Bobby Talks Cinema Rss Feed METRO PARK (Web Series/Eros Now) - Where you have all entertaining, likable characters led by Ranvir Shorey, thankfully reminding you of the good old days of Doordarshan. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Based on an interesting premise of Patels (Gujarati families) living in the locality of Metro Park in New Jersey, the biggest merit of this latest Eros Now’s series is that it largely reminds you of the good old days of Doordarshan, when they used to make some great engaging shows with all well written likable characters offering clean family entertainment aired around the dinner time in the slab of 8-10 pm.
So bringing back the memories of that golden era, here we have a series featuring mostly Gu

PHOTOGRAPH - A supposedly realistic film that tries your patience with a slow, unengaging narrative, partially remaining far away from reality. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Have always been in support of such challenging, off-beat attempts coming up with thoughtful, innovative subjects made by the young directors, but this time PHOTOGRAPH doesn’t deliver any such significant content and was much less than expected despite the stellar cast and director.
To begin with, the biggest disappointment remains the completely illogical and unrealistic basic premise of the film wherein a young educated (topper) beautiful girl so easily gets involved with a not so goo

MILAN TALKIES - Sad to see such a repetitive and unimpressive film made by Tigmanshu Dhulia. (Review By Bobby Sing)

The two names I was more excited for in MILAN TALKIES were of writer-director Tigmanshu Dhulia, whose two films are already there in the Movies To See Before You Die list at BTC and Shraddha Srinath making her debut in Hindi films, whom I truly loved in worth watching movies such as U-TURN (Kannada) and VIKRAM VEDHA (Tamil). Moreover a Tigmanshu Dhulia film made around the mad craze for Hindi films, with actors such as Ashutosh Rana

MADE IN HEAVEN (Prime Web-Series) - An elegantly made, fairly engaging series based on a familiar subject, that is also only for mature audience, contradicting its universal theme of Indian Weddings and family get-together. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Amazon Prime comes up with its new series associated with all reputed names of the Hindi film industry titled MADE IN HEAVEN based on the theme of Indian Weddings and the business of Wedding Planners. The subject has an all familiar setting we have earlier seen in films like BAND BAAJA BAARAAT and more but still successfully grabs your attention and keeps you engaged too with various sub-plots showcased in its nine episodes of 45-50 minutes each.
But before going into the det

BADLA - A courageous, well enacted but far less satisfying thriller than its original. So the choice is all yours with the easy availability of both the films. (Review by Bobby Sing)
There was a time when we used to be the part of a huge crowd thronging the theaters (almost double its seating capacity) in the first show of all Amitabh Bachchan films in the 80s. And now it’s really painful to watch the first show with just 20-30 people in the theater, with the rest waiting for the early reviews and views. Though such change is inevitable with the change of time, but it surely hurts somewhere inside as a long-time die-hard fan of the star of the millennium. 

SONCHIRIYA - A superbly executed film which actually delivers the promised explosions only in its final hour & will find more appreciation and viewers on the online portals instead of the theaters. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Clearing some misconceptions first, though the film’s trailer was pretty impressive showcasing its brilliant shot-taking with an exciting cast rediscovering the forgotten era of Chambal valley and its famous dacoits – the actual SONCHIRIYA is sadly not as explosive as it was projected to be. Secondly if you were excited enough to watch the film as a Manoj Bajpai fan, then there is further disappointment in store as Manoj is only there in a short special appearance, which the trailers nev

LUKA CHUPPI - Hindi Cinema continues surprising you with thoroughly entertaining youthful social comedies and this time along with making a bold, noticeable comment on the present religious fanaticism. Go for it! (Review by Bobby Sing)

As a project, smartly clear about its target audience, this is yet again surprisingly entertaining small town, youthful, social comedy which targets family audience as well as the younger brigade and is based on a bold unusual subject conceived exactly on the lines of VICKY DONOR, SHUBH MANGAL SAAVDHAN and BADHAAI HO.  
Revolving around the new-age concept of Live-In relationships, it cleverly never gets into any offensive zone and doesn’t waste any t

THE FINAL CALL (Web-Series/Zee5) - That's how we would like to see well-made and superbly enacted web-series telling us new, engaging stories making the best use of the opportunity given. Do watch it! (Review by Bobby Sing)
The one important aspect to be understood related to the new world of no-limit, uncensored web-series is that this is an opportunity to move beyond the usual, exploring new avenues, plots and stories reaching out to the viewers who are more than eager to watch something fresh and novel tried by our own new and old writers and directors making the best use of the opportunity given. And now when the resources are being provided, the platform is being given and the known stars are also willing to be a part of the new-age movement then it woul

KADVI HAWA - Watch it to feel the shame & fear together as a thoughtful experimental film. (Review By Bobby Sing)
In one of the key sequences of the film, a teacher puts up a question to his students asking, ‘How many seasons we witness throughout a year?’ A student quoting it from the books says ‘four’ and another learning it from the real life says ‘two’ – which beautifully explains the alarming theme of the film giving us the scary picture.
Pointing towards the accepted fact of ‘Climate Change’, KADVI HAWA (meaning Bi

TOTAL DHAMAAL - You will surely enjoy it more watching at online portals at home with no money spent on the tickets and that should say it all. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Whether one likes or not, the fact is that people do prefer to watch this genre of ‘mostly condemned’ cinema in theaters and therefore the occupancy is much more in comparison to a thriller or routine drama. The reason behind the fact is that people love to get entertained and knowingly want to forget the logic and laugh for a while skipping their daily tortures.
Honestly the same goes true for reviewers too, though many think that such cinema is intentionally or purposefully criticized by the cri

PARCHAYEE: Ghost Stories By Ruskin Bond (Web Series / Zee5) - Simple, sweet, but unexciting ghost stories targeting the younger viewers (kids) in particular redefining horror on screen. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Simple, sweet, likable are not usually words used to describe Ghost Stories in particular. But when these stories are the ones penned by Ruskin Bond then they do become simple, sweet and adorable especially written for the kids, giving them their first shocking glimpses of the unusual. 
As a writer Ruskin Bond needs no introduction in the world of English literature famous all over the world and there are generations who have grown up reading his stories since last many decades.

