s latest film directed by debutant Jofin T Chacko completely revolves around the icon (as expected) playing a priest with some unusual abilities. The star keeps you glued to the screen, but surprisingly, the film is an unimpressive mix of a murder mystery and horror, making a loud kind of an effort to win over the audience.
Exploiting the two genres together, THE PRIEST begins with a murder mystery that gets solved withi

MAHESHINTE PRATHIKAARAM (Malayalam/2016) - A superfine, enjoyable mix of almost everything our Indian cinema is known for. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)
As the directorial debut of Dileesh Pothen, MAHESHINTE PRATHIKAARAM (meaning Mahesh’s Revenge) is one of those exclusive or rather rare films that has almost everything our Indian cinema is widely known for. Based on the revenge theme as its core premise, this can also be quoted as probably the only example of ‘a sweet revenge drama’ wherein a soft, heartfelt, romantic emotion always remains alive in the film, right till the final sequence.
It begin

Hello Charlie (Hindi/Prime) - A mis-venture that can only be played to kids for keeping them engaged for a while. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)
An online movie portal has to maintain a balance of genres in its repertoire taking care of the variety. So along with projects related to crime, mystery, love, action, comedy, drama and more, it also needs certain films that are actually good for only kids below 8-10 years of age, who have yet to develop a choice or understanding and need something of their interest to keep them engaged.
That is the best HELLO CHARLIE can be defined, as a film that can be played to the kids when they are not

Irul (Malayalam/Netflix) - Could have been an entertaining suspense thriller with a better second half and superior writing. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)
Shot in Covid-19 restrictions, the film has been made on a mystery plot revolving around only 3 characters interacting in a single location of a house. It talks about an author, his girlfriend and a thief, together caught in a house on one rainy night. But what remains the key attraction of IRUL (meaning darkness) is its talented cast featuring Fahadh Faasil, Soubin Shahir and Darshana Rajendran - three of the most promising names of Malayalam films, led by Fahadh from the front.

THE GREAT INDIAN KITCHEN (Malayalam) - An unusually exceptional film that makes you feel the guilt. (Review by Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die)

The Great Indian Kitchen is an unusual new-age gem which has neither been made following the set formats of filmmaking nor worrying about the commercial aspects, with complete confidence in its target audience.

Though its title points towards a subject related to the concept of cooking, it actually is all about the women owning those kitchens, the initial days of a newly-wed in her new home and the amount of labour that goes into preparing the Indian traditional dishes. But above all, it’s about the male-domina

PAGGLAIT (Netflix) - A worth watching film for its truthful, eye-opener merits despite the shortcomings. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Since the last decade, Hindi filmmakers have been focusing on stories revolving around small-town characters, middle-class families, and their relatable affairs. That remains the reason, every similar presentation now seems to be repetitive and seen before often. Interestingly, PAGGLAIT both rises above it and falls too, ending on an unexpectedly filmy note mismatching the excellent execution witnessed in its first hour.

Beginning with a similar premise of the recent RAMPRASAD KI TEHRVI, PAGGLAIT qui

The survival of HOLI songs in Hindi Cinema and the unique features of V. Shantaram's colourful NAVRANG (1959) - (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)

India is widely known as the land of festivals, colours, and people loving cinema and cricket as their two major lifelines since the last century. That is exactly the reason festivals and their celebrations have always been an integral part of our films right from the initial decades. Another reason for this essential inclusion lies in the fact that we largely began with films based on mythology, history, and religion, and therefore festivals came along strongly representing them all.

