Bobby Talks Cinema Rss Feed ONDU MOTTEYA KATHE (Kannada/2017) - The original bald movie that can easily be called a simple, thoughtful Hrishikesh Mukherjee film made in Kannada. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Two years back, I luckily got to see this small simplistic film strongly recommended by a dear friend and loved it to the core not only for its bold and unique subject, but for its treatment too, which straight away reminded me of the cinema of Hrishikesh Mukherjee made with an almost similar vision. 
The Hindi film maestro had a style and a class of his own as he never made intentional comedies to make you laugh. But made thoughtful, light hearted, entertaining comical films that also h

HOUSEFULL4 – With a BAHUBALI inspired action drama in the first half and a loud comedy in the second, it offers too less of entertainment for an inflated ticket price. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Moving over the routine and repeatedly quoted phrases ‘keep the brains at home’ or ‘don’t try to find logic’ in such films, actually the most contradicting reviews and viewpoints always happen to be in the case of comedies, as its not necessary that a joke would work for everyone listening or watching resulting in an unanimous response.

So to give you the gist, where the crude and crass humour might work for many, it didn’t work for me all through a major part of the film and I

ARDAB MUTIYARAN (Punjabi) - An outstanding Sonam Bajwa single-handedly lifts up an average comic, family drama making it enjoyable. (Review by Bobby Sing)
A review of a new Punjabi film is here at BTC as this thankfully rises above the level of an average family comic drama, offering you a fairly enjoyable time and a praiseworthy lead performance in return of your ticket bought.
So even though the film hasn’t got any great stroyline or an outstanding execution, it still works as the director Manav Shah, the dialogue writer and the lead actress together have done some effective hard work on their key character that turns out to be exceptio

THE ZOYA FACTOR - Another unnecessary film that offers nothing except the charm of Dulquer. (Review by Bobby Sing0
Official adaptation of a novel with the same title penned by Anuja Chauhan, it would be really interesting to know that how and why the makers even thought of converting the novel into a film with such a ‘non-film’ content matter. May be they had got the stars, their dates and desperately needed a story/script which they found instantly available as a book called THE ZOYA FACTOR. The story had cricket, fantasy and two lead roles, which perfectly suited the requirement and hence the film was made withou

BATLA HOUSE - A real life inspired, muddled thriller made with a purpose that partially delivers the thrills along with the clichés. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Based on the real life controversial encounter of 2008, on which serious criticism and doubts were raised of being fake, killing young university students, BATLA HOUSE is a muddled thriller that intentionally tries to do two contradicting things at the same time. At one end it tries to convey all about the case in a realistic but partial manner and on the other wishes to win over the box office too incorporating all clichéd commercial elements including a completely forced or out of place item number of Nora Fatehi.

LAAL KAPTAAN - Probably the most weird and directionless project of the year with an otherwise commendable presentation and art-design. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Though director Navdeep Singh’s earlier two films were highly influenced/inspired from English movies [MANORAMA 6 FEET UNDER / CHINATOWN (1974) and NH10/EDEN LAKE (2008)], they still were more than decent films winning critical acclaim. So as a filmgoer one could expect anything from the director but not an entirely visionless, confused and unengaging film as his third directorial venture, to be honest.
Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Navdeep comes up

P SE PYAAR F Se FARAAR – The Friday star rating advertisement of the film in HT City successfully fooled me and I bought the ticket. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Usually I prefer watching small, lesser known films as it is really a delight to find a gem among such silent efforts made. Had personally seen the way KHOSLA KA GHOSLA was not being sold after getting complete and then began a trend in Hindi cinema post its release after one year or more of moving through various production houses and distributors.
Moreover, was still reluctant to watch a film with an unusual title P SE PYAAR F SE FARAAR, as now a lot of must watch content is eas

CHHICHHORE - Despite being sum of many earlier films, it still works hitting the emotional quotient well along with a praiseworthy editing, well-chosen cast & performances giving an important message. (Review By Bobby Sing)

There are two basic ways of winning over the audience having their own set of expectations from the director and the stars. One is to present a completely fresh storyline with new characters conveying something novel or unique. And second is to impress them with a thoroughly entertaining narration saying the same old things already seen in many earlier movies.

Believe me, if the first one is quite difficult to achieve, the second is even tougher in comparison, as you have to say the repetitive things but in a non-repetitive manner ke

THE SKY IS PINK - A thoughtful, emotional bio-pic made from heart that sadly suffers due to an uneven narration, length and avoidable average songs. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Sharing a sad, tragic true story of a family’s inconsolable loss, one cannot and should not find faults in the real-life story content to begin on an honest note. But since it has been presented as a film for which a ticket needs to be bought, hence the praises and criticism here is just for the cinematic presentation on the screen, without making any comment on the unfortunate, actual happenings faced by the Chaudharys. 

Beginning with the merits, it's a sincere and heartfelt attempt made by writer-director Shonal

WAR - YRF does it again but in style completely relying upon its two stars. (Review By Bobby Sing)

To begin with the gist, the team at YRF does it again post the major debacle of THUGS OF HINDOSTAN, but this time they do it with style heavily banking on the WAR between their two leading men Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. The film has almost no one else in its entire lengthy duration of 156 minutes and the icons thankfully manage to lift it up to the level of watchable, because of their (various) timely entries and superbly shot action sequences reminding you of the fa

PRASTHANAM - Choice of which South Hit needs to be remade, how and when, is also a skill that is not possessed by all. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Hindi cinema is known for blindly following a trend, and the trend of going for a remake of an original regional language hit has been more visible in the last few decades in particular.   No doubt, remakes have always been there in the history of Hindi cinema since the early decades. Plus, it certainly helps when the same director is called in to make a Hindi remake of his regional language hit presenting it with the same vision, changing the basic settings as per the Hindi film audience.