RANGBAAZ (Web Series / Zee5) - Another routine but subtle gangster drama retelling the same old tale with a superfine cast ensemble performing all familiar roles. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Strangely forgetting or not realizing the importance of this new potential opportunity of content creation and its airing without any censor restrictions in the country, RANGBAAZ is yet another gangster drama retelling an all familiar tale wasting a great cast ensemble in plain routine roles.
Interestingly where earlier we had gangster based web-series inspired from the superior Hindi films of the genre, now we have a web-series inspired from a web series using a similar kind of narration ins

GULLY BOY - A winner in its realistic execution and performances but along with being clichéd, missing the explosion found in its soundtrack and lyrics, ending on an abrupt note. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Based on the story of an underdog making his way to the top in the hip-hop culture of his city, Zoya Akhtar’s GULLY BOY is a fine, path-breaking attempt with many noteworthy merits for sure bringing in the good news. But it frankly also left me unsatisfied in the end, asking for more, with a few superficial references and unattended sub-plots concluding on an abrupt note.
Made on the script by Zoya written along Reema Kagti (officially borrowing from th

Aamir's SATYAMEV JAYATE was commendable - But did it really make any difference. (Articles on Music, Poetry and Life by Bobby Sing)
The mediums of entertainment such as books, paintings, music, plays, movies and more aim at entertaining the end-users reaching their heart and soul. But at the same time they do have an essential responsibility towards the society too that needs to be accepted and worked upon at the crucial times.
Putting it differently, these mediums and their representatives should ideally entertain as well as enlighten their huge following at times, bringing forward the social issues that generally remain undisclosed, sup

DIL JUUNGLEE - An unexpectedly 'no fun', repetitive and poorly conceived film in complete contrast to its fresh and entertaining trailer. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
Its trailer stressed upon the relationship between a young, beautiful English teacher and her smart male student. The fun element was quite prominent in the few entertaining sequences shared, and a nice, fresh, positive vibe was certainly felt before its re-scheduled release.
Unfortunately, nothing of that sort happens to be there in the film strangely titled DIL JUUNGLEE and the fresh sequences seen in the trailer hurriedly get over in the first 20 minutes itself in an unexpectedly clumsy ma

HATE STORY IV - As expected, its another film in the series of technically upgraded sleaze. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
With this latest part of the HATE STORY series, Hindi films enter into the fourth level of all forced sequels, typically made to cater a specific section of viewers offering a distasteful mix of the same old repeated things showcasing some new faces. However it wasn’t expected that the fourth part of this series will be so awful in its presentation and acting department too, taking the viewers as granted.
In straight words, HATE STORY IV is a kind of wannabe Abbas Mastaan thril

KARAN JOHAR - From making fun of SIKHS to working with a STAR SIKH in a recent Hindi film. (Articles on Cinema By Bobby Sing)
Destiny plays a major role in the world of show business, the world of entertainment, and we have heard numerous stories of lady-luck shining overnight or tables turning over the years, with the supporting actors becoming stars and the stars fading out with the changing times. Equation changes every Friday in this uncertain entertainment industry and its often said that there is no permanent friend or enemy in this world of glamour.
The most recent example of getting ‘unexpected fame’ overnight re

RAID - A positive but average, unexciting thriller missing the promised explosive clashes. (Review By Bobby Sing)
An impressive, potential trailer works both ways. It successfully manages to create a positive buzz before the film’s release and it also raises the expectations of the viewers, looking for much more explosive content in the film moving beyond the trailer.
Unfortunately, the usual story repeats itself this week in RAID, as we yet again have a film that falls way short of the excitement and thrills promised by its well-made trailer. In short, if you are expecting some mind blowing sequen

How 3 STOREYS makes you recall Hrishikesh, Hitchcock, Sai Pranjpye and Benegal together. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Introducing the characters living in a Mumbai chawl through a Sutradhaar, 3 STOREYS (meaning 3 Floors) actually focuses on more than three interlinked stories about uncertain relationships in life revolving around different families living in the same chawl. It begins on an impressive, ambitious note with a thrilling tale, but isn’t able to deliver an equally convincing content post the initial 40 minutes resulting in a courageous but strictly average product.

Directed by the debutant Arjun M

DSGMC leaders contradict their own religious ideology by promoting DILJIT DOSANJH - by Bobby Sing

Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee's top most leaders did a press conference today promoting Diljit Dosanjh and his upcoming film SAJJAN SINGH RANGROOT, without any visible hesitation, contradicting their own widely propagated religious ideology and a strong stand on 'The Ideal Roop (Appearance) of A Khalsa’.

But clearing the doubts first, this article is neither about Diljit - the singer turned actor, successfully ruling the hearts making a noteworthy entry into

FOUR MORE SHOTS PLEASE (Amazon Prime Web-Series) - Technically well-made but with nothing new as content, yet again taking advantage of the online freedom. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Amazon Prime’s newly released 10-part web-series is all about four girls who gang up together in the city of Mumbai and share their personal experiences of life visiting a bar every day for a few drinks. Putting it rightly, boozing is what actually connects them all in both good and sad times and you see them constantly drinking following it as a ritual in their life becoming the major part of the series throughout.
So here we have a single mother who is a successful lawyer (Kirti Kulhari

THE FAKIR OF VENICE (2019/Hinglish) - A decade old average flick made on a subject that still connects focusing on the mystic image of INDIA in the west. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Waiting its release since a decade, I actually watched the film in a 2017 film festival in Delhi and this was supposed to be the debut film of Farhan Akhtar as reported, who then made his first film appearance in ROCK ON (2008). 
THE FAKIR OF VENICE finally but questionably gets released in the times when people have already stopped visiting the theaters for such unknown or smaller films and like to watch them only on the online portals for a subscriptio

UDA AIDA (Punjabi) - Ignoring the shortcomings, this needs to be applauded for showing us the mirror and for its sincere and heartfelt effort pointing towards the value and importance of the MOTHER LANGUAGE. (Review By Bobby Sing)
As another meaningful attempt showcasing the state of schools, education and parenting in Punjab post SON OF MANJEET SINGH (2018), UDA AIDA takes a step further and spreads a universal message pointing towards the wide ignorance of Punjabi (aka Panjabi) as the mother language by the Punjabis themselves.
Though here too the final result has its own cinematic limitations as a film, but thankfully this time we have much more to praise, since UDA AIDA raises a ve

EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA - A too careful, subtle and less convincing depiction of a bold subject following the latest Bollywood formula. (Review By Bobby Sing)

A confusingly promoted film presenting a bold issue in the format of the latest Bollywood formula, EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA remains largely unconvincing and gets marginally saved by the two veteran actors and its rare subject matter. But before mentioning the details, it needs to be told that the review of the film cannot be written without revealing its only twist and thus you can skip it if you wish to watch the film first.

EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA had a confusing promotional str

DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1944) - The cult classic which inspired numerous crime thrillers in the later decades. (Movies To See Before You Die - Suspense)

The black and white era of 1940s had great suspense thrillers, murder mysteries and detective movies made in Hollywood that are still a treat to watch even after almost a century in the present world of amazing technological advancements. And one of those most famous, much appreciated and widely quoted cult classic film is DOUBLE INDEMNITY released in 1944 as a pioneer crime thriller directed by Billy Wilder.

The film was adapted from the novel by James M. Cain, which was also based

SONI (Netflix) - A sincere depiction of life of women in Khaki, presented in a realistic docu-drama mode, missing the story element. (Review By Bobby Sing)

A lonely woman on the road is always an easy target and at times even the woman in Khaki is not safe, if not accompanied by men providing the timely protection. Netflix’s new release SONI realistically deals with the subject of sexism and misogyny faced by the women working in Police services. And they face it not only in their homes but in the office and on the road too fighting for their denied respect and freedom as a fellow human being.

The film has been based in Delhi but in reality this is the story of ev

THACKERAY - A well-directed, unapologetic and revealing bio-pic that has not been made to entertain but inform as a purposeful film releasing at a perfect timing. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Beginning with the forms of this specific genre, we have seen bio-pics that revisit the proud history, honouring a great historical figure (or an event) enlightening the new generations fulfilling a social responsibility. And then we have seen bio-pics made to inspire as well as entertain rediscovering a creative personality/achiever from the world of arts or sports having an interesting life-story to share. 

On the other hand, we recently got to see many propaganda films in the genre, forcefully commenting/suggesting upon a mur

MANIKARNIKA - Kangna's spirited show of her commitment towards cinema that largely works despite its flaws & a few avoidable insertions. (Review by Bobby Sing)

To clear the doubts and controversies first, this is a fictionalized account of the life story of the warrior queen/Rani of Jhansi (taking many cinematic liberties), who fought with the British Empire and the neighbouring Kings in 1858 and died in her battle against the mighty at the age of just 29. We have all read the story in our school text books at an early age and the pictures are strongly engraved in our memories of a valiant woman strapped with a child on her back riding the horse with the text written as ‘Khoob Ladi Mard

THE INVISIBLE GUEST (Spanish) - A not to be missed, well-made clever film deserving your time and attention. (Review by Bobby Sing)
A Spanish Crime thriller with the original title CONTRATIEMPO meaning setback, THE INVISIBLE GUEST is one of those extremely clever and well made films that constantly trick their viewers with many sharp, unexpected twists. And then the climax forces them to go for it again, right from the beginning, catching the clues left which they strangely couldn’t spot in the first viewing.
Commencing with a calm & long interrogation, the exciting ride begins after a while and

WHY CHEAT INDIA - Missing the thrill and excitement it tries to raise a valid and relevant question about the competitive exams and employment structure in the country. (Review By Bobby Sing)
In the last few years, writers and directors in Hindi cinema have thankfully found the courage to go for fresh relevant subjects raising important social issues. But they have sadly always executed them half-heartedly on screen, with a lukewarm approach avoiding playing with fire for the obvious commercial reasons.
WHY CHEAT INDIA is yet again a project practicing the same, missing the bull’s eye, which it easily could have attained, boldly addressing the issue asking the crucial questi

PETTA (Tamil/Hindi) - Strictly made for the fans offering nostalgic moments and disappointment together. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Directed by Karthik Subbaraj, a self-confessed fan of the icon, PETTA (meaning locality/area) is a gift to all the die-hard fans of Rajinikanth, following him since the super hits of the 90s which in turn made the actor into a mega-star. And one unique feature of this new release of the year 2019 is that this time we have a second Rajini movie releasing at a very short span of time, when his last 2.0 is still playing in the theaters.
A simple, routine story of reveng

URI: THE SURGICAL STRIKE - A slickly made, decent war film that follows the fixed pattern of a hero oriented individual revenge thriller. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Based on the real life event of Indian Army’s planned attack on terrorist launch pads in the region of Kashmir in 2016, URI: THE SURGICAL STRIKE is a technically well-made film directed by the debutant writer-director, Aditya Dhar. It respectfully presents the superheroes in our forces as the unbreakable wall guarding the nation, capable enough to retaliate and answer the brutal attacks of the enemies in the same language. But as a war movie, it has its own limitations of a typical Hindi film, fictiona

THE ACCIDENTAL PRIME MINISTER - Unexpectedly reminded me of those trashy I. S. Johar films made with similar looking artists mocking the system. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Before its release I honestly thought this is going to be a tough review for sure as it obviously was a clear propaganda film made with a purpose and many were almost ready to lap it up as an authentic revelation supporting their own though process and political associations.
But surprisingly, this happens to be one of the easiest reviews of the recent times, as the film unexpectedly turns out to be nothing but mimicry tried by its each and every character exactly like the entertaining trashy films made by th

Prof. KADER KHAN in BENAAM (1974) and its insightful innovation hiding the thrilling suspense inspired from ALFRED HITCHCOCK - by Bobby Sing
The era of late 60s and early 70s had suspense thrillers and murder mysteries as one of the most favourite genre of many producers-directors and they enjoyed decent success ratio too despite not having any repeat value.
One of the interesting projects trying a rare innovation of those times was writer-director Narinder Bedi’s BENAAM which also happened to be the first film crediting Kader Khan for his contribution as the solo dialogue writer.

Chapters and not pages need to be written on the phenomenon called KADER KHAN introducing him to the present and upcoming generations - By Bobby Sing
Reading numerous articles and posts at social networks post the demise of Kader Khan - the legendary write-actor of Hindi Cinema, I straightaway got reminded of an important chapter of my book DID YOU KNOW Vol.1 written on the legend UTPAL DUTT with the title, Utpal Dutt – not

JAAL (1952) and its unique song sequence featuring Dev Anand and Geeta Bali. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
The two names unanimously celebrated as the pioneers of unique song picturisation in Hindi Cinema are Vijay Anand and Raj Khosla since the 50s. And you will easily find numerous write-ups on their specific song sequences shot differently without any dance performances or traditional choreography defying the set norm.
However the real mastermind behind such distinctive execution of songs in Hindi films was Guru Dutt, who interestingly even started his career a

BAAPJANMA (Marathi/2017) - A fresh, light-hearted perspective on terminal illness and DEATH, that deserves to be seen with the family. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Marathi movies have certainly emerged as one of the most progressive and worth applauding stream of Indian cinema made in regional languages in the last two decades. And BAAPJANMA continues the welcome trend with an upgraded, light-hearted take on the otherwise serious theme of terminal illness, which amazingly also happens to be the debut film of its writer-director Nipun Dharmadhikari.
Straight away beginning from a death scene and then taking you back in time a month earli

SIMMBA - If only you can go on watching the same stuff again and again without any novel twist, completely relying on the big names or the cameos. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Hindi mainstream cinema, its key filmmakers as well as the renowned stars are facing a serious dilemma at the present coming up with highly confused films. At one end they are courageously willing and even trying to do something fresh and novel in their new ventures moving ahead of the familiar norms. But on the other, are also not willing to experiment with the ‘set image’ of their stars, actually hampering and diminishing the impact of their every such attempt bringing them back to square one.

