Bobby Talks Cinema Rss Feed How the experience of watching GHULAMI on the first day of its release in 1985 taught us a lot about Hindi cinema. (Those Cherished Moments of the Single Screen Era -10) - By Bobby Sing
The release of GHULAMI in the summer vacations of 1985 can easily be stated as an important milestone in the respective careers of its lead actors as well as my personal understanding of the medium without any second thoughts. I was still in my early teens and the explosive execution on screen was a novel experience for us, witnessing Rajasthan like never before amongst the action performed by the powerful cast led by Dharmendra, Mithun Chakraborty, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Naseeruddin Shah, Mazhar Kh

DO LADKE DONO KADKE (1979) - Basu Chatterjee’s film based on the idea of confusion between two groups of kidnappers, made two decades before HERA PHERI. (Exclusive Articles on Cinema By Bobby Sing)
Malayalam hit thriller-comedy RAMJI RAO SPEAKING (1989) directed by the duo Siddique-Lal (as their debut film) was remade in multiple Indian languages and also had its two sequels released in the subsequent decades. 
In Hindi cinema, it was officially remade by Priyadarshan as HERA PHERI released in 2000 featuring Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal in the lead and it seriously followed the major

The first ever serials of DOORDARSHAN and I. S. Johar’s rarely mentioned innovative TV series JOHAR KE GOHAR. (BTC Exclusive by Bobby Sing)
Beginning its operations in the early ‘60s from Delhi, Doordarshan extended its broadcast to other major cities of the country in the mid ‘70s. The National telecast began in the early 80s and the Colour TVs entered affluent Indian homes around the Asian Games in Delhi in 1982, a decade before Cable Television got introduced in the early ‘90s.
However when you search the web-pages looking for the first-ever

KORA KAGAZ (1974), its gutsy advertisement and references of similar plots in PHAGUN, IJAAZAT and more. (BTC Exclusive) (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
An emotional family drama revolving around a couple in love and their differences post marriage (caused by the girl’s interfering mother), KORA KAGAZ is directed by Anil Ganguly, featuring Vijay Anand, Jaya Bhaduri, Achala Sachdev, A.K. Hangal and Deven Varma playing the key roles.

A remake of Ajoy Kar’s Bengali film SAAT PAAKE BANDHA (Tied By Seven Steps/1963) starring Soumitra Chatterjee, Suchitra Sen,

The Chetan Anand and Amitabh Bachchan film that thankfully got shelved at a crucial time. (Exclusive by Bobby Sing at
Rare pleasant surprises continue hitting hard as we keep digging into the archives of old publications, interviews and more rare sources. And this time, even when a lot has been already written about all shelved films of Amitabh Bachchan, I still could find another unheard of or lesser known film in an old issue of SCREEN newspaper/magazine after the last LAMBU DADA, I wrote about at BTC in December 2019.

Four Important Films at 8th Jagran Film Festival from 1st-5th July in Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi. (Articles On Cinema by Bobby Sing)
The 8th Jagran Film Festival is back in Delhi’s Siri Fort auditorium from July 1st to 5th this week and it has a very exciting and interesting ensemble of films from India and across the world (including feature and short films along with discussions with eminent personalities of Indian Cinema). 
Here are the four important movies not to be missed in the festival having some unique features.  
The Fakir Of Venice 
Waiting it

First ever retrospective of RISHI KAPOOR in Jagran Film Festival featuring his 8½ films. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)

The ongoing Jagran Film Festival (JFF) at Siri Fort auditorium, New Delhi has a unique feature that has never been part of any major Film Festival in India. It presents the first ever retrospective of veteran actor Rishi Kapoor and screens his eight and a half films with another interesting story behind the unusual number. 

In its opening-day interactive session, where at one end the organizers expressed their gratitude towards the well-known actor for agreeing to be a part of the festival, Ka

TUBELIGHT doesn’t impress, but it still had the content, intent & courage to be different. (Articles on Cinema By Bobby Sing)

The unexpectedly lukewarm response for Salman Khan’s latest Eid Release TUBELIGHT is an eye opener for many, shattering a few myths about carefully chosen festival weekends, hardcore fan following and the much talked about star enigma. 

Besides, it once again raises an old debate that whether harsh, negative reviews coming a day (or days) before the release really affect the box office prospects of a movie influencing the audience choice? 

No doubt, it’s the w

TUBELIGHT - Will it be a much better, entertaining film based on an average LITTLE BOY? (Articles On Cinema By Bobby Sing)
The hit actor-director duo Salman Khan and Kabir Khan are back with their new film TUBELIGHT once again releasing around EID continuing with their smart business strategy. However this time the confidence level is not that high as it was before BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN, since TUBELIGHT is officially based on an English film titled LITTLE BOY. And the fact is actually a troubling one as the original flick is not any great, entertaining movie despi

An India-Pakistan cricket match, AA AB LAUT CHALEN (1999) and those spirited decades before 2000. (Articles on Cinema By Bobby Sing)
RK film’s AA AB LAUT CHALEN (meaning Come, let’s go back) released in 1999 had a few noticeable firsts with the foremost being the directorial debut of Rishi Kapoor (and the only film directed by him till date). Apart from the younger performers making their debut in an RK banner film (including the music by Nadeem-Shravan), it had Rajesh Khanna and Moushumi Chatterjee too along with being one of the very few RK Productions pro

Rishi Kapoor bashes Anurag, who is also the director of Ranbir’s most acclaimed & successful BARFI. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
Rishi Kapoor bashing writer-director Anurag Basu for being solely responsible for the debacle of JAGGA JASOOS, once again points towards the changing relationships in the industry post every Friday release as per the box office performance of the film.
However the truth remains that here the films are not getting flopped, but actually their budgets are. In this particular case too, the mistake was not in the director and his team’s choice of content but

Don’t get fooled by the easy success route shown in films like SECRET SUPERSTAR. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
It’s good to watch an uplifting movie, inspiring you to follow your passions living a more satisfying life. But it’s sad and unfortunate when a film tries to give the message portraying a false or fake picture of the actual scenario making a fool of its viewers.
Taking an example of the recently released SECRET SUPERSTAR, it’s a good entertaining flick featuring some fabulous performances. But at the same time its also a film that wrongly guides the youngsters showcasing an easy

Manmohan Desai and the record-making year of 1977 (Articles on Cinema By Bobby Sing)
Manmohan Desai as a filmmaker can easily be quoted as the only director who openly defied logic in his films, taking unbelievable cinematic liberties, but still created amazing magic on screen that straight away connected with the audience forcing them to laugh, cry and enjoy forgetting everything else.
No doubt, he never got praised by the critics and experts of cinema mockingly writing about his films despite the notable success ratio. But the director repeatedly won over his viewers and that wa

PORUS (Sony TV Series) - Its first episode is a complete winner, further raising the expectations. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Sony TV’s much publicized mega show PORUS has begun and with only a single episode telecast, it has made an impression that forces one to ask that, Is PORUS the much needed breakthrough Indian Television was awaiting for in terms of content and presentation?
Witnessing an hour long first episode, the answer seems to be positive but still nothing can be said with surety to be honest. Here is the description for the viewers who missed it waiting for the trade reports or the reviews.