PAL PAL DIL KE PAAS - Wish the father had let another director direct his son choosing a better theme and content for his debut film. (An honest heartfelt expression by Bobby Sing)
When BETAAB got released in 1983, people thronged the theater to watch Dharmendra’s son on screen as he was one of the first few star-sons to debut in those times after Kumar Gaurav and Sanjay Dutt. Plus Dharmendra had his own charm (still going strong in the ‘80s) and a humongous fan-following much more than both Rajendra Kumar and Sunil Dutt in that particular era. Moreover, those were the days when a hit soundtrack of a film release

SECTION 375 - If a complex courtroom drama leaves you in two minds seriously thinking about the case, it deserves to be seen as a must supporting such rare cinema. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Courtroom Dramas usually have a set format, wherein a case is being fought between two characters or parties, and as a viewer either you already know the culprit or you get to know it towards the end as a sudden disclosure. So most of the times, it’s always convincingly black and white, with the evil getting sentenced and justice getting served providing a much relieving satisfaction to the viewers.
However very rarely comes a film showcasing a courtroom drama, which not only leaves you in two minds con

DREAM GIRL - An enjoyable one time watch, missing the finesse and the effortlessness seen in the recent hit attempts in this particular genre. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The moment I saw the trailer of DREAM GIRL, the first thought I had was of a sub-plot and an interesting character seen in the National Award Winning CHILLAR PARTY called Googly - a young man born with a voice of a girl. On the advice of a kid, he decides to try his luck as a radio jockey posing as a girl and discovers a new path in life leading to success.
Maybe the writers got the fruitful seed of their script watching Googly in CHILLAR PARTY, or maybe they based it on the

Ranu Mondal’s real life instance was surprisingly there in a Dev Anand film released four decades back. – By Bobby Sing
A poor girl singing at a railway station or in the daily passenger local gets spotted by a music director accidently traveling by the train on a rainy day. Noticing her untrained but melodious voice with an amazing tonal quality, he decides to give her a chance and takes her to his studio for recording a film song. He gives her a surprising make-over, encourages her to sing the fresh lyrics and gets the recording done resulting in a great hit track.
Reading the above you must be thinking about the recent disc

SAAHO - A poorly conceived mega project that further hampers the image of Indian Cinema made in the South among the unaware and ignorant movie lovers. (A painful sharing by Bobby Sing)
Beginning with an honest confession, it’s really tough as well as painful to write about a mega film like SAAHO that offers you nothing great or positive, almost nothing at all except some hard worked actions sequences and some grand visuals. 
Moreover it’s really hard to write about a reportedly 350 crore film, during which about 7-8 people sitting around me in the theater didn’t return to their seats post the intermission.
So this is not

MISSION MANGAL - A proud SPACE MISSION presented in the format of a silly but entertaining HEIST MOVIE, mocking the Science and the Scientists in order to please the box-office. (An Analysis by Bobby Sing)

The experience of watching the latest project in the line-up of all real life inspired, nationalistic films successfully followed by the new age Bharat Kumar thankfully taught me a few interesting as well as important lessons, that are sure going to be a good read, if not anything else, due to the obvious reasons.

Firstly it made me realize, that even after almost four decades of watching Hindi movies in theaters on every Friday, I still get excited as a film begins, still get carried away by a brilliant start and st

KOTA FACTORY (Web-Series/TVF) – Brilliantly presents the loving relationship between students and a popular teacher but along with some forced insertions promoting the coaching business. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Moving ahead from the first season of LAAKHON MEIN EK, this is a pleasant surprise as an entertaining educational satire representing the present generation’s struggle with the competitive examinations. Focusing on KOTA in Rajasthan, a city known to be the hub of reputed coaching institutes, the term FACTORY in the title refers to the process - in which students are treated as mere products and their families are charged a bomb to prepare these quality products ensuring their secured future.
In the pres

LAAKHON MEIN EK (Web Series/Prime) – The series took me back to the days of rich Doordarshan Serials that had the power to enlighten as well as transform. (Review by Bobby Sing)
In the midst of huge sea of content being released online, I found the two seasons of this particular series as a fresh breeze with subjects having something important to say related with our divisive social structure and the typical robotic life. Giving a pleasant surprise it took me back to the days of rich Doordarshan serials, when we had such an amazing variety on only one TV channel being aired for a limited hours in a day. The serials of those times not only introduced us to many classic creations of Indian literatur

JABARIYA JODI - Nothing really works when both the love story and the characters remain confused, forced and fake. (Review By Bobby Sing)
At times watching a film makes you feel sad for a particular actor who is otherwise so deserving by all means, but somehow keeps featuring in seriously weak and forgettable ventures disappointing one and all. Had this exact feeling while witnessing a completely avoidable and poorly written film JABARIYA JODI, and the one who made me extremely sad was Parineeti Chopra.
Perhaps she is a perfect example of proving how LUCK plays a far important role in films or entertainment ind

BENEDICTION (Hindi-Punjabi/Semi-Film) - Breaks the set pattern, establishing a new benchmark for films made with a religious overtone. (Review by Bobby Sing)
In the present decade we have witnessed several short films promoting Sikhism and the Sikh thought of spirituality believing in One Almighty and Humanity made by young talented Sikh directors. But among those, only a few have managed to move above the set format, proving their understanding of the medium and subject as spirited new-age filmmakers with an outstanding blessed potential. 
Writer-director Harjeet Singh Oberoi is not just one

KHANDAANI SHAFAKHANA - A potential opportunity missed due to poor writing and execution blindly following the trend of a few recent hits. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Hindi cinema is known for blindly following a trend started by a few hits in a particular genre and KHANDAANI SHAFAKHANA is the recent example of the same. The film which actually promised a lot in its trailer tackling an unusual and bold plot full of many hilarious situations sadly turns out to be almost nothing, irresponsibly wasting a great potential opportunity.

Directed by Shilpi Dasgupta, the biggest and perhaps the only appreciable merit of the film is that it cleverly chooses an interesting b

ARJUN PATIALA - 'For no reason at all' - as said in one of the dialogues of this vaguely made film. (Review By Bobby Sing)

In his interview with Bollywood Hungama, Diljit Dosanjh naively admitted that he neither remembered the exact details of his role nor he had seen ARJUN PATIALA as presented before the audience. The confession frankly reminded me of Govinda in the 80s and before him Shashi Kapoor who was even given the tag of ‘Taxi’ by his elder brother Raj Kapoor for running from one studio to another twice or thrice in a day for different film shoots.

JUDGEMENTALL HAI KYA - A brave but tiring, performance oriented psychological thriller that remains experimental throughout without delivering the promised content. (Review by Bobby Sing)
To begin with praises, here we have a brave, experimental psychological thriller which has not been the genre frequently tried in Hindi cinema. Plus JUDGEMENTALL HAI KYA has its merits in its performances and enjoyable use of influences ranging from Sririam Raghavan, old Hindi film songs, immersing cinematography, fine sound design and background score as well as execution and writing (in parts). But the issue is that the niche audience interested in watching such cinema, actually prefer to watch it on the

The web-series KAAFIR made me think how the perception of Journalism and Journalists has drastically changed since the last decade. - By Bobby Sing
Recently the episode of Kangna’s verbal clash with a journalist and KAAFIR the new web-series at ZEE5 made me realize and think, how the perception towards Journalism and Journalists has seriously changed since the last decade and how one of the most responsible profession is no longer seen or co