RATSASAN (Tamil/2018) - A taut and engrossing serial killer mystery with a brilliant premise. (Review by Bobby Sing)
A well-made psychological crime thriller with an engrossing mystery of a serial killer murdering the young school going girls, RATSASAN (meaning Demon) is directed by Ramkumar and features Vishnu and Amala Paul in the lead along with an impressive cast.
As a taut, competent suspense thriller, it has its limitations but works for most of its duration, keeping you thoroughly involved in the ongoing investigations. And its most interest

KGF (Chapter 1) (Kannada/Hindi) - Delivers many well-shot & superbly executed sequences in a loud, over the top action thriller with nothing novel in terms of plot. (Review By Bobby Sing)
One of the most awaited, talked about and aggressively promoted film (with it’s every poster/teaser), KGF (Kolar Gold Fields) directed by Prashanth Neel features Yash in the lead and has been released in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi all over eyeing at a wider audience.
However as a film, raising huge expectations among the viewers, it comes up as an unexpectedly weak project which strictly caters to a particular section of viewers and the end-r

ZERO - Why all talented directors start struggling & falter when it comes to a Shah Rukh Khan film? (Review by Bobby Sing)
In 2011 while discussing and writing about ALWAYS KABHI KABHI, a film produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, I was told that a project drastically changes while in the making when Shah Rukh Khan is involved in it as a producer or lead actor. But having no solid proof or reasoning to believe it as a fact, I didn’t give an ear to it and ignored.
Then came RA.ONE in 2012 directed by Anubhav Sinha followed by DON 2 (Farhan Ak

ONAAYUM AATTUKKUTTIYUM (Tamil/2013) - Don’t miss this amazing, hell of a ride with the MASTER at work and at his best. (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller)
An unconventional, experimental thriller that will force you to witness it uninterrupted, getting deeply engrossed in its fast paced unpredictable proceedings and the lead characters, ONAAYUM AATTUKKUTTIYUM is certainly going to be one hell of a ride, staying with you for long after the end credits start rolling for sure.
The title literally meaning The Wolf And The Lamb, this is not just one of those well-made routine thrillers but a distinctive achievement by the writer-dir

IMAIKKAA NODIGAL (Tamil/2018) - Both Nayanthara and Anurag Kashyap shine in this engrossing serial killer thriller. (Review By Bobby Sing)
What we have been missing in our cinema, particularly Hindi cinema since last many years (or last couple of decades) is a great, scary villain providing the much required lift to a crime drama. Certainly that remains the major reason why our heroes too don’t emerge as the heroes we have been witnessing in the last century fighting with the mighty villains.
Thankfully IMAIKKAA NODIGAL brings us back The Villain in a serial killer film, which has been superbly played by the renowned write

GOODACHARI (Telugu/2018) – A smart, engrossing spy thriller with many impressive twists that work despite the cinematic liberties. (Review by Bobby Sing)

As an Indian spy thriller in Telugu introducing a secret agent numbered 116, GOODACHARI (meaning Spy) goes much ahead of the recent spy movies seen in Hindi cinema both in terms of content, suspense and presentation with an impressive culmination. 

Directed by Sashi Kiran Tikka, it is based on some smart writing that starts placing the dots right from the beginning itself and then slowly connects them together building a fine and entertaining suspense. The drama becomes more engrossing

PARIYERUM PERUMAL (Tamil/2018) - Watch it for its well-shot, powerful sequences and the ‘KARUPPI DOG SONG’ in particular as a rare, amazing gem like never seen before. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Beginning with the caption “Caste and religion are against humanity”, PARIYERUM PERUMAL (meaning God who mounts a horse) clearly conveys its core message in the first frame itself and then presents the same in its several powerful sequences revolving around the life-instances of a young student of law and his fight against the racist exploitation.
Directed by Mari Selvaraj and Prabunath, the film opens with its most significant as we

GURGAON – It's like a well-designed, stylishly made explosive that doesn’t explode. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Beginning with praises, GURGAON is a rare, small-budget film that simply excels in its craft and can easily be quoted as an evident example of how a visually and technically impressive film can also be made in a limited budget. It particularly delivers much more than expected in its cinematography and background score department brilliantly supporting the dark and intense theme using slow musical tracks in the backdrop.
Secondly the film scores for bringing forward actual ground realities of our society such

JALEBI - Yet another Delhi based film that remains a confused, predictable, emotional mess throughout. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Wrongly promoted with a confused presentation, JALEBI turns out to be a weepy mess that fails to find the most important emotional connect with the viewer and remains completely predictable throughout with an all familiar story progression.
Explaining the confused promotion, firstly it was introduced with a bold poster of a girl leaning out of the train kissing her boyfriend, whereas the film doesn’t have any such feel of a young love story at all. Secondly its trailer pointed towards a

LOVE PER SQUARE FOOT (Netflix) - A sweet, likable, new-age lighter version of Bhimsain’s GHAROANDA (1977). (Review By Bobby Sing)
In the happening year of 1977 post the Emergency, a relatively small film released among the big blockbusters receiving apprecation. The film thoughtfully pointed towards the problem of urbanization revolving around a couple searching for their new home in the city and was a poignant account of issues faced by them fighting for their individual existence. Directed by Bhimsain, it was aptly titled GHARAONDA and had an ensemble of extremely gifted people working together as Bhimsain, Gulzar, Jaidev,

BRIJ MOHAN AMAR RAHE (Netflix) – Has an intriguing plot that could have resulted in a much better comic crime thriller. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Another movie based in Delhi, wrongly or rather deliberately portraying it as a city where everyone uses abuses and ‘Bhaji’ in a Punjabi tone in their routine conversations, BRIJ MOHAN AMAR RAHE thankfully has an intriguing plot of a conman. And the plot revolves around a young shopkeeper deeply caught in debts, who plans to fake his death, goes through a facial makeover and takes on a fresh, new identity conning the people around.