Ashutosh’s PEHLA NASHA and its unique special appearances including Aamir and Shah Rukh. (Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
Ashutosh Gowariker – the man behind films like LAGAAN, SWADES and JODHA AKBAR is arguably considered one of the most talented directors of Hindi cinema, ignoring his recent duds that have not been at par with his own set standards in the past.
Interestingly the actor-turned-director actually began his career in direction with two complete washouts as PEHLA NASHA and BAAZI, which were both heavily inspired from the Weste

AJJI - A brutally realistic, shocking stunner, that sadly falls short of becoming a masterpiece. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Though based on a similar premise as recently seen in MAATR, MOM and BHOOMI, AJJI still stands far ahead of these films in terms of vision and execution. But at the same time, it also falls way short of becoming a rare masterpiece too, finding an easy way out as the only (clichéd) solution or culmination.
Revolving around a grandmother (addressed as Ajji in Marathi), the film yet again focuses on the rape of a minor and her poor family living in the slums facing the ug

JULIE 2 - Promoted as an erotica it vaguely tries to play every trick of the trade resulting in a poor film. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The film was promoted with full page adverts in all leading newspapers of the country a few months back and everyone was amusingly surprised to see the name of Pahlaz Nihalani as the producer, who had just left the chair of Censor Board chief amongst loads of controversies and fingers raised on his style of working with the scissors. 
Hence, looked upon as one of the biggest ironies of the present times, JULIE 2 was widely considered as another ‘B-grade’ erot

How the industry expects people to come for the smaller films at such high ticket prices? - (Articles on Cinema By Bobby Sing)
To begin with, let us take a look at some films released in the last few months as WAITING, PHULLU, RAAG DESH, SNIFF, TRAPPED, RUKH, NEWTON, RIBBON, KADWI HAWA and AJJI (released this week only).
To give you the ground reality, none of the above mentioned films are any below average, forgettable ventures and each one has something fresh and novel to present in terms of plot, execution and social message too. However the other bitter truth remains that I saw each one of the them wi

Aamir Khan, Meenakshi Sheshadri and Rajkumar Santoshi’s DAMINI (1993) - (Articles On Cinema by Bobby Sing)
Rajkumar Santoshi’s DAMINI (meaning Lightning/1993) is widely considered as one of the most hard-hitting Hindi films made on the subject of rape, class difference and court trials representing the suppressed voice of a woman and the power of truth.
Though I would love to go in details, praising the various aspects of the film, both on and off the screen giving them their deserving due, but since many must have already read a lot about the film at various platforms, so would lik

Instant tribute notes posted in minutes on social sites (followed by the routine posts), have actually KILLED our emotional depth and sensitivity - by Bobby Sing (Few Life Inspiring Words and Positive Shares)
It’s quite understandable and very fine if a true fan personally remembers the birth and death anniversaries of his most favourite artists and wishes to post, write about them on those special occasions. 

But just imagine, if a young person is doing a job in a media publication or portal and is given a complete excel sheet of Birth-days and Death-days of all known artists of Hindi Cinema, with the assigned duty of purposefully posting, tweeting and writing about each

Raj Kapoor, Hrishikesh Mukherjee and their ANAND (1971) - Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing
In the present age, every new film on the plot of ‘terminal illness’, unanimously makes us recall the one iconic creation that literally immortalized the subject, written and directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. The film aptly titled ANAND, representing both the protagonist’s identity and his spiritual state of mind, had a unique and unusual cast, presenting Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan enacting two of the most adorable characters of our Hi

ITTEFAQ (1969) - A brave and unusual ‘inspired’ classic directed by Yash Chopra. (Movies To See Before You Die - Suspense)
In the creative world, a classic gem actually gets made when no one is trying to create any masterpiece making some kind of conscious effort. And ITTEFAQ is certainly one of those unintentional classics made just as per its name, by a coincidence, a mere ITTEFAQ that happened in the year 1960 as a result of an unavoidable delay in finalizing another film produced by B. R. Productions
However it turned to be a rare, quality surprise for both the viewers as well as the i

5 worth praising Hindi films of 2017 that sadly couldn’t find their deserving audience. - Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing
Blame it on the biased exhibition system followed by the multiplexes, lesser attention given to the smaller films, odd show timings killing the inspiration, unwillingness to try something unknown or above all insanely high ticket prices making a big hole in the pocket, the truth remains that here a big majority doesn’t go for the smaller films unless there is a big controversy or OSCAR news associated with it to be specific.
So almost every year we get to witness some worth praising smaller projects tha

5 real life inspired Hindi films of 2017 you might not have even heard of (Articles on Cinema By Bobby Sing)
Since last few years, multiplexes seem to follow an initial three day release policy for a smaller, lesser known film with selective show timings given for only Friday to Sunday. The film is simply taken off on Monday or its shows get cancelled if there are no viewers coming up for the same, despite its exceptional content and relevance in comparison to the other major releases. In fact that is the reason why we don’t get to see many such smaller gems in absence of a noteworthy publicity campaign or information provided by the media

Majrooh Sultanpuri ki nazm, Lata Mangeshkar ke naam - shared by S. M. Mehdi. (EXCLUSIVE by Bobby Sing at bobbytalkscinema)
To begin with, there are very few blessed names in Hindi Cinema who remained witness to the changing eras, right from the early decades of the black and white films to the new digital age of Cable revolution and hundreds of TV channels airing 24 hours of content just for the sake of it.
The one name that quickly strikes our mind is no doubt of Gulzar, beginning from the early 60s and still writing for the young filmmakers in the present decade of the new millennium. However the other veteran

The never before LOCKDOWN and rediscovering yourself with a small experiment/meditation – (Few Life Inspiring Words and Positive Shares) - By Bobby Sing.
A new reality is here in front of the entire world with nations facing completely unexpected situations never imagined before and everyone struggling for his/her existence admitting the reign of a supreme power.
(To keep the write-up free of any religious overtones, I am staying away from relating that supreme power with any kind of religion whatsoever, giving it a more pure, sacred and indescribable mystic identity.)