The two films in ARDAAS series (Punjabi), Gippy Grewal and Hrishikesh Mukherjee - By Bobby Sing
To begin with, this is not any detailed review of the latest Punjabi release, the second film in ARDAAS series titled ARDAAS KARAAN, as I wish to convey something more important which you might not find mentioned in details in the numerous reviews of the film on the world-wide web. 
However for friends still willing to read in short, the second film in ARDAAS series is yet again a heartfelt amalgamation of many relevant social plots with a similar religious tone (in a much more preac

JHOOTHA KAHIN KA - A lifeless comedy based on an outdated and repetitive theme of mistaken identities already exploited umpteen times in Hindi cinema. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Smeep Kang, the director of JHOOTHA KAHIN KA is a reputed name in Punjabi Cinema and is the man behind some mega blockbusters and hit Punjabi comedies. The theme of mistaken identities has been the favourite of this talented actor turned writer-director since his early directorial ventures such as CHAKK DE PHATTE (2008) [inspired from THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MAY (1998)]. And he continued with the same in more than 4 films of his, including a Punjabi remake of ANGOOR or Shake

FAMILY OF THAKURGANJ - A film in which you keep waiting for its talented cast to deliver, but it never happens till the end resulting in a big disappointment. (Review By Bobby Sing)

At times a trailer doesn’t excite but one still remains interested in a film because of an outstanding cast ensemble probably coming together for the first time. FAMILY OF THAKURGANJ releases as a similar case and the excitement was indeed there to watch veterans as Pavan Malhotra, Saurabh Shukla, Jimmy Sheirgill, Mukesh Tiwari, Mahie Gill, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Yashpal Sharma, Manoj Pahwa and more clashing on the screen in a gangster-family drama.

However, what actually gets presented as a

SUPER 30 - Wish such important and inspiring subject was dealt without forced filmy insertions restricting its reach and impact. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Fulfilling the social responsibility of the medium, movies need to be made on the subject of education inspiring the younger generation and bio-pics certainly need to be there, based on the life experiences of the exceptionally talented and blessed achievers as Anand Kumar of Bihar.
However, when a film is made without any mission, missing the required vision, blindly following the trend of making quick bio-pics, then we get projects like SUPER 30, which remain quite dwarf in

The curious case of "Mere Angne Mein" from Prakash Mehra-Amitabh’s LAAWARIS (1981) - Exclusive by Bobby Sing from the upcoming book - DID YOU KNOW (Vol.2)
In the world of music or rather Hindi film music, at times a film song gets hugely famous, becoming a cult in the later decades and we easily start assuming a lot about its conception, unintentionally influenced by the big names involved.
The description matches perfectly with the curious case of “Mere Angne Mein Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai” from Prakash Mehra’s LAAWARIS released in 1981(music by Kalyanji Anandji), featuring the angry-young man Ami

MALAAL - Once again brings forward the debate on poor remakes and nepotism. (Review By Bobby Sing)

When neither the debutants nor the execution sets the screen ablaze and when nothing engaging happens even post 20 minutes into the second half, then one gets forced to think that why this film was made, why such clichés were repeated and what was there in its original that it was chosen to be remade in Hindi after a long gap of 15 years?

The question must have been there in your mind while watching many other weak remakes too adapted from their Indian regional language originals, strangely backed by some big names. The contra

ARTICLE 15 - 'Crime Bahut Door Hua Lagta Hai….. Door Hota Nahin Hai' - Watch this as a must to question yourself about the centuries old discrimination practiced in both rural and urban regions. (Review By Bobby Sing)

As a change, this time I have more to talk about the subject than the film, which powerfully brings forward an age old issue through its well-directed and superbly enacted narration that deserves to be seen.
Beginning with the harsh truth of the present era we have been witnessing since last many years. Cinema once used to be made with the sole purpose of entertaining the viewers along with projects made to enlighten, raising some relevant questions on our society as well the social

KABIR SINGH (2019) - As a frame to frame remake, it has the exact merits and shortcomings of the original, featuring an impressive Shahid and the same dumb character of the otherwise new-age girl. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the man behind the original ARJUN REDDY (Telugu/2017), I personally found KABIR SINGH creating a very similar impact as an almost frame to frame remake with all new faces and languages (Hindi and Punjabi). The film would have been ruined helmed by another director, but thankfully it has the same exciting execution, pulsating background score, likable songs and powerful performances more or less maintaining the same level.

The Hindi version does have its own m

ARJUN REDDY (Telugu/2017) - The raw, intense storytelling works in favour of the film with an excessive length and problematic characterizations, reminding you of RGV and Amitabh’s MRITYUDAATA. (Review By Bobby Sing)

In the mid-90s Amitabh Bachchan tried to make a comeback with Mehul Kumar’s MRITYUDAATA produced by Amitabh’s own company, playing the character of a well-known surgeon addicted to drinking. The film didn’t work despite the hype, a hit song (along with Daler Mehndi) and a potential plot. However it did made me think about an idea that what if a surgeon is so addicted to his bottle that he goes on performing many successful operations in that drunkard state without

DEHAM The Body (2001/English/Hindi) - Govind Nihalani’s first dystopian film in English alarmingly visualizing the future. - Exclusive by Bobby Sing

George Orwell wrote a dystopian novel titled Nineteen Eighty-Four (aka 1984), published in the late 1940s, which is unanimously considered as one of the most definitive futuristic novels of the 20th century. The novel visualized a future (of four decades ahead) with complete control of authorities over the individuals, privacy as a myth and people more treated as robots under the constant surveillance of an omnipresent government represented by the Big Brother. Translated in almost all important languages of

REVA (Gujarati) - A predictable yet meaningful, soothing film that makes a strong connect with the region and its audience aptly using some well-conceived songs. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Since last few decades, I have many friends settled abroad, who make regular or irregular visits back home and there are sharp contrasts in their viewpoints regarding the life in India, the people and the traditions in comparative terms. 
Where a few have completely changed with no intention to come back or not appreciative of the life here, a few are still deeply connected to their country and desperately wish to be here again after some years to live their concluding decades.

GAME OVER - An average experimental attempt that only works in its ambience & performances, but doesn't offer any engaging mystery with an unrequired hangover of GROUNDHOG DAY. (Review By Bobby Sing)

The good news is that this is a Tamil-Telugu bilingual film that has also been released in Hindi, dubbed by the makers themselves, saving it from the uncaring, poor dubbing by the Youtube channels. But on the other hand, the not so favourable news is that GAME OVER isn’t any outstanding film of its genre or rather just an average film to be honest, that fails at many levels, despite scoring well in its technical department.