Written and directed by Nikhil Bhat, tho

RAJMA CHAWAL (Netflix) - Begins well, falling back to the same routine stuff using the repetitive backdrop of Delhi's Punjabi feel and the good old Chandni Chowk. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Interestingly titled RAJMA CHAWAL, the new Netflix release tries hard to present a delicious cuisine to the viewer but only manages to get the toppings right to be straight missing the real taste. Directed by Leena Yadav and written by Vivek Anchalia and Manu Rishi Chadha, the film successfully manages to collect all the right ingredients for the dish ensuring a great taste. But sadly goes wrong in the preparation post making a fine start, once again taking you into the narrow nostalgic lanes of the famous Purani Delhi or Delhi-6.

MIRZAPUR (Amazon Prime Series) - Every such imitation makes GANGS OF WASSEYPUR an even bigger cult representing the new age cinema. (Review By Bobby Sing)
The basic purpose of independent films or TV series produced by online portals is to exploit the unexplored, innovative ideas which are not commercially viable or too risky for a feature film released in the theaters. In fact that is the reason we get to see so many worth watching TV series in the west, boldly experimenting with new, unheard of plots, receiving huge appreciation from the audience watching all over the globe.
However here in our part of the world, we are strangely still beating around the bush

MOWGLI (Netflix) – Hope they next don’t go for a dark, unrequired version of Tom & Jerry. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Penned by Rudyard Kipling in 1894, The Jungle Book is a collection of stories revolving around an innocent boy raised by wolves in a jungle in India with various other animal characters becoming the major part of its story progression. Though the collection further deals with humans in the narration too, but the most famous among them all remain the stories of the jungle and the animals, specifically focusing on the kids, providing them entertainment as well as some essential lessons of life in a light, funny manner. In fact that is the reas

BHAIAJI SUPERHIT - As they knew it cannot be even close to a hit so they decided to call it Superhit in the title itself. (Review By Bobby Sing)

At times projects gets stuck and remain in the making for years for various reasons and that seriously affects the final outcome resulting in losses. In some rarest of rare cases a worth watching gem also gets its deserving due post a prolonged release after years like KHOSLA KA GHOSLA, but most of the times the final product is a shoddily completed torture just as the recently released BHAIAJI SUPERHIT featuring all known names.

Interestingly Sunny Deol just had another of his stuck

KEDARNATH - The visuals and an above average debut is all you get to see in this flat, unmoving film. (Review By Bobby Sing)

The most promising feature of the recent Hindi Cinema has been its choice of subjects ranging from fresh, innovative plots, bio-pics to incorporating recent happenings, social developments in the scripts, moving ahead from the clichéd routine stuff. Plus the technical advancement in visualization has certainly come a long way in the last two decades, in terms of VFX and execution of fantasy/disasters on screen like never before.
However, despite showcasing such positive development in the technique, th

2.0 - With a much better second half this can be strictly seen for the grand effort made, the climax and the meaningful message, minimizing the huge expectations. (Review By Bobby Sing)
If films are to be reviewed as per the huge effort made, the loads of never-before graphics and their gigantic budget then all such biggies can easily be given good ratings ignoring everything else including the project’s entertainment quotient. But that isn’t how it should be done, which was exactly the case with THUGS OF HINDOSTAN a few weeks back. And which is more or less also the case with 2.0, though not in the same measure or with the same amount of extreme negativity.

MOHALLA ASSI - A perfect example of how a film gets seriously affected by an unexpected pre-release leak and fear of fanaticism. (Review By Bobby Sing)
It’s difficult to adapt a novel which is known for its sharp satire on the key decisive happenings in the country in the late 80s and the early 90s. And it’s extremely difficult when the novel is actually about a city, its age old culture, its people and the local religious ambience and the language (full of abuses), much more than a storyline revolving around a few characters. But the adaptation further becomes complex  when the director adapts only a particular chapter of the novel for his film and that too roping in a l

OPPAM (Malayalam/2016) - A well-crafted crime thriller based on an intriguing plot that gets its major support from Mohanlal playing the blind protagonist. (Review By Bobby Sing)

A novel, intriguing plot in an investigative crime thriller and that too featuring one of the biggest names is nothing short of an exciting news for the true lovers of Indian cinema. OPPAM exactly brings you the same with a premise of a blind lift operator framed for a murder in his building, who both has to prove his innocence and save a kid girl from the killer as her only savior.  

Directed by Priyadarshan, based on the story written by Govind Vijayan, OPPAM features <

KAAKA MUTTAI (Tamil/2015) – You got to see this to value everything you have, much more than the ignored, underprivileged section of our society. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Cinema is storytelling and stories represent our existence, our society and the wide class-divide through its various characters. As a film KAAKA MUTTAI tries to represent the same with a superfine mix of emotions, drama, comedy and a fresh novel idea revolving around two kid boys and their wish to eat a PIZZA at least once in their life in the newly opened local Pizza joint.
The so refreshing film has a delightful, heartwarming first hour and an outstanding finale reminding us of all the lux

THOONGA VANAM (Tamil/2015) – An edge of the seat action packed journey of a night. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]

An official remake of French thriller NUIT BLANCHE meaning Sleepless Night (2011), this is an unusual thriller revolving around a kidnap, drugs, a club, a don and a team of police officer dealing with them throughout a long night. Interestingly the original film directed and co-written by Frederic Jardin was also remade in English as SLEEPLESS (2017) directed by Baran Bo Odar featuring Jamie Foxx in the lead.

In the Tamil adaptation

TC.GN – TAKE CARE GOOD NIGHT (Marathi/2018) – A simple but important film guiding the youngsters and elders who use internet, email and smart phones in an unaware state of mind. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Marathi Cinema has been exploring fresh unconventional themes since the last decade and recently a few thrillers have successfully made a noticeable impact on the viewers conveying a strong social message. Nana Patekar’s AAPLA MANUS did it brilliantly as a social thriller and here we have TCGN - TAKE CARE GOOD NIGHT with a similar outcome pointing towards another importan

EKKEES TAREEKH SHUBH MUHURAT - Painful to watch the supremely talented Sanjay Mishra in such a poor attempt. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]

An unusually titled film, yet again revolving around a marriage and a small town family, EKEES TAREEKH SHUBH MUHURAT actually had a fabulous idea in store that could have resulted in a very fine satire on our religious and social structure. 
Talking about ‘Katha-Vaachaks’ (Religious Orators), which ironically happens to be to be the most flourishing stream in the present, the film begins focusing on this potential theme, but then gets lost in all unimpre

THUGS OF HINDOSTAN - An extremely painful and boring watch as The TASHAN of 2018 despite the presence of both AAMIR and AMITABH. (Review By Bobby Sing)

To begin with, very few films prove to be true & loyal to their strong and powerful title giving you a clear message. Expectedly THUGS OF HINDOSTAN happens to be one of the same, which openly performs a clever thuggery with the audience and that too at cunningly inflated ticket prices, just to set some new records beating the other major hits of the recent Hindi cinema.