Living the last few weeks locked up in our homes, we all must have e

MOTICHOOR CHAKNACHOOR - Keeps struggling to rise above just another average, small-town comic drama revolving around a marriage. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Small town films made on a modest budget, relying on a key-namer and a comic subject are the most saleable projects in Hindi Cinema since last few years and MOTICHOOR CHAKNACHOOR is yet another product in the line offering the same old things.
The makers do try hard but its core subject gets deliberately stretched resulting in a tiring second half and the writing doesn’t offer anything exciting to keep you invested. Hence, it more or less remains a simple and sweet film with the support

SAAND KI AANKH - A too convenient & filmy representation of an inspiring real-life story, this still deserves to be seen by girls and families with their young daughters. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Based on the hard to believe achievements of both Chandro and Prakashi Tomar beginning their journey as sportswomen in their middle age, SAAND KI AANKH is no doubt an inspiring film for the youngsters, especially the young talented girls fighting with the world largely ruled by the men in power. The real-life is story is bold, explosive and stunning to such an extent that if you are not aware that it all actually happened in reality, you are sure going to consider it fictional, simply writ

MADE IN CHINA - Interesting but unexciting and repetitive resulting in an average film. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Would like to begin with a mention of a full-page advertisement that came in the national newspapers on the Friday, MADE IN CHINA got released in the theaters. It had the excerpts of all 3+ and 4 star reviews given by various critics and entertainment portals before even the official release of the film.

The advert really made an impact as the film also had an unusual cast and trailer too indicating towards a fresh content and premise. But then as I watched the first show, a beeped line in its key sequence got m

DRIVE - A direct online release is nothing bad, but this film certainly is and should be avoided even there. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Films releasing directly online is not any unusual concept and its not always related to badly made films to be precise. The trend has been there in the west and it has recently started here in INDIA through the new online portals. However, the major difference is that here it has actually started with a badly made film and that too coming from the production house of Karan Johar. 

Directly releasing at Netflix, the film is titled DRIVE starring Sushan

COMMANDO 3 - A well-intentioned but below average attempt featuring two exceptional performers, who sadly are not getting a well-executed film they truly deserve. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Though the second part of the series didn’t get any high ratings by the critics, it still comes up with a third one, which actually shows that the sequel must have resulted in some returns to the makers in one way or the other. And if a certain section of viewers loved watching COMMANDO 2, then they are sure going to find many similar elements in COMMANDO 3 too, may be in a higher dosage with much more intensity and gore. 
Hence the third part of the series can cer

MERE BAAD (1988) - A lesser known off-beat film that might not be a gem but deserves to be seen for its heart-wrenching story-line and the lead performance. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The decade of 80s is often ridiculed for its directionless mainstream films mostly focusing on action and all cliched, forced drama. Numerous Hindi movies made by the South filmmakers in a repetitive format were also the key projects seen in this particular time period. However, many worth watching gems in the off-beat genre were also the part of the same 80s, still remembered for their vision as well as content made by the renowned film-makers.
To be fair, though MERE BAAD directed by

ROUGH BOOK - Though I wished it to be a lot more exploring the important subject, but it still should be seen for the attempt made and the message questioning the set patterns. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Having the experience of being a teacher in both the era of with and without the Internet and ‘Google Baba’, I have personally witnessed the change in attitude of students from completely trusting their teachers to abruptly questioning and looking at them doubtfully relying more on the web search engines & wikipedias. Moreover, post I left the teaching stream, the scenario got even more complex and confused when the young students started learning their initial lessons in almost everything

KITNA BADAL GAYA INSAAN (1957) – The earlier unofficial Hindi remake of SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS more than two decades before SATTE PE SATTA. (Exclusive by Bobby Sing at
Two recent unrelated news reports about two distinctive films encouraged me to pen this write-up with some exclusive information on inspired Hindi movies that might be new for many.
The first news was about The National Film Archive of India getting hold of a rare reel of a 1957 banned film featuring Kishore Kumar in the lead titled BEGUNAH. The reel was found after six decades of a court case against the film, when the charge of plagiarism made by Pa

CHOUSAR FIRANGI (2019) - This is an unheard of, lesser-known, must watch gem that can also be termed as a much darker, new-age IS RAAT KI SUBAH NAHIN. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The biggest joy of watching cinema is experienced when you get to watch a completely unheard of, lesser-known film and it turns out to be a well-made gem with no known actors on screen you are familiar with.
CHOUSAR FIRANGI is one of those pleasantly surprising smaller-gems, which though has a seen before theme but does get the execution superbly done by writer-director Sandeep Pandey extracting worth appreciating performances from the entire cast including Pratiek Pa

THE EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY OF THE FAKIR - A positive but average fairy tale account of a journey with nothing exciting or extraordinary. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Directed by Ken Scott, The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir is a English-language, light-hearted adventure movie starring Dhanush, as his first international project releasing in the major parts of the globe.
Based on the French bestseller novel titled The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe by Romain Puertolas (also the co-writer of the film), it has been shot at various internationa

MARRNE BHI DO YAARON - Makes a fool of its audience through false promotions as this is not a comedy as projected and not any enjoyable film too. (Review By Bobby Sing)
The lead actors Krishna Abhishek (also the producer) and Kashmira Shah (who has also written and directed the film as her debut venture) came at Kapil Sharma Show and promoted the film as a light hearted comedy without revealing its key plot cracking jokes with Kapil. Besides, every single poster of the film projected it as a comedy and the trailer showed Krishna in different get-ups hilariously conversing with other characters giving a subtle reference towards Life and Death.&nbs

KISSEBAAZ - The execution messes up a potential idea and the promotions deceive the viewers focusing on Pankaj Tripathi. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
As a small town political-crime drama with romance as its basic seed, KISSEBAAZ did have a potential idea involving a confusing-mistaken identity and a non-linear narration capable of teasing the viewers.
But the way it has been clumsily written and directed, the film actually annoys instead of entertainingly confusing or generating any kind of curiosity guessing its finale twist. The tacky execution and uneven editing never lets the plot find its grip right from the initial sequences and tha