Following the transition from silent to talking f

The lesser-known link between Inspector Eagle (1979) and the making of Detective Karamchand - (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)

In the era when Radio used to be the lifeline of our country, sponsored programs began (during the 70s) with the name of their sponsors incorporated in the catchy titles. One of those highly popular weekly programs was “Inspector Eagle Ke Kaarnamey” featuring the lead character of the Inspector and his entertaining side-kick Havaldar Naik. The program was sponsored by Eagle Flasks and hence the title Inspector Eagle. 
Still r

ACT 1978 (Kannada / 2020) - A gutsy social thriller that excels in its finale leaving you with moist eyes. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Mansore, the director of two national award-winning films (Harivu and Nathicharami) certainly took a major risk going for a bold social thriller instead of a thoughtful drama made on the similar lines of his much-acclaimed films. But then, that’s how a restless artistic mind keeps trying to satisfy his creative urges.
So, with Act 1978, Mansore tries to depict the plight of the common man, caught in the web of corruption and red-tape bu

SAHIR KA KHAYAL AAYA - The play that thankfully tries to present something fresh moving ahead of the routine repetitions. (Notes by Bobby Sing)
After around 15 years of internet ruled by the social networking platforms (actually gaining a worldwide reach from 2010 onwards), the one thing that has now become a curse for both the readers and the writers is the REPETITION found in every other write-up/video talking about the same old things in a similar manner offering nothing new.
So this year, when almost every web-portal, publication, and organization related to entertainment and Hindi film music was ready to celebrate the 10

I CARE A LOT (2021/Netflix) - A taut thriller pointing towards the crimes against the old that makes you recall the instances when novels and films were accused of inspiring criminals. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Towards the end of the last century, when the readership of Hindi crime novels (also called Pulp Fiction) was at its peak, the writings faced repeated accusations of inspiring the world of crime and the criminals. There were cases of confessions in which the robbers and murderers admitted getting their inspiration from some specific novels of the most popular authors. Similar instances were also reported related to films revolving around crimes planned with some novel ideas.

The latest release on Netflix, I CARE A LO

CHHALAANG (2020 / Prime Video)- Hansal Mehta makes a fresh but too simple and predictable sports drama moving out of his home ground. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Post their thoughtful off-beat intense dramas as SHAHID, CITY LIGHTS, ALIGARH and OMERTA, both Hansal Mehta (the director) and Rajkummar Rao (the actor) move out of their familiar dark zone and deliver a simple, small town, school sports drama as a fresh change.
The film aptly titled CHHALAANG (the leap), no doubt comes as a fresh breeze among the mostly crime-based online content, but at the same time it has neither anything

The revival of WAGLE KI DUNIYA - What a blessing it is to play the leads again in a sequel after three decades bringing back the days of Doordarshan. (By Bobby Sing)
Widening its reach throughout the country in the 1980s, Doordarshan and its two channels used to be a rich source of both entertainment as well as enlightenment during the last century, connecting the viewers with the world of art, literature and spirituality altogether. The medium went through many substantial (undesirable) changes in the first two decades of the new millennium, but it is thankfully making a comeback with some worth-praising attempts as Wagle Ki Duniya.

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN (Netflix) - Fails to keep you engrossed and entertained saving everything for the end. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Netflix’s latest crime mystery thriller directed by Ribhu Dasgupta is based on Paula Hawkin’s English novel of 2015 that also became the source material for an American film directed by Tate Taylor released in 2016.  However, the title of the original novel and both the adaptations for the screen remained the same as The Girl on The Train. 
A psychological thriller revolving around three women characters and their fractured relationships with men interl

GULLAK (Web Series/TVF-SonyLiv) - Post a more than decent effort in its first season, the team finds a worth-watching rhythm in the second, turning it into a highly recommended watch. (Review By Bobby Sing)
The best thing about this series is that it is actually about the middle-class living in our society and not about the upper-middle class with much higher income and resources, forcibly projected as middle-class in our cinematic presentations. That kind of portrayal is purposefully devised to satisfy the multiplex audience to be honest, who are in reality not at all interested in watching anything about the real middle or lower-class living of our society. That is the reason you rarely find such realistic characters and depiction in our pr

Drishyam 2 (Malayalam/Amazon Prime) - A brilliantly written sequel that is a winner revolving around the same case, murder and characters. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Investigative crime thrillers have three basic formats to begin with. In the first, we don’t know anything about the culprit and witness the protagonist finding the murderer, widely known as ‘whodunit’ crime thrillers. In the second, we are clearly shown the culprit, the crime and how the guilty keeps trying to safeguard himself from the law. In both these formats, the viewer always remains on the side of the investigative officer, wishing the criminal to be caught and brought to justice.