Directed by Ashwin Saravanan, the best section of the film remains its

BHARAT - Having its share of liberties and forced humour, the film still works due to its strong emotional connect, a noteworthy supporting cast and all pleasantly surprising cameos apart from the most popular icon. (Review By Bobby Sing)

The mainstream Hindi Cinema mostly relies upon or largely gets represented by its strong emotional connect with the viewers through its icons and a talented supporting cast making a solid impact. Keeping the same in mind, BHARAT is a differently adapted, Indianized version of the Korean film ODE TO MY FATHER (2014) which fails at many levels but thankfully scores in both these departments along with many pleasant surprises (cameos/references) and a Salman Khan, courageously trying to fi

CHOPSTICKS (Hindi/Netflix) - Yet another average attempt to recreate the magic of KHOSLA KA GHOSLA. (Review By Bobby Sing)

A few years back Abhay Deol had almost earned an image of doing worth watching, off-beat projects breaking the set pattern, but for reasons unknown, he couldn’t maintain or build up upon the same. As a result we saw quite a few average to mediocre films of his in the recent times and the present CHOPSTICKS is no exception in the list delivering nothing fresh or entertaining despite having an interesting premise.
Beginning on a promising note introducing the lead character of

HOSTAGES (Web Series/Hotstar) - An above average thriller with nothing extra ordinary or out of the box. (Review by Bobby Sing)

The new web series at Hotstar revolving around the family of a reputed doctor taken as hostage by a group of masked men is an official Hindi remake of the first season of a well-received Israeli series with the same title. It features Ronit Roy, Tisca Chopra, Dalip Tahil, Parveen Dabas and more playing the key roles with a political angle too, as the demand is to kill the Chief Minister on the hospital’s operation theater by the doctor in charge, the lady of the house Tisca Chopra.

A scene to

SEARCHING (English / 2018) - As parents we just assume that we know everything about our young teenage kids, but actually we don’t. (Movies To See Before You Die- Suspense)

Aptly named as SEARCHING this is a unique as well as a game changer kind of investigative drama/thriller that actually deserves to be seen as a must for its outstanding, experimental shot taking and execution, much more than its suspense or the finale revealing the hidden mystery. 
The film takes you into the world of a lonely widowed father, searching for his missing young daughter, also helping in the investigations conducted by a specially assigned lady police officer for the case. It

BOMBAIRIYA - Confused as its title, this can only be seen for Radhika Apte and that too if you must. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
The title appeared to be confusing yet interesting, indicating something novel tried in a film based upon the life in Mumbai or Bombay – the city having a character of its own. The film calmly begins introducing a number of characters and sup-plots depicting the happenings within a day or so but then goes on overdoing it in almost every department shattering the expectations.
As a result, after about 50 minutes of its less than two hours of duration, BOMBAIRIYA turns out be nothing more

DE DE PYAAR DE - Not entirely a comedy but a worth watching entertaining take on modern age relationships with a terrific Tabu, charming Rakulpreet and a new Ajay Devgn. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Writer-director Luv Ranjan has mostly been associated with Hit films made on unusual modern age relationships that have also been accused of being misogynistic and morally wrong in their biased presentations. Ironically, he made one issue based film on Marital Rape titled AKAASH VANI (with his favourite lead actors) but it failed miserably at the box office, though included in BTC’s Must Watch Films with some outstanding tracks composed by Hitesh Soni and lyri

PM NARENDRA MODI - A projected bio-pic with loud exaggerations inspired from the real life events, luckily releasing on a perfect Friday. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Most of the bio-pics (especially in Hindi Cinema) are made to celebrate Success and very few talk about the Failures or grey shades in the life of any celebrated icon. BUDHIA SINGH is one biographical film I recall in the recent times focusing on both the success and failures of an achiever, but the rest more or less remain indulged in glorifying the chosen personality in one way or the other.

INDIA’S MOST WANTED - A potential plot told too simply without any excitement or thrill. (Review by Bobby Sing)

The trailer didn’t create any excitement and Arjun Kapoor yet again looked like not interested in his job in the few sequences shown in its promos. So the only appealing elements related with the film were its genre of a real life inspired crime thriller and the competent director Raj Kumar Gupta, the man behind films such as AAMIR, NO ONE KILLED JESSICA and RAID

However this time the end result is just better than the writer-director's worst film GHANCHAKKAR

STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2 - A poor replica completely relying upon Tiger Shroff, taking the viewers as granted quite confidently. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Dharma Productions, Karan Johar, director Puneet Malhotra and team are back with a sequel or next in the series as STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2, which carelessly remains the same old film presented in the same old familiar style with a new cast. 
So SOTY 2 has everything what you witnessed in the first film, revolving around a school/college where students are never found in the classes, teachers are portrayed as morons, the dresses are more like of a fashion

SETTERS - Despite flaws, it engages and entertains as a taut thriller, successfully conveying what WHY CHEAT INDIA failed to do in a similar attempt. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Post making a worth praising film DHOOP back in 2003 and some duds later in the last two decades, director Ashwini Chaudhary comes up with SETTERS based on a just one film old novel plot, which we recently witnessed in Soumik Sen-Emraan Hashmi’s WHY CHEAT INDIA released in January 2019. Incidentally there was a sub-plot on this subject in Tigmashu Dhulia’s MILAN TALKIES too released in March this year.

BLANK - Though loud at times but background score and action are the only two merits of this so casually written film on terrorism. (Review By Bobby Sing)

To be fair with the first time attempt by director Behzad Khambata and debutant Karan Kapadia playing a significant role along with Sunny Deol, BLANK has a decent plot and shows some sparks too in its various sequences shot well. But unfortunately the writing happens to be its weakest part, which eventually turns the film into a big disappointment, post an impressive trailer raising the expectations.

It starts off right away coming to the point showing some focus, na

Vinod Khanna on his films with Amitabh Bachchan and the original storyline of Yash Chopra's CHANDNI - Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing

Having lived a life on his own terms as a blessed soul, Vinod Khanna was not only a dashing, talented Hindi film hero, but a sensitive, thoughtful, spiritual person too on whom books are sure going to be written sooner or later giving us a deeper insight about his lesser talked about persona and the daring thought process. 
To be straight, there are more assumptions and fewer facts stated by people talking or rather guessing about Vinod’s spiritual journey in particular, whe

The similar impactful scene in Amitabh's SOORYAVANSHAM (1999) and SANJOG (1972), also having an interesting fact related with Johny Walker – By Bobby Sing
More than a decade after its official release in 1999, SOORYAVANSHAM has been more famous for being repeatedly shown on Sony’s Set Max channel as their all-time favourite and has also been the prime target of funny memes posted at the social networks.
Gaining the status of a cult film for various reasons (other than the box office) the film received critical acclaim for Amitabh Bachchan’s effective portrayal of a double role, particularly excelling as the

KALANK - Over stylized, mismatching period drama made in the awe of other directors, with major contradictions missing the emotional connect. (Review By Bobby Sing)
A few weeks before the release, Karan Johar said in an interview that this was the story he and his father had in mind 15 years ago and it was Yash Johar’s dream coming true in 2019 with KALANK directed by Abhishek Varman, who has been associated with renowned directors and had earlier directed 2 STATES for Johar's Dharma Productions.
So beginning with the story itself, cannot say whether it’s exactly the same

MAINE PYAR KIYA (1989), my bicycle and its unique handle inspired from the film. (Those Cherished Moments of Single Screen Era - 9) - By Bobby Sing

As one of the biggest box office grossers of the ‘80s releasing in December 1989, Rajshri Productions MAINE PYAR KIYA directed by Sooraj Barjatya was a game changer along with QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK winning hearts just a year before in 1988. Both the films featured new faces as loving birds making a major breakthrough in Hindi cinema and their soundtracks became the biggest soundtracks of those times fast vanishing from the shelves going into repeat productions.