Madhubala and her faith in Sikhism organizing Akhand Paaths - As revealed by the maestro S. Mohinder (Exclusive By Bobby Sing)
The name S. Mohinder doesn’t need any introduction to the knowledgeable lovers of Hindi as well as Punjabi film music. However, the harsh truth is that a big majority of generation born post the ‘80s largely knows him only through the soundtrack of the cult musical classic NANAK NAAM JAHAZ HAI (Punjabi/1969), which itself deserves a detailed chapter to be written on its conception, vision and melodious renditions - mainly including the sacred verses from Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

MISSING ON A WEEKEND - The mystery doesn’t engage which has to be the first feature of a who-dun-it suspense drama. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
The very first requirement of a murder-mystery involving successive killings of members of a young group visiting Goa has to be an engaging narrative that keeps the viewer excited and guessing with a twist coming in every 10 minutes or so. The shifting of suspicion and investigation finding new clues at regular intervals heading towards a surprising culmination is always expected from such who-dun-it suspense dramas and rest has to be done by the performers and director presenting in an engrossing manner.

ONE DAY – Anupam Kher does a Naseeruddin Shah in this mediocre moral crime thriller. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
In A WEDNESDAY (2008) - one of the best thrillers of Hindi Cinema, Naseeruddin Shah played the ethical rebellion and Anupam Kher enacted the role of a senior police officer after him. Now post a decade in ONE DAY (2019) – Anupam Kher plays a retired judge becoming an ethical rebellion and Esha Gupta enacts a police officer investigating his crimes.
However, the truth remains that apart from this reverse similar

SHARMA JI KI LAG GAI – When even the cast knows that there is no comedy happening in the shots being canned. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
At times looking at the names in the cast of a supposedly unconventional comedy generates some kind of excitement before its release and one wishes to watch it expecting the unexpected. That was exactly the case with SHARMA JI KI LAG GAI too, when I read the names of Krishna Abhishek, Brijendra Kala, Mukesh Tiwari, Hemant Pandey, Sunil Pal, Mugdha Godse and more playing the key roles in a film revolving around sex-columnist of a weekly newspaper.
However, the unexpected was n

THE FAMILY MAN (Web-Series / Prime) - A true to its title investigative crime thriller, focusing on the witty protagonist juggling between his official duty and family responsibilities. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing)
To be fair, talking about an underpaid intelligence officer and his associates investigating a suspected terrorist operation, THE FAMILY MAN has nothing novel or fresh in terms of a subject or plot. It has a familiar story progression, saying the same old things, yet again mentioning Kashmir, the Islamic terrorism and much of the already seen before in its first few episodes, before it actually moves to Kashmir introducing a new key character.
But in spite of this familiarity, THE FAMILY MAN

PIHU - A short film’s content presented as a 93 minutes painfully long, avoidable movie. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
Novel and worth trying experiments are always welcome in the world of off-beat cinema. But before trying them, a self-assessment also needs to be made, that whether the chosen idea is even worth going ahead as a full length feature film or not.
Sadly, the assessment completely went wrong in this case, as PIHU is nothing but a 10 minute short film’s compelling idea, unnecessarily presented as a 93 minutes long, painfully tiring film that keeps annoying constantly post its initial 15 minu

DELHI CRIME (Web-Series / Netflix) - Emphasizing more on the investigations and Police personnel involved, this is an engaging watch with the only limitation of a one sided perspective. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Delhi Crime is a web-series revolving around the aftermath of the horrifying gang rape case of December 2012 that shook the entire country, resulting in an unprecedented public as well as political revolt beginning from New Delhi. However here the proceedings are more about the investigations and incidents post the heinous crime, depicted with a one-sided perspective of the police that actually works for most of its time, if you are not expecting or interested in watching something else about the crime itself.

BALA - Made on a familiar and repetitive pattern of Ayushmann films, it’s an above average attempt that tries to be a social-message oriented film towards the end. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Beginning with a clarification - as it was being speculated, BALA has nothing to do with either UJDA CHAMAN or its original Kannada film ONDU MOTTEYA KATHE meaning ‘Story of An Egghead’. Directed by Amar Kaushik, BALA has been made on the same familiar and repetitive pattern of Ayushmann films, wherein the key novel USP remains his unique personal problem involving every family member, which keeps resulting in many humourous situations

UJDA CHAMAN - Perfect example of how an official remake completely ruins a must watch original turning it into a loud joke. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Many a times while watching a Hindi remake of our own Indian Regional language films, we are forced to think that why the hell this film was made and what was so good in its original that it was chosen to be remade?
UJDA CHAMAN is exactly that kind of a poorly conceived film, which is an official remake of the much appreciated 2017 Kannada film ONDU MOTTEYA KATHE meaning ‘Story of An Egghead’. The original is a light hearted, entertaining as well as a tho

The amusing story behind the melodious track “Kabhi Raat Din Hum Door Thhey” involving Shashi Kapoor and Kalyanji-Anandji (Bobby-Talks-Cinema Exclusive)
Before the 80s, it was the era of hours and even day or night long sittings of writing and composing songs, wherein all blessed creative personalities used to sit together in a room, brain-storming over the lyrics and different compositions, leading to the final versions of specific songs to be recorded in the coming days. 
Thousands of stories can be narrated about those song-music sittings involving the stalwarts of our Hindi film music right from the initial years. But unfortunately, since we were nev

KAAMYAAB - A worth appreciating, heartfelt attempt focusing on the life of lesser known actors who rarely get the focus, name and fame. (Review by Bobby Sing)
There are some immensely valuable groups/pages at Facebook with loads of exclusive information about many unknown or lesser known actors of Hindi films, who couldn’t make it big in their careers and remained there standing in the same frame along the main leads for decades. Highly knowledgeable die-hard fans of Hindi cinema (in age group of 40-70+) regularly keep posting quiz questions about such artists and also make efforts to find their current whereabouts. Thankfully a few resourceful writers even manage to meet them and