THINKISTAN (MX Player) - Worth watching due to its terrific cast, characters and their advertising world of the 90s remembering those popular ads. (Review by Bobby Sing)
One of the major disadvantage of the present era of content releasing every single day on various OTT portals is that this might result in a worth watching film or series getting lost in the uncontrollable sea failing to reach its target audience. Unfortunately, one of those worth applauding series happens to be THINKISTAN or KISKA HOGA THINKISTAN and its two seasons of total 23 episodes of 25-30 min each.
The biggest merit of the series is that it takes you into the advertis

DRISHYAM 2 - A brilliantly written, worthy sequel that successfully manages to keep you glued despite everything revolving around the same crime, same case and the same characters. (First Thoughts on the much awaited sequel - By Bobby Sing)

Making a sequel to a film like DRISHYAM is an extremely difficult task as one needs to get enough meat in the script at least matching the original, if not surpassing it. Probably that is the reason; Jeethu Jospeh didn’t thought of going for a remake for seven long years when he could easily cash in the euphoria around the mega hit released in 2013.

So the writer-director waited for something significant to hit him as a worth presenting idea and he quickly went for it, the moment he cracked i

How we hear or remember the cult Hindi film songs and the unnoticed mistake in 'Zindagi Ki Na Toote Ladi' from KRANTI (1981) - By Bobby Sing

The legacy of Hindi film songs has witnessed generations following them since last century. Such is the loving relationship of these musical creations with our lives that almost every film and music lover has his own personal story to share related with some particular songs fondly remembered till date and to be cherished forever.

However there is one common factor as well a basic difference in how thousands of these songs are remembered by a big majority of Hindi film music lovers.

If truth be told then a large section of

PUTHAN PANAM (Malayalam/2017) - Probably the earliest Indian film released on the subject of Demonetization. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)
In the last four years, both mainstream and short format of cinema has witnessed various kinds of attempts on the controversial subject of Demonetization, made in different Indian languages. 
However, probably the very first mainstream film on the subject of Demonetization was made in Malayalam titled PUTHAN PANAM in the year 2017. And which importantly featured one of the biggest stars of Indian cinema, Mammootty playing the lead, fearlessly depicting the ho

CHARLIE (2015/Malayalam) - A weirdly beautiful film with adorable lead characters and a mesmerizing cinematography followed by an average remake as MAARA (2021/Tamil). (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)

At times a film makes a solid impact not because of its storyline, but through it impressive onscreen execution and adorable performances by the lead cast winning hearts. CHARLIE is exactly that kind of an unusual creation that at first appears to be weird and uneven. But then surprisingly manages to present the same weirdness with a beauty turning the film into a spellbinding experience asking for a repeat watch.

Apart from the so natural and heartwarming performances, the film gradually grows and leaves an impressi

The White Tiger (Netflix) - A familiar tale and execution with a superlative lead performance by Adarsh Gaurav. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing]

Directed by Ramin Bahrani, The White Tiger released on Netflix is a cinematic adaptation of Aravind Adiga’s award winning novel with the same title published in 2008. Narrated by the lead character himself through a voice over, it’s about how he manages to become the owner of a car-rental firm in Bangalore, coming from a low caste, poor family in the interiors. 
Remaining quite close to the subject of the Oscar winner PARASITE (Kore

EXCHANGE OFFER - The short film that instantly brings tears to your eyes remembering the good old days. - EXCLUSIVE by Bobby Sing

Cinema as a medium is an art of storytelling, but these stories are all about we the people and our experiences of life relating with other fellow beings. At times we don’t really feel connected to the onscreen proceedings as it is not about us, but at times we strongly feel as if this is our story, and the characters are our representation on screen in one way or the other.