However, to be honest, the film truly took me back to the times of mid-80s when we experienced the most awful and disappointing era watching

LUPT - Another wasted opportunity offering nothing new. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing]

A few weeks back we witnessed a new breakthrough in Indian Horror films, in terms of concept and visualization, far different from the usual routine stuff in TUMBBAD. But this week we are back to the same clichéd stuff presented in the typical style where a spirit is taking its revenge from a family for a hidden crime committed by one of them in the past.

Progressing on a completely predictable plot with no unexpected shocks or twists in its storyline, LUPT also disappoints with a below averag

BAAZAAR - A performance oriented film with an exciting first half, an average second and an entirely unconvincing conclusion. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Presenting a fresh premise of stock market and its sudden ups and down, BAAZAAR comes up as a more than decent film that is not any adaptation proving the speculations wrong, but surely finds its conceptual inspirations from films like THE WOLF OF WALL STREET from the west, our own GAFLA (2006), SHIKHAR (2005) and more. At the same time it’s also isn’t any well prepared film on the subject, yet again using the same old Hindi film clichés post a great sta

KAASHI - A lame attempt to make an investigative crime thriller with too flawed writing and execution. (Review By Bobby Sing)
A few films reveal their casual, research-less writing and execution in the first scene itself spoiling the entire experience of watching it in the theater. And that becomes even more painful, when it happens to be a film that looked quite promising as an investigative crime thiller titled KAASHI.

To give you the exact scene without any spoilers, the film opens with a dark sequence of an asylum for mentally disturbed people (rather a jail) and the protagonist is shown scratching

When the discovery rediscovered the discoverer - Prem Nath and Vijay Anand. (Did You Know Facts of Hindi Cinema by Bobby Sing)

Though largely remembered for his famous villainous acts in films such as JOHNY MERA NAAM, DHARMATMA and KARZ, Prem Nath is equally recalled for his memorable positive acts in ROTI KAPDA AUR MAKAAN, KALICHARAN, BOBBY, SHOR, DESH PREMEE and more. However, the versatile actor actually began his career as a hero in the late 40s with AAG, AJIT, NAUJAWAN, AAN, BARSAAT, BAADAL posing as a strong competition to the then super stars.

Associated with Prit

PLOT NO. 5 (Hindi/1981) - A unique but forgotten crime thriller with a few rare features. (Did You Know Facts of Hindi Cinema by Bobby Sing)

Released in 1981, this is one of those forgotten or rather unknown ‘who-dun-it’ crime thrillers written and directed by Yogesh Saxena, which was a unique kind of experiment tried in those changing times that failed to perform at the box office due to its incompetent execution. Revolving around a chain of young girls murdered by a serial killer, though the film cannot be rated as a well directed one, it still had a few engaging sequences repeatedly shifting the suspicion upon its various characters.

Meena Kumari and her ME-TOO moment as revealed by Balraj Sahni in his autobiography. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)

Equal opportunity, status and respect to women, especially the working women has been a burning and debatable issue of our society since the last century. But despite all the promises, assurances and work ethics followed in various streams or industries, a woman still remains the most targeted, vulnerable and assumed person in a workplace, which is nothing more than a shameful truth of our society, we repeatedly keep pushing under the carpet saying “All Is Well" till one of our close ones becomes the victim showing us the

Vijaydashami/Dussehra celebrations remembering an outstanding track and its onscreen execution from the cinematic gem HEY RAM - (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)

Wishing all friends of BTC on the day of Vijaydashsmi (Dussehra), would like to share one of my most favourite musical gem from a bilingual film that has a Dussehra celebration filmed on screen taking you back in time to the late 40s with an exceptionally outstanding composition, rendition and lyrics.

The song and the film HEY RAM (2000) is close to my heart for more than one reason and its also rightly there in the Movies To See Before You Die List not to be missed at any

BADHAAI HO - Comedy served with maturity makes this well written film a must watch social entertainer giving a positive message. (Review By Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)
Its trailer was loved by all and the film was expected to do well from the day one of its promotion, instantly becoming a part of the online discussions. But there was one doubt being raised among the praises, that will the overtone of comedy kill the otherwise unusual yet thoughtful social issue talking about middle aged couples? And will the film be able to rise above the ‘in-trend’ repetitive comedies revolving around the middle class families?
Thankfully BADHAAI HO never becom

NAMASTE ENGLAND - Says a few right things in an awful manner as another unrequired Punjabi film made in Hindi. (Review By Bobby Sing)
One of those rare films that strangely begin in the worst possible manner, NAMASTE ENGLAND commences with all illogical and awkward sequences, showcasing the lovers meeting each other in different seasons in Punjab. So the initial 10 minutes only clearly convey the pathetic thought process and poor making of the film as the second project in the franchise post NAMASTE LONDON (2007).
Post the bizarre start, the film desperately tries to get back on track talking about women em

6 Indian Crime Thrillers based on AGATHA CHRISTIE’s mystery novels. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
One the world’s bestselling mystery writers, AGATHA CHRISTIE doesn’t need any formal introduction for the readers, especially for the die-hard fans of crime-mystery thrillers and who-dun-it novels.
The author is hugely famous all over the world and in India too with a regular demand of her books and their reprints being released with innovatively designed covers reaching the younger generation. As a matter of fact, in the last decade or so, many of her famous novels have also been

Rani Mukerji’s HICHKI and its original source FRONT OF THE CLASS - By Bobby Sing
Director Siddharth Malhotra is back with his next venture HICHKI, based on an unusual, never before kind of subject talking about a rare disorder called Tourette Syndrome, in which a person keeps making weird sounds or body movements without any self-control.
Interestingly the director\'s first film WE ARE FAMILY (2010) was also an official remake of English film STEPMOM (1998). And after a long gap of 8 years he comes up with another officia

KAPIL SHARMA will have to accept - a comedy show works as a team and not as an individual. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
The term ‘Expectation’ works both as a boon and a curse in the world of entertainment. At times you like a creation since you didn’t have much expectation from the same and at times you feel cheated, since you had much bigger expectations from an artist, a creator or a team eagerly awaiting their next venture.
Unfortunately the term worked negatively for Kapil Sharma’s comeback show returning after the break and most of us felt hugely disappointed watching the