BAAGHI 3 – If only you can accept any kind of ‘border crossing’ exaggeration in the name of action and entertainment. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Nobody goes to watch the third offering of an action thriller franchise like BAAGHI 3 featuring a shirt-less Tiger Shroff on its posters, expecting some kind of intelligent or great film. Leaving the brains at home – as it is said – all one wishes to see a fair entertainer with some explosive actions scenes and Tiger killing it on screen with his unbelievable kind of dare-devils.
However when a film (yet again) adapted from a 2012 Tamil film VETTAI, amazingly writ

DOORDARSHAN - An inspired but exciting plot that doesn't work due to its average execution and writing, wasting a potential cast. (Review By Bobby Sing)
A mother of a young boy goes into comma before the Berlin wall collapses and then regains consciousness months later, post the historic German reunification. But the problem begins when the doctor says that she will not be able to bear any sudden shock or change in her lifestyle. Therefore, the son decides to recreate the same kind of nostalgic settings in his house as they were before the fall of Berlin wall with the help of his friends.
The above description is of the German movie GOOD BYE LENIN

THAPPAD - An important, eye-opener film that could have been more impactful but still essentially deserves to be seen with controlled expectations. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Post his thoughtful movies on the subject of religion (MULK) and caste (ARTICLE 15), writer-director Anubhav Sinha once again comes up with an issue-based film as THAPPAD pointing towards domestic violence and women considered as property by the male dominated society right since the beginning.
Incidentally as far as the subject is concerned, THAPPAD happens to be the most important and necessary film among his courageous trilogy as both reli

JOSEPH (Malayalam/2018) – A unique, emotional crime thriller featuring a rock-solid, terrific performance that stays with you along with the scary mystery. (Movies To See Before You Die / Suspense)
Crime thrillers normally win over the audience with their exciting execution and suspense that gets revealed with some unexpected twists and turns towards the end. The feature is right there in this impressive crime thriller revealing a scary mystery. But what makes JOSPEH a unique crime thriller is its emotional execution, brilliant characterisation and an outstanding lead performance that stays with you for long post watching the film.
Directed by M.Padmakumar, JOSEPH has a

BHOOT: The Haunted Ship (Part One) - The scariest feature of this horror film is in its title that says Part One. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Despite having an unexciting trailer, hope was still there as Dharma Productions was coming up with their first dedicated horror film and Vicky Kaushal was playing the protagonist in an entirely different genre for the first time.
But unfortunately, when the supposed to be horror film began with the sequence of the hero rescuing a group of young girls from the dock after fighting with the goons, it became pretty clear that this is yet another film made without any vision, just to enc

SHUBH MANGAL ZYADA SAAVDHAN - Focusing more on the family and their reactions instead of the couple, it remains fairly entertaining despite many forced & weird insertions. (Review by Bobby Sing)

The latest offering from the star enjoying a dream run at the box office has a continuing title SHUBH MANGAL ZYADA SAAVDHAN which is a formulaic, bold, clever, flawed and entertaining venture, all at the same time. An explanation of these features will give you a clear idea about the film as its review. 

The movie is formulaic as it follows the same old, overused but still potential (as well as working) format of Ayushmann Khurana movies, wherein he has to confront a novel and unusual problem (ra

JALLIKATTU (Malayalam/2019) - A jaw dropping, visual experiment that forces you to think, how the hell they pulled it off with such conviction & perfection without any story telling as such. (Movies To See Before You Die - Adventure)
Have always been stressing upon the fact that cinema is the most impactful art of story-telling through the powerful medium of visuals and sound. However, at times we also witness cinema creating sheer magic without having any emphasis on a storyline, entirely focusing on metaphors, mesmerizingly conveyed through its powerful visuals and sound.
Lijo Jose Pellissery’s JALLIKATTU is exactly that kind of a rare film, which just revolves around a buffalo escaping its slaughter, running into

MALANG - An almost tasteless KHICHDI with only Disha and Kunal giving you at least something to watch. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The glimpses of a clumsy murder mystery or crime thriller were right there in the trailer but MALANG strangely turns out to be not even that almost ruining its potential premises. 
Beginning like a taut ‘who-dun-it’ thriller (with a well shot sequence), it surprisingly wastes the entire first half in its unconvincing romance and average songs focusing on the cinematography, locations, costumes and style, before delivering something interesting (post interval) trying the damag

JAI MUMMY DI - Another casual and routine romantic comedy written around Delhi Punjabi families taking its basic idea from a Vijay Anand classic. (Review By Bobby Sing)
It has to be credited as an achievement, as Luv Ranjan has slowly and steadily formed his own group of filmmakers and actors, which he keeps introducing along with repeating them in his various projects as a producer or director. JAI MUMMY JI is another of his projects as co-producer, wherein he presents debutant director Navjot Gulati who had earlier written RUNNING SHAADI (2017) having a similar Punjabi backdrop. 
The film has its

PAGALPANTI - The new tradition of 'Kuchh Bhi' continues with this so-called comedy, literally representing its title. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Last week we witnessed a film trying to recreate the era of 80s with a vague kind of presentation focusing on action and typical heroism prevalent in our Hindi cinema. And this week we have the same novel tradition of adding “Kuchh Bhi” as content continuing in PAGALPANTI that is supposed to be a clean, enjoyable comedy with an interesting cast. 
Easily one of the weakest and most awful films of director Anees Bazmee, PAGALPANTI perfectly justifies i

MARJAAVAAN - Sum of random scenes & borrowed songs stuck in the 80s, this can easily be retitled as KUCHH BHI. (Review by Bobby Sing)
In the recent past, a number of attempts have been made revisiting the ‘80s mainstream Hindi. But its tricky to make those kinds of films as the definition of cinema has completely changed in the past two decades, particularly post the introduction of world wide web and social networking.
Even star-studded attempts didn't click like Sajid Khan’s HIMMATWALA and more, but for some reason writer-director Milap Zaveri dares to try that again and fails miserably in his

LOVE AAJ KAL - A confused, unimpressive and strictly avoidable remake of director’s own 10 years old film, which wasn’t any classic either. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Beginning with ‘a first’ related with the film, LOVE AAJ KAL happens to be the only remake which has its original film’s review too posted at BTC, released just a decade back in 2009. So, it’s the fastest remake by a director of his own film which wasn’t any classic either, largely recalled for its hit music and lead performers.