One of those subjects, we instantly feel connected with, happens to be about school life and the sweet and sour relationship we had with our teachers. The

PARIVAR (1956), APRADHI KAUN (1957) - The two films directed by the director turned actor-comedian Asit Sen - EXCLUSIVE By Bobby Sing

The worldwide web is certainly a good source of information but at the same time it isn’t a completely reliable source with a lot of misinformation also posted by the users themselves contradicting the facts. Often such is the case when there are two people of the same name in the same field and the later generations mix-up the body of work of both, creating a misconception.
That’s exactly the case with The Two ASIT SENs in Hindi Cinema, who have been wrongly quoted or misquoted i

ARISHADVARGA (Kannada) – A must-watch crime thriller wherein the lead actor strongly reminded me of the incomparable Irrfan Khan. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The most essential requirement of a crime investigative novel is its content being unpredictable, giving the reader enough reasons to keep on reading visualizing the characters and their mannerisms, guessing the mystery involved. However while adapting it as a film; one requires talented actors who can portray the same with conviction keeping the viewers intrigued and involved in the onscreen proceedings.
The new Kannada release thoughtfully titled ARISHADVARGA exactly turns out to be the same as

LAXMII (Hotstar) - At times, even extremely bad films also become fruitful in a different way. (Movie Notes by Bobby Sing)
The lockdown has rarely given us some worth watching mainstream Hindi movies releasing on the online digital portals. And adding to the list, LAXMII is just another of those ‘So Poorly’ made films that frankly took away my spirit of writing detailed film reviews at BTC. So as expressed, this isn’t any review but just a compilation of thoughts I had after watching the unexpectedly awful Diwali release featuring Akshay Kumar, boldly playing a transgender.

The cult theme music of JAMES BOND series and its origin linked with Indian/Hindustani music - Informative Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing
Ian Fleming’s JAMES BOND has been one of the most influential (fictional) characters of World Cinema, hugely inspiring Indian film writers and directors since its first cinematic adaptation in the early 60s. 
Interestingly, investigative spy thrillers were right there, occasionally made in our cinema in the 1950s too like SAMADHI (1950), CID (1956) and ANDHA NAAL (the ROSHOMON inspired song less Tamil thriller made in 1954), followed by

MIRZAPUR 2 - It is 2020 and we still have many unaware and misinformed writers-directors, living with their own absurd assumptions about Hindi Crime Novels and their authors. (An overview by Bobby Sing)
Six years back in 2014, I had a worth sharing experience travelling in Delhi-Metro while reading a Hindi crime fiction novel MAUT KA KHEL by the veteran author Surender Mohan Pathak. A few young friends calmly giggled looking at me and the novel. And then I had a brief interaction with them asking them a simple question that, 
“Whether they would have giggled in the same manner, had it been a novel in English titled THE GAME OF DEATH penned by a foreign author?”

MOVIE GUIDE 2020 - A young architect from NEPAL compiles a comprehensive guide on Hindi films reviews published in the famous SARITA magazine since 1945 - Book Review By Bobby Sing
Film reviewing has its own valuable history in Hindi cinema which largely began with the brutally harsh reviews written by the famous Baburao Patel in his magazine FILMINDIA. Patel’s unapologetic reviews were known for hugely affecting the film’s prospects at the box office too as FILMINDIA was the most prominent and widely read magazine of those times having a reputation of its own.
Later where at one end FILMFARE in English continued the tradition, D

COME SEPTEMBER (1961) and its influence in Hindi Cinema - EXCLUSIVE Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing

In the ‘80s, while stepping into our teens, we often heard two tunes prominently played by the brass band groups in the marriage processions (baraats). They were repeatedly requested both by the young and old while dancing on the roads (a questionable norm followed even today) and were hugely famous in such celebrating events, particularly in the north.