In the

THE TASHKENT FILES - An informative but loud, filmy, confused and unjustified propaganda film made on a borrowed format. (A Detailed Review By Bobby Sing)

The film begins introducing a young journalist who has not been able to crack any political scoop for her newspaper and therefore is being threatened with a transfer to the entertainment division. So the girl is desperately looking for a scoop, which she gets from an anonymous caller providing her the basic information about the sudden death of our second Prime Minister of India, Sh. Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1966, when he was on his official tour to Tashkent in Soviet Union.
The girl grabs the

PAHARGANJ - A film made without any vision or purpose using the name of the famous locale just for nothing. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Probably this project got approved getting convinced by an exciting narration talking about the famous, lively as well as dubious ambience of the narrow lanes of Paharganj, located just opposite the New Delhi Railway Station. The place is famous as a cost friendly hub for foreign tourists coming from all over the world looking for a cheap hotel/lodge for their long stays. And it has a great market too, selling everything you can think of both in terms of legal and suspicious stuff mostly searched by the foreign visitors

KARENJIT KAUR The Untold Story of Sunny Leone (Web-Series / ZEE5) - It's pleasantly surprising as an emotional drama without any forced bold content or taking undue advantage of the theme. (Review by Bobby Sing)

The world is full of ironies, and one of the biggest ironies of the present independent web content in the country can be experienced while watching this series at ZEE5 titled KARENJIT KAUR The Untold Story of Sunny Leone. It brings in some pleasant surprises for the viewers and you can now see the complete seri

BREATHE (Web Series / Prime) - Takes you into an unexplored, scary zone but could have been a lot better minus the big loopholes. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Web-series is an opportunity to experiment, visualize and present the unexplored that might not be viable or possible to justify in a time frame of just two hours of a commercial film. Hence web-series ought to bring us new themes, plots and subjects which BREATHE successfully does as a fresh, novel series based on crimes committed by a father, out of sheer love and desperation to save his young kid.
Yes, this might sound weird and unethical to many as a plot moving beyond the extreme disturb

INSIDE EDGE (Web-Series / Prime) - It’s engaging and keeps you on the edge but along with some over the top performances and bold avoidable insertions. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani, INSIDE EDGE is an Amazon Prime's 10 episode web-series of 40-50 min. each that takes you behind the scenes or into the inside world of Cricket - the most popular sport in our country since last century.
Modelled on IPL - the Indian Premier League pointing towards many key personalities and famous happenings related with the event or sport, the series has its share of shortcomings but is also a well-attem

CRIMINAL JUSTICE (Season 1/Hotstar) - A tediously stretched series gets saved by the presence of Pankaj Tripathi. (Review by Bobby Sing)
One of the most engrossing and famous genre of web-series is thrilling crime stories with intriguing investigations and unexpected twists in every episode asking you to immediately go for the next as binge-viewing. In fact fresh exciting events and sharp turns are must for a 10-12 episodes long series without any scope of unnecessary insertions, lengthy sub-plots and a painful stretched narration.
Unfortunately Hotstar’s first season of CRIMINAL JUSTICE fails to live up

BAAVRA MANN (2013 - Documentary) - A rare, one of its kind of documentary every student and lover of Hindi Cinema needs to watch as a must. - By Bobby Sing (Movies To See Before You Die - Documentary)
The word documentary usually doesn’t excite a big majority as these are neither meant for entertainment nor see a wide release reaching the general public as in the case of commercial movies. Moreover documentaries have a definite purpose as non-fiction films to convey a well-researched and documented study about a place, an event, a hidden truth or a person (biographies) based on facts.
In other words, documentaries are basically made to inform, to reveal, to warn or to enlighten you about some facts w

An interesting plot interpreted in a completely contrasting manner in both SUPER DELUXE (Tamil/2019) and ANURANAN (Bengali/2006) - By Bobby Sing
The write-up needs to be started with ‘a clear spoiler alert’ as this is all about a specific sub-plot included in Tamil film SUPER DELUXE (2019) directed by Thyagarajan Kumararaja and the main twist of Bengali film ANURANAN (2006 - meaning Resonance) directed by debutant Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury. 
Besides, this is also not an article making

SUPER DELUXE (Tamil) - Working on the same pattern of his first film, Kumararaja yet again delivers a bold and exciting thriller that deserves to be seen for its performances led by the impeccable Vijay Sethupathi. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The film begins with a male and a female voice talking on phone and as the scene progresses we hear Bappi Lahiri's ‘I am a Disco Dancer’ playing in the backdrop. The song and the camerawork together prepares you for something mischievous coming ahead, which rightly comes within the next 10 minutes itself, beginning a funny-absurd yet meaningful ride with several interesting characters titled SUPER DELUXE.
But instead of moving further, would like to

ROMEO AKBAR WALTER (RAW) - Slow pace, spoon feeding, predictability, songs and weak opponents should not be the features of a spy film. (Review by Bobby Sing)
A spy film essentially has to be an intelligently made project with an enjoyable pace as well as the excitement, keeping you engrossed in its various twists and turns coming unexpectedly. No doubt there is a solid reasoning why our spy films always focus Pakistan instead of any other country, since that takes care of both the vengeance and the nationalism factor together as an added advantage. But a spy movie (or any such film with a clash), actually misses a lot, when the opponents are portrayed as mere fools or quite weak in comparison t

LUCIFER (Malayalam) - It's difficult to make a film on a fresh plot, but it's much more difficult to make a multi-starrer winner on a familiar plot presenting a larger than life hero in style giving you goose bumps. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Beginning with the revelation right away, this is neither any path breaking film nor any exceptional never before kind of achievement by its well-known actor turned director. The film made on a completely familiar plot also doesn’t have new characterisations or sequences which you haven’t seen before. And it’s quite long of almost 3 hours in duration too, with a lot of easily predictable twists particularly in its second half.
As a film, it’s also the one which starts brilliantly like