The headline of the original LOVE AAJ KAL review at BTC said “Starts off maturely, entertains in parts and ends with a routine drama”. But

SHIKARA - A soft film on an open wound that makes a decent impact mainly due to the impressive new faces. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Releasing in the times of extreme opinions and biased viewpoints, Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s SHIKARA based on the forced mass evacuation of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir in January 1990, happens to be a film that both works as well as falls short at various levels of its execution of the crucial issue.
Presenting a love story with the backdrop of Kashmir and a span of three decades, what works in SHIKARA is its emotional pull and the heartfelt portrayal of personal losses and fears experienced by

Rahul Rawail and Sunny Deol’s BETAAB, the making of its fabulous title music by RD Burman and the story of painted horses. - By Bobby Sing
The fact that documentation of our cinema and the film making process of our renowned creators was never done when they were active and in their supreme form was once again recalled attending the launch function of CINEMAAZI – a new initiative to respectfully remember, cherish and document our golden past as well as the present.
The event was graced by Sharmila Tagore, Rahul Rawail, Pankaj Udhas and many more eminent personalities. And among their interesting conversations w

JAWAANI JAANEMAN – The end product badly suffers when a sensitive subject is forcibly presented in a comic manner adding all the familiar and repetitive elements. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The film releasing without much promotions did have some kind of excitement due to it unusual subject and interesting cast featuring Saif Ali Khan and Tabu. But unfortunately, all the positive vibes more or less fail to deliver as neither the writing nor the direction presents the novel and sensitive subject with any kind of emotional depth or compassion.
Despite having a fresh, unexplored plot of a young daughter coming to meet her biological father for the first time, who is liv

PANGA - A simple, sweet and inspiring film, that not only has the Queen, but an equally adorable Jassie Gill and the kid too. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Sports movies always face one major hurdle of being predictable and repetitive due to their monotonous nature of content and story progression. But here, though PANGA has its own share of clichés, particularly in its second half, the film still turns out to be a winner due to its key performances and the subject that more focuses on the challenges of motherhood and a sportswoman deciding to make a comeback in her early 30s.
The sweet, slice of life simplicity in its first half straight

STREET DANCER - A monotonously long reality show trying nothing new except including an important social message and Prabhu Deva performing on his hit song of the 90s. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Coming as the third part of the franchise, one certainly cannot expect any great storyline to be there in a film on dance, dance troupes and their competitions. But as a viewer one at least expects the film to move ahead of its earlier ventures, offering something fresh in terms of either content or presentation.
Unfortunately, STREET DANCER isn’t interested in trying any such thing in terms of novelty as it opens without any interesting build-up and keeps progressing on exactly the sam

KAITHI (Tamil / 2019) - Action genre at its best with a terrific execution and extraordinary lead performance not to be missed. (Review by Bobby Sing)
If outstanding action in films of acclaimed directors from the west is wholeheartedly appreciated by their ardent fans in India, then KAITHI deserves the same amount of praises for its explosive action, mind-bowing conception and outstanding execution on screen with a towering lead performance by Karthi.
A complete mass entertainer emphasizing on its various actions sequences happening in the time period of just one night, KAITHI (meaning prisoner) impressively intro

CHHAPAAK – Wish it was a more powerful film moving beyond the court case and songs, justifying the praiseworthy effort of the supporting cast standing tall with Deepika. (Review By Bobby Sing)
When one of the top most actors of the industry decides to act and produce in a thought-provoking film questioning the social injustice and gender-bias in our society, then that deserves praises without any doubt. And the praises need to be much louder when the subject happens to be the tragedy of a helpless acid-attack victim with no scope of either glamour or crowd-pulling entertainment, for the general Hindi film viewers.
So, when you consider CHHAPAAK (meaning splash) from this p

TANHAJI - Works as an informative historical film with impressive lead performances and a noteworthy climax, relying more on action missing the explosive drama. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Along with being a means of general entertainment, one of the key responsibilities of creative arts including cinema is to enlighten the younger generation about the major historical events and our renowned as well as lesser celebrated icons of the past. Hindi cinema has been working on the same since last decade and TANHAJI is the latest offering in that genre deserving a unanimous appreciation for the attempt made.
Thankfully, the end result is a far superior film than the recent PA

DARBAR (Tamil/Hindi) - Caught in the mess of an image, social messages and unexpectedly poor writing, this doesn't even look like a Murugadoss film. (Review By Bobby Sing)

As the film began, I was stunned to see some poor visuals and casual acts on screen as if it was a B-grade film preparing its base for the entry of a mad cop. The opening few minutes forced me to reconfirm that this was a mega project directed by the renowned and reliable A. R. Murugadoss and not by any of his first assistants. 

The confirmed fact gave me an assurance that something worth watching must be coming ahead and I kept watching it with the good old Rajini performing yet another typical

GHOST STORIES (Netflix) - Only Dibaker comes up with a watchable section and the rest probably took Netflix as the golden egg laying goose. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Discussing the genre first, Comedy and horror have one thing in common and it’s the subjective nature of their impact on the viewers. Subjective, because as a joke or a comic sequence might work or not for different viewers, horror sequences also might succeed to scare a few and turn out to be nothing for the others. 
Moreover, where repetitive comedy might work if done tastefully by the performers, horror doesn’t really work in any similar manner as it doesn’t remain scary anymore. So,

BIGIL (Tamil / 2019) - Post a dicey beginning, this turns into a perfect mainstream entertainer mixing three genres of a gangster movie, sports drama and a women-centric, message-oriented film reaching the masses. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Mass entertainers featuring mega stars have always been a representative feature of Hindi films since the 70s. But sadly, we haven’t really seen many great mainstream movies with a perfect mix of content, action, drama and emotions in the last couple of decades. And even if there have been a few, they were mostly the remakes of their south originals only, that excel in this particular potential genre without any doubt.
Hence there can be no denial to the fact that the makers down South have been deliver

UNDA (Malayalam / 2019) – A realistic eye-opener based on the life of police officials that can also be termed as an outstanding black comedy. (Review by Bobby Sing)
A police unit of a few officers from Kerala is sent to Chhattisgarh on Election duty in a risky area known for its Maoist movements. The nine-man unit is led by Mammootty as a Sub-inspector, but the problem is that neither their leader nor anyone among the officers has any kind of prior experience of providing security in such dangerous region. 
Above all, they neither have the advanced guns nor ammunition to perform the assigned duties. And then expecting them to be provided by the State aut