Interestingly, the name of one tune was known to all as Tequilla (casually pronounced with a Punjabi slang), but the other was simply recalled as ‘W

SHAILENDRA and his dialogues - The one facet of the maestro rarely discussed and written about. (EXCLUSIVE By Bobby Sing at
Living in the present decade of the 21st century, as a youngster it’s quite possible you might not be aware of the name SHAILENDRA or might not have read about his extensive works of the past. However, even if you were born in the new millennium, what’s simply not possible is that you haven’t heard any of his songs penned for Hindi Cinema (knowingly or unknowingly), as many of them can easily be quoted as anthems representing our film music within the country as well as abroad even in the present era.

URF PROFESSOR (2001) – The peculiar case of a Black Comedy Thriller made decades ahead of its time, much before the OTT platforms came into existence here. (An overview by Bobby Sing)
A lesser known film called SANKAT CITY had a low profile release in the year 2009, which only a few film enthusiasts saw in almost empty theaters as usual since it didn’t have any major stars in the cast. The worth watching film went unnoticed then, which now finds a rare mention occasionally at social networking sites by the ones who had seen it in theaters or later online.
Directed by Late Pankaj Advani (who unfortunately died at an early age), SANKAT CITY

The story of a bag full of money in LOOTCASE (2020), CHHAPPAD PHAAD KE (2019) and SANKAT CITY (2009) - An overview by Bobby Sing

In the recently released LOOTCASE (2020) directed by Rajesh Krishnan, a lower middle class worker, Kunal Khemu, accidently finds a bag full of money outside a public toilet. In CHHAPPAD PHAAD KE (2019) directed by Sameer Hemant, a middle class family headed by Vinay Pathak suddenly finds a bag full on money lying along a dead body in the woods when they narrowly escape an accident on a lonely road. And before these both in SANKAT CIT

YAARA (Zee5) - A questionable remake of a French film which didn’t have anything we haven’t seen before in our own films. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Writer-director Tigmanshu Dhulia (who has also acted in a few films) began with a bang and delivered more than one gems in the early phase of his career as HAASIL, PAAN SINGH TOMAR and more. However, later even when his films became a mixed bag kind of ventures, there still used to be some notable moments in them with the glimpses of his earlier triumphs.
Sadly, YAARA comes up as a project, in which you never witness the reputed writer-director in even one se

SHAKUNTALA DEVI - A film that tells a related emotional real life story, but not the one we were promised or expected to see. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Beginning on a straightforward note, if you are willing to watch something highly exciting thinking about the amazing or rather unbelievable gifted skills of the world famous Shakuntala Devi, then you are going to be disappointed for sure, as the film strangely never focuses on the most expected feature of its subject.

Cannot guess what was the thought process behind the making of this biopic of a widely celebrated, world record holder mathematician, and why it was conceived and written as a film that never deeply

ONCE UPON A PRIME TIME by Ananth Mahadevan - Strongly recommended as a journey back to those memorable days of Doordarshan and TV in the 80s-90s. (Review By Bobby Sing)
In my personal experience of using social networking sites since last decade, one of the most popular, widely followed and cherished posts here are the ones talking about Doordarshan and its nostalgic content that entertained as well as enlightened us with many finer details of life.
Many of us regularly keep remembering and writing on the nostalgic days of watching those fabulous TV Serials of the 80s and 90s. Many of us still love to be in that kind of mindset living with those memorable ch

GUNJAN SAXENA - An otherwise appreciable attempt focusing on the brave daughters of the nation, that unnecessarily twists the narrative and remains confused about whom to portray as villain in the film. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Screen adaptations of the spirited on-field stories of our brave soldiers have their own inspirational value. And if that story is about a young girl, one of the first woman officers performing such risky operation, then it becomes even more important both for the makers as well as the viewers unarguably.
So GUNJAN SAXENA firstly scores in its choice of subject that deserved to be presented on screen and then superbly works in its first 50 minutes in particular, that largely revolves around a

The IRONY in celebrating 45 years of SHOLAY, quietly robbing the new generation off its Iconic Original SOUND, MUSIC and BACKGROUND SCORE. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
Our generation born in the 70s has lived those years when SHOLAY was one of those hugely famous films, re-released every few months in the local theaters without an exception. In fact among the five-six theaters close to our home, whenever they didn’t manage to get a new film or had some gap weeks in between, one of them always had SHOLAY showing for daily 4 shows till the late 80s and we were always there buying the ticket at least once in those weekdays (skipping the school). 