10 Lesser Known autobiographies of eminent Hindi film personalities - (Articles On Cinema by Bobby Sing)
Before revealing the pleasant surprise, would like to say a few words about the confusing world of biographies, having more than one type in circulation.
The first and most authentic kind of biography is an autobiography (including memoirs or detailed conversations) with or without an associate author mentioned in the credits.
The second is when a different author pens it but as narrated or with the official consent of the artis

BATTI GUL METER CHALU - A relevant plot that gets hugely affected by its lazy writing and seriously annoying use of two words THEHRA and BAL. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Directed by Shree Narayan Singh who last delivered a socially relevant-cum-propaganda film as TOILET – EK PREM KATHA, this is his second project in continuation tackling a burning social issue that yet again remains an average entertainer despite many positives in its concept and performances.
Bringing forward a much talked about problem of shortage of electricity, load-shedding and inflated bills reported in even major cities, BATTI GUL METER CHALU act

SON OF MANJEET SINGH (Punjabi) - A brave, meaningful remake conceived in a vague, defensive mode. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Beginning with the much deserving appreciation, SON OF MANJEET SINGH is indeed a brave project in the present dicey scenario of Punjabi Cinema where the audience is not known to support such meaningful films in the theaters. So the producers (including the famous Kapil Sharma) still backing the project as an official remake of an acclaimed Marathi film certainly needs to be supported and praised as a valuable effort.

However, just noble intentions alone cannot result in a well-made worthy movie since it actually more

TUMBBAD - The overly artistic execution restricts the reach of this must watch ORIGINAL Indian horror film with an important moral lesson. (Review By Bobby Sing)

It’s extremely difficult to explore new avenues, fresh plots and inventive visuals in the Horror genre in particular which more or less survives on clichés and all familiar elements. Plus it’s even more challenging to present such content along with an important moral lesson as found in the famous Indian traditional Jataka Tales or Panchantantra stories, we still remember having read in our school days.

However, a team has amazingly managed to perform the toughest task and that too

FRYDAY - An average entertainer, yet again based on mistaken identities with a better second half. (Review By Bobby Sing)

The biggest merit of FRYDAY is that you get to see an interesting and fresh cast together on screen for more than half of its duration, providing wholesome entertainment without going overboard or being offensive. A typical no-brainer kind of situational comedy aptly titled FRY-DAY, it surprisingly works for a good amount of time and rises much above the last few releases of our good old Govinda.

Featuring Varun Sharma, Prabhleen Sandhu, Digangana Suryavanshi, Bijendra Kala, Rajesh Sharma and more

HELICOPTER EELA - This repetitive mix of all familiar plots, neither connects emotionally nor entertains with its vague comic insertions. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Beginning with the weird title, it actually becomes the biggest downer for the project killing or failing to generate any excitement around even 'a Kajol film' coming after a long gap. Revolving around the character of a young aspiring singer girl, who later becomes a single mother raising his son running a tiffin box business and then gets admission in her son’s college only to complete her graduation, HELICOPTER EELA comes up as an unentertaining mix of a few familiar and recently used plots

ANDHADHUN - An insanely delightful first half and an absurdly messy second still results in a thoroughly enjoyable must watch. (Review By Bobby Sing)

The latest offering from the new-age master of crime-thrillers Sriram Raghavan is an unusually charming, heavy mixed bag of too many astonishing goodies quickly and smartly served in the duration of more than two hours. The unforeseen elements pleasantly surprise as well shock the viewer as & when the director pulls them out like a skilled magician. And the remarkably shot tense sequences never allow you to take your eyes off the screen especially before the intermission.
To be fai

LOVEYATRI - Cannot get why they ignore the most important thing for the debut films, that has to be WRITING and fresh WRITERS with new innovative ideas. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Openly supported and promoted by Salman Khan, LOVE YATRI is the debut film of three young aspirants namely Aayush Sharma, Warina Hussain (as the lead couple) and Abhiraj K. Minawala as the director beginning their journey with a love story.
To give you the gist, it’s a wafer-thin kind of story-plot told in a too simple way without any engaging novel insertions which is both odd and strange considering the experienced support it had.

CHEKKA CHIVANTHA VAANAM (Tamil) - An above average gangster movie with a cracker twist, that could have resulted in a great suspense family drama. (Review By Bobby Sing)

One of the pioneer directors making iconic movies on gangsters, Mani Ratnam returns to this overused genre with a multi-starrer film and yet again misses the bull’s eye despite a cracker, novel twist in the script.

A pro in handling many stars together giving them equal screen presence and importance, Ratnam appreciably finds a script doing justice with all and delivers a decent gangster movie that could have been an unusual family drama rising much above the rotten and familiar genre. As a commercial

PATAAKHA - The storyteller in Vishal makes a comeback with an original, novel tale, outstanding performances and an authentic, raw execution that deserves to be seen. (Review By Bobby Sing)

There might be various interpretations of the word 'Cinema' in both technical and personal terms for different individuals. But as I see it, Cinema is the most powerful medium of storytelling that makes a strong impact on the viewer through a fine mix of its effective elements of sound (audio) and picture (moving visuals) having a much wider reach. So what I personally keep looking forward in films as well as books is fresh, unique plots or storylines, introducing me to many new, unknown characters result

SUI DHAAGA - A supposedly realistic film made in a superficial deliberate manner, just occasionally making its emotional connect with the viewers. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Hindi film industry is known for blindly following a trend till it starts getting lukewarm response from the viewers or plain duds at the box office. The latest trend among them is of making films on small town realistic stories featuring a big star, which at times also talk about a government initiative in order to have an added advantage. 

Regular releases have been there in the last few years in this particular genre that at present is on the verge of getting repetitive/overused by the mainstream Hindi filmmakers themselves.