UYARE (Malayalam / 2019) - An inspiring, uplifting film about an acid attack victim, focusing on her survival and rise instead of her sufferings. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Knowing about its subject based on a fictional story of an acid attack victim, it is obvious to assume or expect an explosive kind of film focusing on the terrifying incident, its horror, the consequences and sufferings of the girl, with her face and the trauma being in the limelight. However nothing of that sort is true for the Malayalam film UYARE directed by debutant Manu Ashokan starring the talented Parvathy in the lead along with Asif Ali, Tovina Thomas and more

GOOD NEWWZ - With a terrific, entertaining first half & a mild second, it's an intentional comedy made to please the audience, exploiting a bold & serious subject, truly owned by Diljit. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Remaining true to its title, thankfully this time we have the good news of a film being a thorough entertainer tackling a novel and risky subject of sperm mix-up in a reputed fertility clinic known for IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization). 
Focusing on Akshay-Kareena as a couple facing the issue since years, GOOD NEWWZ keeps bringing in smiles and some timely laughter in its initial 40 minutes along with explaining the concept of IVF in a simple language. But the tables actually

The interesting case of Rajiv Kapoor's directorial debut PREM GRANTH (1996) and its link with earlier films - By Bobby Sing
A few days back, in a discussion over films going over-budget, a young excited producer expressed his shock and disbelief knowing how films used to cross their assigned budget in the past unnecessarily. Incidentally, the one example I thought of giving from the 90s happened to be of PREM GRANTH, because of a recently posted video of its on-shoot report on Youtube.
For friends who might not be aware of the film, PREM GRANTH is the directorial debut and the only film directed b

DABANGG 3 - A hurriedly made film focusing on action & songs, as yet another throwback to the 80s repeating the same old things. (Review By Bobby Sing)

The creative bankruptcy in the mainstream Hindi Cinema is being revealed almost every week with only a few exceptions. And DABANGG 3 is yet another example of the same featuring a superstar caught in the dilemma of making what and how after his recent big failures.

In the last few years, Hindi Cinema is largely surviving on three kinds of films, namely, remakes (of foreign and regional language cinema), bio-pics and films revisiting the 80s to be specific. Salman Khan and his creative team kept on tr

EL CUERPO / THE BODY (Spanish/2012) - A must watch thriller and its link with A L’INTERIEUR / INSIDE (French/2007)

Spanish Writer-Director Oriol Paulo is more known for his must watch crime thriller CONTRATIEMPO/THE INVISIBLE GUEST (2016) for two major reasons in India. One because Sujoy Ghosh’s successful Hindi thriller BADLA featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsee Pannu was an official remake of his THE INVISIBLE GUEST. And two, because the original film is also available at Netflix (with English Subtitles) and most of the keen lovers of cinema hav

THE BODY - Shocking to witness an inferior remake coming from the acclaimed writer-director Jeethu Joseph. (Review by Bobby Sing)
If you are into watching Indian cinema made in regional languages then you must be familiar with the name of director Jeethu Joseph. And even if you are not aware of the name, you would have surely seen his recent must watch thrillers as MEMORIES, DRISHYAM, PAPANASAM and OOZHAM in particular.
So, keeping in mind this track record, the news of Jeethu Joseph remaking Spanish writer-director Oriol Paulo’s first mainstream film

MARDAANI 2 - Begins with a solid punch featuring impressive lead acts but along with big cinematic liberties and typical insertions ending on a less satisfying note. (Review by Bobby Sing)
A few films are destined to release just at the right time, becoming more relevant pointing towards an ongoing national issue or social tragedy. MARDAANI 2 happens to be one of those few films, releasing in the midst of a national debate on continuous brutal rapes, murders and state of women in our society in the present new-age.
Beginning with praises, the sequel happens to be a few steps ahead than its first part and more or less follows the appreciable pattern of the outstanding crime-thri

The lesser known, shelved Amitabh Bachchan film directed by Mahmood. (Rare Bollywood Facts by Bobby Sing)
Digging into archives often surprises you and reminds that there is a lot hidden in the past which is still not there in the nostalgic TV programs and online sites/sources, waiting to be found and presented before the lovers of Hindi cinema.
While studying some old journals of the late ‘70s, I just found this valuable info about a film that was announced around 1978 starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha aptly titled LAMBU DADA, but was shelved soon becaus

HOTEL MUMBAI (English/Hindi) - A decent attempt coming too late with nothing inventive enough moving beyond the already known. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]

Based on the horrifying Mumbai terror attacks of 26/11 in 2008, HOTEL MUMBAI has been directed by Australian director Anthony Mars, who narrates it from a different viewpoint of what happened inside the Taj Hotel and how the brave employees saved the life of their reputed guests facing the gunshots.

The director does it well with an eye for detail and an amalgamation of real and fictional characters also work fine supported by praise-worthy performances of both Anupam Kher

YEH SAALI AASHIQUI - A courageous attempt by the debutantes relying on a flawed script, reminding you of another much-appreciated revenge thriller. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing]

It is always pleasantly surprising and appreciable if a launch pad of a youngster coming from a filmy family isn’t the usual romantic-musical drama displaying some guts. And that’s the key reason YEH SAALI AASHIQUI deserves praises along with some additional accolades as Vardhan Puri (grandson of Amrish Puri) introduces himself both as an actor and a writer, co-writing this nasty thriller instead of any love saga.
Beginning with the usual rom

PANIPAT - The makers somehow found the courage to make it, but the viewers need to find even greater courage to watch it. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]

A few friends writing phrases like ‘Ashutosh is back’ on social networks in their pre-release reviews gave me hope. But the big hope got completely shattered when even after one hour I was clueless about the uvision PANIPAT was made with and for what kind of audience in particular. 