RAAT AKELI HAI (Hindi/2020) and KNIVES OUT (English/2019) - When one film misses the thrill and other delivers it well as an engrossing 'who-dun-it' murder mystery. (Short Review Notes by Bobby Sing)
Focusing on the local ambience of the city in UP, RAAT AKELI HAI has everything required for an engaging ‘who-dun-it’ crime thriller. It has Nawazuddin as the unmarried investigating cop, Radhika Apte as the young girl getting married to a rich old man and an eminent dysfunctional family with its every member as a suspect of a brutal murder. Honestly, at one end, its basic setting straight away seems to be from one of the Agatha Christie’s myster

Woh Kehte Hain Humse (DARIYA DIL) - A song written by Vitthalbhai Patel and composed by Raj Kapoor. (Articles on Cinema By Bobby Sing)
Towards the late ‘80s, when the original soundtracks used to release months before the film coming in the theaters, DARIYA DIL (1988) directed by K. Ravishankar became famous due to a single track in the album as “Woh Kehte Hain Humse Abhi Umar Nahin Hai Pyar Ki”.
The film starring Govinda, Kimi Katkar, Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Gulshan Grover, Roshni, Raj Kiran and more completely owed its moderate success to this one song alone.

SACHAA JHUTHA (1970) and FAULAD (1963) - The rare and strange feature in their opening credits. (Exclusive Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
Filmmaking is entirely a team effort and the effort begins when the producers are in, who bring in all the money required to initiate the creative process. At times the producer is one individual person and many a time, we have a team of two or more, who collectively produce a film and then share the profits or losses.
Having said that, partnerships happen and post the success of a film, they get broken too for various reasons, with the producers opting for their solo projects next gaining some extra confiden

DIL BECHARA - Watch it for Sushant and Sanjana, who keep trying their best to lift up Mukesh’s debut attempt. (Review by Bobby Sing)
As the last film of a sensitive-thinking actor, the swan song of an artist, who was desperately trying to make his space in the crushing world of glamour, DIL BECHARA surely deserves to be seen giving a heartwarming loving farewell to Sushant Singh Rajput.
Not an easy watch recalling the last visuals of his existence irresponsibly flashed all over the social networks, DIL BECHARA hurts you and hurts you pretty badly particularly when Sushant renders those meaningful

WILD TALES / RELATOS SALVAJES (Spanish / 2014) - So strongly makes you feel the value of that one decisive moment which changes everything in life. (Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema - Thrillers)
Many a times in life, a wrong step taken in anger, in jealousy, in hate without thinking much, spoils an entire relationship, maybe an entire life with no chances of repairs or going back. Stories have been written around the consequences of such strong moments and films have been made around it too interpreting it in different ways on screen portraying such life transforming sequences.
However what this Spanish movie does with the concept goes beyond any routine presentation making a solid, outstanding impac

TOTTAA PATAAKA ITEM MAAL (2019) - It is ZAKHMI AURAT from the 80s revisited again as the scenario hasn’t changed and perhaps even gone worse. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Writer-director Aditya Kripalani made some news with his TIKLI AND LAXMI BOMB in 2018 that was based on his own book with the same title. The novel turned into a film presented a fresh idea of the Mumbai women sex workers forming their own cooperation kicking out the men-pimps and it won good appreciation for its thought put forward in the festival circuits. However the film was actually a raw as well as quite average attempt in terms of presentation and technique to be honest.