Is there a factual error or a new surprising disclosure in Nandita Das’s MANTO? - An overview by Bobby Sing

As an appreciable, worth watching bio-pic on Saadat Hassan Manto’s last few years of life, Nandita Das’s second directorial venture is rich in its craft, execution, performances and a strongly recommended film, especially for the viewers who are well aware of the phenomenon called MANTO.
The detailed review of the film at BTC can be read at the following link:
Link :

MANTO - An authentic portrayal of a writer's life post Gulzar’s MIRZA GHALIB that deserves to be seen for its excellence, impact and relevance in even the present times. (Review by Bobby Sing) (Movies To See Before You Die - Biographical)
To be fair, this isn’t going to be any routine review as the subject matter or the MAN himself was way ahead of being just a writer/thinker or a master storyteller. Way ahead, because every single word he wrote in the 1940s and 50s, stands so true and relevant even in this second decade of the 21st century after more than 70 years.
But before moving on to the review, with a heavy heart I have to accept that due to our own condemnable ignorance towards literature, a big majority of youngsters today are n

When MANTO countered The GOD! - A Remembrance - By Bobby Sing
Writing about MANTO’s life, his relation with Hindi cinema and his phenomenal repertoire of short stories, essays, letters and revealing character sketches, I gradually realized that many of the youngsters connected through social networks are not even aware of the incomparable master of his craft and were not being introduced to the writer in any great manner too by the media or the elders giving just a few lines description in a short FB post or a tweet.
So with a humble intention to

How we meet & treat a famous comedian in real life - A heart-wrenching instance from MEHMOOD’s life (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)

Cinema in India is known to be one of the major lifeline of its general public and we do tend to follow the screen stars and their films quite religiously. In fact that is the reason why we often become too serious relating the actors with their unreal, on-screen image and expect them to behave exactly as per their professional persona portrayed in various films.

Though it happens with every famous actor unconditionally, it actually happens in the most pathetic way with the ones playing the roles of villains, vamps and comedians in p

BAAGHI 2 and its more than one inspirational sources. - By Bobby Sing

Revolving around the basic plot of a missing kid girl and the hero being called to find her as the last resort, BAAGHI 2 is reportedly an official remake of the Telugu Hit KSHANAM (2016), directed by Ravikanth Perepu with Adivi Sesh and Adah Sharma playing the lead roles.
Though KSHANAM remains far ahead as a much superior mystery thriller in comparison to its pale remake, it ironically also borrows the basic

The return of realistic, desi, middle class urban families in our Hindi films. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
The late-90s brought a major change or a decisive shift in Hindi Cinema. With the arrival of a new generation of directors, their upbeat urban films and the introduction of a highly potential market abroad, the whole outlook towards making cinema went through a substantial change and so did the portrayal of Indian families in it (targeting both the domestic and the foreign market together).
As a result, for a long time, realistic, middle class families almost vanished from our films and it was all about eithe

When SALMAN KHAN got his inspiration from the comedy acts of SHAKTI KAPOOR. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
Hindi film heroes have been doing occasional comedies in the Golden Era too including stalwarts as Bhagwan, Raj Kapoor, Kishore Kumar, Shammi Kapoor and even Dharmendra, Dilip Kumar and Sunil Dutt at times. However the lead actors prominently taking over the added responsibility of doing comic acts in their films largely began with Amitabh Bachchan in the late 70s, when a few specially designed funny sequences became the expected key feature of his films directed by

The underrated, adorable, new-age onscreen mothers of the recent decade. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)

Moving over the most famous and repeatedly cited Achla Sachdev, Lalita Pawar, Leela Chitnis, Durga Khotey, Nirupa Roy and then Reema Lagoo, Smita Jayakar, Kirron Kher and even Ratna Pathak Shah, this is about those adorable mothers in Hindi films of the recent decade, who silently won over the viewers but still remained mostly underrated, despite making major contribution in their hit films. And I am sure you would agree with the statement while going through the names given ahead, recalling

We cannot afford to lose a gifted artist like Kapil Sharma - Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing

His new show ‘Family Time With Kapil Sharma’ has been reportedly taken off air, but the channel still supports him and he will soon bounce back with the show - is what Kapil has to convey in his latest interviews/reports.

Struggling through the initial days of his career performing in various musical shows and then reaching the heights of success through his small screen entertainment programs, the name Kapil Sharma is now known to people of every age group without an exception. The man

OCTOBER (Hindi) & RANGASTHALAM (Telugu) - How they both use a similar plot so differently - Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing

The recently released OCTOBER directed by Shoojit Sircar is based on an emotionally, touching plot wherein a young, trainee boy working in a five star hotel (played by Varun Dhawan), becomes so concerned for his beautiful colleague, who unfortunately goes into coma, after meeting an accident while celebrating a party on their hotel terrace.
The incident actually hits him hard, the moment he comes to know that the girl was asking for him, just before falling f

NANU KI JAANU - An unexpectedly absurd horror comedy featuring the \'selective\' Abhay Deol. (Review By Bobby Sing)

The only name that made NANU KI JAANU look like a fresh, exciting project was Abhay Deol, and unexpectedly he only remains the most unenergetic or uninterested actor among the entire cast, sleepwalking throughout the film, as if completing a project accepted by mistake or for some other personal reason.

It begins on a decent note reminding you of Delhi’s Punjabi settings as seen in the cult KHOSLA KA GHOSLA. But the moment an item song is there featuring (t

BEYOND THE CLOUDS (Hindi) - A Majid Majidi film missing The Majid Majidi. (Review by Bobby Sing)
If you are well familiar with the much-appreciated works and stature of director Majid Majidi in world cinema, then you will readily agree that Majidi making a Hindi film revolving around Mumbai is nothing short of ‘a major event’ for Indian Cinema, the producers and the entire team associated with the project undoubtedly.
So I was excited enough to watch one of the most awaited films of the year for moviebuffs like us. But the excitement didn’t take long to get ove

DAAS DEV - This time Dev gets lost in an ambitious, political mess resulting in nothing. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Writer-director Sudhir Mishra returns after a gap of five years with his reverse or rather unusual adaptation of DEVDAS, which is surprisingly much less impactful (even if compared to his least appreciated film INKAAR), hitting you as a major disappointment. So though many might be able to find some hidden metaphors in the film making a conscious, personal effort, DAAS DEV simply remains a below average, messy affair, that can easily be rated as the weakest film from the d

AVENGERS series and the joy of watching mega multi-starrer Hindi films of the gone era - Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing

The latest offering in the AVENGERS series has taken the box office by storm and shaken the filmmakers as well as the trade pundits giving them a marketing lesson, which ironically is the one, we ourselves used to successfully thrive upon in the past.

So whether one finds Avengers: Infinity War a thoroughly enjoyable or an underwhelming film individually, the fact remains that it strongly reminds you of the era of mega multistarrer Hindi films, that used to become the much awaited projects

The confusion over more than one Dadasaheb Phalke Award - (An Overview by Bobby Sing)
It is happening since last few years, wherein people begin congratulating the in-news recipients of A Dadasaheb Phalke Award and get later informed that this was not the prestigious award they had in mind, but another reputed award given by an association. The confusion is quite evident as the title is same and all the awards are being given respectfully remembering the pioneer producer-director-writer, Dadasaheb Phalke, known as ‘The Father of Indian Cinema’.