GONE KESH - A brave film with a fresh subject and sincere performances that would have been much more impressive with a linear narrative. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Adding to the list of films based in small-towns and their middle-class families, GONE KESH firstly deserves appreciation for its choice of subject or theme that has never been explored before in a Hindi film. Recently a Kannada film beautifully presented a closely related plot aptly titled ONDU MOTTEYA KATHE meaning Story of Egghead in 2017. But this is the first time a Hindi film has been based upon the theme of baldness and that too focusing on a female lead instead of the male making it a trul

JUNGLEE - A wasted opportunity that could have been huge with such an appealing big screen theme featuring the real elephants instead of the CGI ones. (Review by Bobby Sing)

To be fair, this was a great opportunity for Hindi Cinema to have their own epic big screen extravaganza bringing in the families giving them an out of the world experience of an elephant sanctuary, with all real elephants instead of the CGI created ones. Particularly in the era when there are no circuses around and the zoo remains the only place to see these beautiful giant creatures roaming in their specified areas (read cages). 

Moreover, a film on elephants or on any animal for that matter was being made after almost four de

NOTEBOOK - An average adaptation that still remains an appreciable, well-shot attempt to bring the subtle romance back on screen. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Making films such as FILMISTAAN, MITTRON and RAMSINGH CHARLIE (unreleased), director Nitin Kakkar has always been associated with great to good projects in the past. And that is the reason I was expecting something fresh in his latest NOTEBOOK too in terms of subtle romance as indicated by its impressive trailer featuring two promising debutants. 

However, surprisingly the film turns out to be an interesting yet average attempt, not able to make any kind of majo

GUDDIYAN PATOLE (Punjabi) - Do watch this beautiful emotional surprise exploring the relationship between two sisters & their maternal grandmother as its fresh lovable theme. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Punjabi Cinema has been lately criticized for making forced repetitive comedies revolving around wedding functions and related themes, resulting in quick flops despite the presence of known names and banners. But on the other hand, when you have some clever writers, then they surely can dig out a novel theme out of the same context involving a marriage too that never feels repetitive or outdated.
In fact, as a pleasant surprise here in GUDDIYAN PATOLE we have a theme which has never been expl

MARD KO DARD NAHI HOTA - Fresh, unusual yet enjoyable, this deserves to be seen for your own share of nostalgia, performances and some fantastic action. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The trailer clearly conveyed that this is not a run of the mill stuff and therefore might not be for the general audience looking for their usual dose of entertainment. The film truly turns out to be the same, honestly delivering less than the exciting, promising trailer, but still coming up with the ‘unusually enjoyable’ content that deserves to be seen if you are game for such novel, experimental plot and treatment.
In other words, whether you saw its trailer or not, MARD KO DARD NAHI HO

KESARI - Hits you hard in its final hour but the most unbelievable battle of the world also becomes victim of the typical Bollywood formula, forcibly playing the humour & religion card to provide just entertainment. (Review By Bobby Sing)
The proceedings of the rare and amazing Battle of Saragarhi between the 21 Sikh soldiers and about ten thousand of Afghan tribesmen are such, that no one would have believed, had it not been an officially documented fact, witnessed by the British officers themselves from the nearby forts.
But before moving on to the details about KESARI, one essentially needs to know about:
how it happened and why there was this uneven clash getting the complete information,

21 SARFAROSH : SARAGARHI 1897 (Discovery/Netflix Series), more lesser known facts about the unique battle and Bollywood’s craze for the epic reminding you of multiple films made on the life of SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH - By Bobby Sing
Sharing this eye-opener article, let me begin with not one but two rare things about the Battle of Saragarhi which is thankfully now known to the people of our country due to the Bollywood filmmakers' latest obsession with the event, reminding us of those multiple films made on the life of Shaheed Bhagat Singh at the same time.
The first rare fact about the clash is that it’s one of the rarest, bravest and the most unbelievable battles of the globe between just 21 Sikh

METRO PARK (Web Series/Eros Now) - Where you have all entertaining, likable characters led by Ranvir Shorey, thankfully reminding you of the good old days of Doordarshan. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Based on an interesting premise of Patels (Gujarati families) living in the locality of Metro Park in New Jersey, the biggest merit of this latest Eros Now’s series is that it largely reminds you of the good old days of Doordarshan, when they used to make some great engaging shows with all well written likable characters offering clean family entertainment aired around the dinner time in the slab of 8-10 pm.
So bringing back the memories of that golden era, here we have a series featuring mostly Gu

PHOTOGRAPH - A supposedly realistic film that tries your patience with a slow, unengaging narrative, partially remaining far away from reality. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Have always been in support of such challenging, off-beat attempts coming up with thoughtful, innovative subjects made by the young directors, but this time PHOTOGRAPH doesn’t deliver any such significant content and was much less than expected despite the stellar cast and director.
To begin with, the biggest disappointment remains the completely illogical and unrealistic basic premise of the film wherein a young educated (topper) beautiful girl so easily gets involved with a not so goo

MILAN TALKIES - Sad to see such a repetitive and unimpressive film made by Tigmanshu Dhulia. (Review By Bobby Sing)

The two names I was more excited for in MILAN TALKIES were of writer-director Tigmanshu Dhulia, whose two films are already there in the Movies To See Before You Die list at BTC and Shraddha Srinath making her debut in Hindi films, whom I truly loved in worth watching movies such as U-TURN (Kannada) and VIKRAM VEDHA (Tamil). Moreover a Tigmanshu Dhulia film made around the mad craze for Hindi films, with actors such as Ashutosh Rana

MADE IN HEAVEN (Prime Web-Series) - An elegantly made, fairly engaging series based on a familiar subject, that is also only for mature audience, contradicting its universal theme of Indian Weddings and family get-together. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Amazon Prime comes up with its new series associated with all reputed names of the Hindi film industry titled MADE IN HEAVEN based on the theme of Indian Weddings and the business of Wedding Planners. The subject has an all familiar setting we have earlier seen in films like BAND BAAJA BAARAAT and more but still successfully grabs your attention and keeps you engaged too with various sub-plots showcased in its nine episodes of 45-50 minutes each.
But before going into the det

BADLA - A courageous, well enacted but far less satisfying thriller than its original. So the choice is all yours with the easy availability of both the films. (Review by Bobby Sing)
There was a time when we used to be the part of a huge crowd thronging the theaters (almost double its seating capacity) in the first show of all Amitabh Bachchan films in the 80s. And now it’s really painful to watch the first show with just 20-30 people in the theater, with the rest waiting for the early reviews and views. Though such change is inevitable with the change of time, but it surely hurts somewhere inside as a long-time die-hard fan of the star of the millennium. 