ALBERT PINTO KO GUSSA KYUN AATA HAI (2019) - The title of 1980s thought provoking film used for conveying almost nothing. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
The art-wave or off-beat cinema of the 80s had a prominent film by Saeed Mirza titled ‘Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyun Ata Hai’ with Naseeruddin Shah playing the lead role of Albert Pinto. The film was all about the anger and helplessness felt by the common man post the emergency era and is considered an important socially thought provoking film of those crucial times.
The recent film released in 2019 with the same title does have an exciting cast featuring

AUTOHEAD (2016) - An innovative but average experimental film with a noteworthy lead performance. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
As suggested by the title, this is an innovative experimental film, completely focused on the central character of an auto-driver and his hidden life of a psycho. Tagged as a mockumentary (with inspiration coming from the similar projects in the west), it begins with a small crew (including the director himself) capturing the daily life incidents of Narayan - the auto driver living in Mumbai.
They follow him as he drives around the city picking and dropping his passengers all over the cit

MAROON (2017) - A daring, experimental attempt that also happens to be an unofficial adaptation. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
An intense psychological drama, this is about a strangely behaving professor dealing with the fact of his missing (unfaithful) wife. The film makes you aware of the scenario and then gives you various ideas about what might have happened to his wife, the possible murder and who would have done that! The narrative begins interestingly but soon becomes monotonous with a dark, depressing tone as the police starts investigating the eccentric professor’s case.
Full of psychotic references of hallucinations and su

TIKLI AND LAXMI BOMB (2018) - A novel and brave premise becomes victim of a loud and uninteresting kind of tiringly long narrative. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Why the world of women sex workers functions only through men and why they themselves cannot run it, also looking after their security on their own is the novel concept of TIKLI AND LAXMI BOMB directed by Aditya Kripalani based on his own book.
The protagonists are Mumbai sex workers who decide to get rid-off the middlemen in their trade forming their own system/co-operative wherein help can also arrive if required and the two girls leading them all are known as Tikli

706 (2019) - BYPASS ROAD (2019) - HALKAA (2018) - SHIMLA MIRCHI (2020) at Netflix (Short Review Notes by Bobby Sing)
706 (2019)
A psychological crime thriller featuring Atul Kulkarni, Divya Dutta and Mohan Agashe in the cast certainly raises the expectations of the viewers. Interestingly, the film also begins at an engrossing note giving you hope, with a missing person reported and a child coming into focus knowing much more than he actually should. But sadly the momentum doesn’t remain the same as the story progresses moving

TAJ MAHAL 1989 (Netflix) – A pleasant watch with delightful performances that heavily uses the nostalgia to win over the viewers. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Coming as a fresh breeze of relief among mostly crime based content being released left and right, TAJ MAHAL 1989 is a 7 episode light hearted, romantic series talking about how love changes lives of its various characters.
Written and directed by Pushpendra Nath Misra, it is set in Lucknow, in the time period of the late ‘80s (as mentioned in the title) with two key merits that make it a pleasant watch taking you back in the era when there were no mobiles, no internet

SELECTION DAY (Netflix) - A series on young cricketers that misses the required emotional connect and excitement. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
A Netflix India original based on Aravind Adiga’s novel of the same title, this 12 episodes long series based on Cricket has been produced by Anil Kapoor and Anand Tucker as a team..
The story follows an eccentric, cricket-obsessed father and his strong will to make his two sons the leading cricketers of the nation. He gets his sons admitted to a reputed school and its cricket academy where they meet a famous coach and their competitors too, who are ric

STORIES OF RABINDRANATH TAGORE (2015 / Neflix) - A series recommended for all, especially the youngsters for getting introduced to our rich literature. (Short Review Notes by Bobby Sing)
Had missed watching many episodes of this valuable series during its original run at EPIC Channel in the year 2015, so was really glad to catch it again and it is truly worth watching for many important reasons. 
To begin with, the 26 episodes of STORIES OF RABINDRANATH TAGORE (of an hour each), take you back to the early 20th century in Bengal, through a note-worthy art direction, lighting, costumes, music and of course the direction of Anurag Basu