SONCHIRIYA - A superbly executed film which actually delivers the promised explosions only in its final hour & will find more appreciation and viewers on the online portals instead of the theaters. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Clearing some misconceptions first, though the film’s trailer was pretty impressive showcasing its brilliant shot-taking with an exciting cast rediscovering the forgotten era of Chambal valley and its famous dacoits – the actual SONCHIRIYA is sadly not as explosive as it was projected to be. Secondly if you were excited enough to watch the film as a Manoj Bajpai fan, then there is further disappointment in store as Manoj is only there in a short special appearance, which the trailers nev

LUKA CHUPPI - Hindi Cinema continues surprising you with thoroughly entertaining youthful social comedies and this time along with making a bold, noticeable comment on the present religious fanaticism. Go for it! (Review by Bobby Sing)

As a project, smartly clear about its target audience, this is yet again surprisingly entertaining small town, youthful, social comedy which targets family audience as well as the younger brigade and is based on a bold unusual subject conceived exactly on the lines of VICKY DONOR, SHUBH MANGAL SAAVDHAN and BADHAAI HO.  
Revolving around the new-age concept of Live-In relationships, it cleverly never gets into any offensive zone and doesn’t waste any t

THE FINAL CALL (Web-Series/Zee5) - A well-conceived and enacted web-series with a novel, engaging plot that successfully keeps you engaged and involved. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The one important aspect to be understood related to the new world of no-limit, uncensored web-series is that this is an opportunity to move beyond the usual, exploring new avenues, plots and stories reaching out to the viewers who are more than eager to watch something fresh and novel tried making the best use of the opportunity given. And now when the resources are being provided, the platform is being given and the known stars are also willing to be a part of the new-age movement then it would be really silly, if the makers go on beatin

KADVI HAWA - Watch it to feel the shame & fear together as a thoughtful experimental film. (Review By Bobby Sing)
In one of the key sequences of the film, a teacher puts up a question to his students asking, ‘How many seasons we witness throughout a year?’ A student quoting it from the books says ‘four’ and another learning it from the real life says ‘two’ – which beautifully explains the alarming theme of the film giving us the scary picture.
Pointing towards the accepted fact of ‘Climate Change’, KADVI HAWA (meaning Bi

TOTAL DHAMAAL - You will surely enjoy it more watching at online portals at home with no money spent on the tickets and that should say it all. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Whether one likes or not, the fact is that people do prefer to watch this genre of ‘mostly condemned’ cinema in theaters and therefore the occupancy is much more in comparison to a thriller or routine drama. The reason behind the fact is that people love to get entertained and knowingly want to forget the logic and laugh for a while skipping their daily tortures.
Honestly the same goes true for reviewers too, though many think that such cinema is intentionally or purposefully criticized by the cri

PARCHAYEE: Ghost Stories By Ruskin Bond (Web Series / Zee5) - Simple, sweet, but unexciting ghost stories targeting the younger viewers (kids) in particular redefining horror on screen. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Simple, sweet, likable are not usually words used to describe Ghost Stories in particular. But when these stories are the ones penned by Ruskin Bond then they do become simple, sweet and adorable especially written for the kids, giving them their first shocking glimpses of the unusual. 
As a writer Ruskin Bond needs no introduction in the world of English literature famous all over the world and there are generations who have grown up reading his stories since last many decades.

RANGBAAZ (Web Series / Zee5) - Another routine but subtle gangster drama retelling the same old tale with a superfine cast ensemble performing all familiar roles. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Strangely forgetting or not realizing the importance of this new potential opportunity of content creation and its airing without any censor restrictions in the country, RANGBAAZ is yet another gangster drama retelling an all familiar tale wasting a great cast ensemble in plain routine roles.
Interestingly where earlier we had gangster based web-series inspired from the superior Hindi films of the genre, now we have a web-series inspired from a web series using a similar kind of narration ins

GULLY BOY - A winner in its realistic execution and performances but along with being clichéd, missing the explosion found in its soundtrack and lyrics, ending on an abrupt note. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Based on the story of an underdog making his way to the top in the hip-hop culture of his city, Zoya Akhtar’s GULLY BOY is a fine, path-breaking attempt with many noteworthy merits for sure bringing in the good news. But it frankly also left me unsatisfied in the end, asking for more, with a few superficial references and unattended sub-plots concluding on an abrupt note.
Made on the script by Zoya written along Reema Kagti (officially borrowing from th

Aamir's SATYAMEV JAYATE was commendable - But did it really make any difference. (Articles on Music, Poetry and Life by Bobby Sing)
The mediums of entertainment such as books, paintings, music, plays, movies and more aim at entertaining the end-users reaching their heart and soul. But at the same time they do have an essential responsibility towards the society too that needs to be accepted and worked upon at the crucial times.
Putting it differently, these mediums and their representatives should ideally entertain as well as enlighten their huge following at times, bringing forward the social issues that generally remain undisclosed, sup

DIL JUUNGLEE - An unexpectedly 'no fun', repetitive and poorly conceived film in complete contrast to its fresh and entertaining trailer. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
Its trailer stressed upon the relationship between a young, beautiful English teacher and her smart male student. The fun element was quite prominent in the few entertaining sequences shared, and a nice, fresh, positive vibe was certainly felt before its re-scheduled release.
Unfortunately, nothing of that sort happens to be there in the film strangely titled DIL JUUNGLEE and the fresh sequences seen in the trailer hurriedly get over in the first 20 minutes itself in an unexpectedly clumsy ma

HATE STORY IV - As expected, its another film in the series of technically upgraded sleaze. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
With this latest part of the HATE STORY series, Hindi films enter into the fourth level of all forced sequels, typically made to cater a specific section of viewers offering a distasteful mix of the same old repeated things showcasing some new faces. However it wasn’t expected that the fourth part of this series will be so awful in its presentation and acting department too, taking the viewers as granted.
In straight words, HATE STORY IV is a kind of wannabe Abbas Mastaan thril

KARAN JOHAR - From making fun of SIKHS to working with a STAR SIKH in a recent Hindi film. (Articles on Cinema By Bobby Sing)
Destiny plays a major role in the world of show business, the world of entertainment, and we have heard numerous stories of lady-luck shining overnight or tables turning over the years, with the supporting actors becoming stars and the stars fading out with the changing times. Equation changes every Friday in this uncertain entertainment industry and its often said that there is no permanent friend or enemy in this world of glamour.
The most recent example of getting ‘unexpected fame’ overnight re

RAID - A positive but average, unexciting thriller missing the promised explosive clashes. (Review By Bobby Sing)
An impressive, potential trailer works both ways. It successfully manages to create a positive buzz before the film’s release and it also raises the expectations of the viewers, looking for much more explosive content in the film moving beyond the trailer.
Unfortunately, the usual story repeats itself this week in RAID, as we yet again have a film that falls way short of the excitement and thrills promised by its well-made trailer. In short, if you are expecting some mind blowing sequen

How 3 STOREYS makes you recall Hrishikesh, Hitchcock, Sai Pranjpye and Benegal together. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Introducing the characters living in a Mumbai chawl through a Sutradhaar, 3 STOREYS (meaning 3 Floors) actually focuses on more than three interlinked stories about uncertain relationships in life revolving around different families living in the same chawl. It begins on an impressive, ambitious note with a thrilling tale, but isn’t able to deliver an equally convincing content post the initial 40 minutes resulting in a courageous but strictly average product.

Directed by the debutant Arjun M

DSGMC leaders contradict their own religious ideology by promoting DILJIT DOSANJH - by Bobby Sing

Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee's top most leaders did a press conference today promoting Diljit Dosanjh and his upcoming film SAJJAN SINGH RANGROOT, without any visible hesitation, contradicting their own widely propagated religious ideology and a strong stand on 'The Ideal Roop (Appearance) of A Khalsa’.

But clearing the doubts first, this article is neither about Diljit - the singer turned actor, successfully ruling the hearts making a noteworthy entry into

FOUR MORE SHOTS PLEASE (Amazon Prime Web-Series) - Technically well-made but with nothing new as content, yet again taking advantage of the online freedom. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Amazon Prime’s newly released 10-part web-series is all about four girls who gang up together in the city of Mumbai and share their personal experiences of life visiting a bar every day for a few drinks. Putting it rightly, boozing is what actually connects them all in both good and sad times and you see them constantly drinking following it as a ritual in their life becoming the major part of the series throughout.
So here we have a single mother who is a successful lawyer (Kirti Kulhari

THE FAKIR OF VENICE (2019/Hinglish) - A decade old average flick made on a subject that still connects focusing on the mystic image of INDIA in the west. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Waiting its release since a decade, I actually watched the film in a 2017 film festival in Delhi and this was supposed to be the debut film of Farhan Akhtar as reported, who then made his first film appearance in ROCK ON (2008). 
THE FAKIR OF VENICE finally but questionably gets released in the times when people have already stopped visiting the theaters for such unknown or smaller films and like to watch them only on the online portals for a subscriptio

UDA AIDA (Punjabi) - Ignoring the shortcomings, this needs to be applauded for showing us the mirror and for its sincere and heartfelt effort pointing towards the value and importance of the MOTHER LANGUAGE. (Review By Bobby Sing)
As another meaningful attempt showcasing the state of schools, education and parenting in Punjab post SON OF MANJEET SINGH (2018), UDA AIDA takes a step further and spreads a universal message pointing towards the wide ignorance of Punjabi (aka Panjabi) as the mother language by the Punjabis themselves.
Though here too the final result has its own cinematic limitations as a film, but thankfully this time we have much more to praise, since UDA AIDA raises a ve

EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA - A too careful, subtle and less convincing depiction of a bold subject following the latest Bollywood formula. (Review By Bobby Sing)

A confusingly promoted film presenting a bold issue in the format of the latest Bollywood formula, EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA remains largely unconvincing and gets marginally saved by the two veteran actors and its rare subject matter. But before mentioning the details, it needs to be told that the review of the film cannot be written without revealing its only twist and thus you can skip it if you wish to watch the film first.

EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA had a confusing promotional str

DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1944) - The cult classic which inspired numerous crime thrillers in the later decades. (Movies To See Before You Die - Suspense)

The black and white era of 1940s had great suspense thrillers, murder mysteries and detective movies made in Hollywood that are still a treat to watch even after almost a century in the present world of amazing technological advancements. And one of those most famous, much appreciated and widely quoted cult classic film is DOUBLE INDEMNITY released in 1944 as a pioneer crime thriller directed by Billy Wilder.

The film was adapted from the novel by James M. Cain, which was also based

SONI (Netflix) - A sincere depiction of life of women in Khaki, presented in a realistic docu-drama mode, missing the story element. (Review By Bobby Sing)

A lonely woman on the road is always an easy target and at times even the woman in Khaki is not safe, if not accompanied by men providing the timely protection. Netflix’s new release SONI realistically deals with the subject of sexism and misogyny faced by the women working in Police services. And they face it not only in their homes but in the office and on the road too fighting for their denied respect and freedom as a fellow human being.

The film has been based in Delhi but in reality this is the story of ev

THACKERAY - A well-directed, unapologetic and revealing bio-pic that has not been made to entertain but inform as a purposeful film releasing at a perfect timing. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Beginning with the forms of this specific genre, we have seen bio-pics that revisit the proud history, honouring a great historical figure (or an event) enlightening the new generations fulfilling a social responsibility. And then we have seen bio-pics made to inspire as well as entertain rediscovering a creative personality/achiever from the world of arts or sports having an interesting life-story to share. 

On the other hand, we recently got to see many propaganda films in the genre, forcefully commenting/suggesting upon a mur

MANIKARNIKA - Kangna's spirited show of her commitment towards cinema that largely works despite its flaws & a few avoidable insertions. (Review by Bobby Sing)

To clear the doubts and controversies first, this is a fictionalized account of the life story of the warrior queen/Rani of Jhansi (taking many cinematic liberties), who fought with the British Empire and the neighbouring Kings in 1858 and died in her battle against the mighty at the age of just 29. We have all read the story in our school text books at an early age and the pictures are strongly engraved in our memories of a valiant woman strapped with a child on her back riding the horse with the text written as ‘Khoob Ladi Mard

THE INVISIBLE GUEST (Spanish) - A not to be missed, well-made clever film deserving your time and attention. (Review by Bobby Sing)
A Spanish Crime thriller with the original title CONTRATIEMPO meaning setback, THE INVISIBLE GUEST is one of those extremely clever and well made films that constantly trick their viewers with many sharp, unexpected twists. And then the climax forces them to go for it again, right from the beginning, catching the clues left which they strangely couldn’t spot in the first viewing.
Commencing with a calm & long interrogation, the exciting ride begins after a while and

WHY CHEAT INDIA - Missing the thrill and excitement it tries to raise a valid and relevant question about the competitive exams and employment structure in the country. (Review By Bobby Sing)
In the last few years, writers and directors in Hindi cinema have thankfully found the courage to go for fresh relevant subjects raising important social issues. But they have sadly always executed them half-heartedly on screen, with a lukewarm approach avoiding playing with fire for the obvious commercial reasons.
WHY CHEAT INDIA is yet again a project practicing the same, missing the bull’s eye, which it easily could have attained, boldly addressing the issue asking the crucial questi