So once again it was the case of strange praises showered upon a film before release which hardly gives you anything as content except revisiting history in a majestic style with an appreciable grandeur. But wo

PATI PATNI AUR WOH - Far away from a remake, it's a kind of forced, new age sequel that marginally works only in its final 30 minutes. [TTP (To The Point) Review by Bobby Sing]
A loving small town couple, supported by interesting supporting characters with witty one liners and funny sequences coming one after another is the basic format of many recent films made in a controlled budget. PATI PATNI AUR WOH is just another average movie in that league, made for a certain section of viewers who can see anything and everything presented as a light hearted comedy revolving around the small town families.
Forcibly focusing  on comic sequences and funny dialogues right

CHEESECAKE (Web-Series) - Because DOGS have a way of filling the emptiness, you don’t even know you have. (Notes By Bobby Sing)
A few years back, I was asked to write an article on my interpretation of GOD by a spiritual magazine. I frankly expressed that would not be able to do that but can surely write about something which has similar qualities and is interestingly also known with the reverse spellings of GOD. The editor was quite surprised but she was willing to publish it and I wrote an autobiographical account of my experiences with the living GOD universally known with the exact reverse alphabets as

ONDU MOTTEYA KATHE (Kannada/2017) - The original bald movie that can easily be called a simple, thoughtful Hrishikesh Mukherjee film made in Kannada. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Two years back, I luckily got to see this small simplistic film strongly recommended by a dear friend and loved it to the core not only for its bold and unique subject, but for its treatment too, which straight away reminded me of the cinema of Hrishikesh Mukherjee made with an almost similar vision. 
The Hindi film maestro had a style and a class of his own as he never made intentional comedies to make you laugh. But made thoughtful, light hearted, entertaining comical films that also h

HOUSEFULL4 – With a BAHUBALI inspired action drama in the first half and a loud comedy in the second, it offers too less of entertainment for an inflated ticket price. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Moving over the routine and repeatedly quoted phrases ‘keep the brains at home’ or ‘don’t try to find logic’ in such films, actually the most contradicting reviews and viewpoints always happen to be in the case of comedies, as its not necessary that a joke would work for everyone listening or watching resulting in an unanimous response.

So to give you the gist, where the crude and crass humour might work for many, it didn’t work for me all through a major part of the film and I

ARDAB MUTIYARAN (Punjabi) - An outstanding Sonam Bajwa single-handedly lifts up an average comic, family drama making it enjoyable. (Review by Bobby Sing)
A review of a new Punjabi film is here at BTC as this thankfully rises above the level of an average family comic drama, offering you a fairly enjoyable time and a praiseworthy lead performance in return of your ticket bought.
So even though the film hasn’t got any great stroyline or an outstanding execution, it still works as the director Manav Shah, the dialogue writer and the lead actress together have done some effective hard work on their key character that turns out to be exceptio

THE ZOYA FACTOR - Another unnecessary film that offers nothing except the charm of Dulquer. (Review by Bobby Sing0
Official adaptation of a novel with the same title penned by Anuja Chauhan, it would be really interesting to know that how and why the makers even thought of converting the novel into a film with such a ‘non-film’ content matter. May be they had got the stars, their dates and desperately needed a story/script which they found instantly available as a book called THE ZOYA FACTOR. The story had cricket, fantasy and two lead roles, which perfectly suited the requirement and hence the film was made withou

BATLA HOUSE - A real life inspired, muddled thriller made with a purpose that partially delivers the thrills along with the clichés. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Based on the real life controversial encounter of 2008, on which serious criticism and doubts were raised of being fake, killing young university students, BATLA HOUSE is a muddled thriller that intentionally tries to do two contradicting things at the same time. At one end it tries to convey all about the case in a realistic but partial manner and on the other wishes to win over the box office too incorporating all clichéd commercial elements including a completely forced or out of place item number of Nora Fatehi.

LAAL KAPTAAN - Probably the most weird and directionless project of the year with an otherwise commendable presentation and art-design. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Though director Navdeep Singh’s earlier two films were highly influenced/inspired from English movies [MANORAMA 6 FEET UNDER / CHINATOWN (1974) and NH10/EDEN LAKE (2008)], they still were more than decent films winning critical acclaim. So as a filmgoer one could expect anything from the director but not an entirely visionless, confused and unengaging film as his third directorial venture, to be honest.
Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Navdeep comes up

P SE PYAAR F Se FARAAR – The Friday star rating advertisement of the film in HT City successfully fooled me and I bought the ticket. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Usually I prefer watching small, lesser known films as it is really a delight to find a gem among such silent efforts made. Had personally seen the way KHOSLA KA GHOSLA was not being sold after getting complete and then began a trend in Hindi cinema post its release after one year or more of moving through various production houses and distributors.
Moreover, was still reluctant to watch a film with an unusual title P SE PYAAR F SE FARAAR, as now a lot of must watch content is eas

CHHICHHORE - Despite being sum of many earlier films, it still works hitting the emotional quotient well along with a praiseworthy editing, well-chosen cast & performances giving an important message. (Review By Bobby Sing)

There are two basic ways of winning over the audience having their own set of expectations from the director and the stars. One is to present a completely fresh storyline with new characters conveying something novel or unique. And second is to impress them with a thoroughly entertaining narration saying the same old things already seen in many earlier movies.

Believe me, if the first one is quite difficult to achieve, the second is even tougher in comparison, as you have to say the repetitive things but in a non-repetitive manner ke

THE SKY IS PINK - A thoughtful, emotional bio-pic made from heart that sadly suffers due to an uneven narration, length and avoidable average songs. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Sharing a sad, tragic true story of a family’s inconsolable loss, one cannot and should not find faults in the real-life story content to begin on an honest note. But since it has been presented as a film for which a ticket needs to be bought, hence the praises and criticism here is just for the cinematic presentation on the screen, without making any comment on the unfortunate, actual happenings faced by the Chaudharys. 

Beginning with the merits, it's a sincere and heartfelt attempt made by writer-director Shonal

WAR - YRF does it again but in style completely relying upon its two stars. (Review By Bobby Sing)

To begin with the gist, the team at YRF does it again post the major debacle of THUGS OF HINDOSTAN, but this time they do it with style heavily banking on the WAR between their two leading men Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. The film has almost no one else in its entire lengthy duration of 156 minutes and the icons thankfully manage to lift it up to the level of watchable, because of their (various) timely entries and superbly shot action sequences reminding you of the fa

PRASTHANAM - Choice of which South Hit needs to be remade, how and when, is also a skill that is not possessed by all. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Hindi cinema is known for blindly following a trend, and the trend of going for a remake of an original regional language hit has been more visible in the last few decades in particular.   No doubt, remakes have always been there in the history of Hindi cinema since the early decades. Plus, it certainly helps when the same director is called in to make a Hindi remake of his regional language hit presenting it with the same vision, changing the basic settings as per the Hindi film audience.

PAL PAL DIL KE PAAS - Wish the father had let another director direct his son choosing a better theme and content for his debut film. (An honest heartfelt expression by Bobby Sing)
When BETAAB got released in 1983, people thronged the theater to watch Dharmendra’s son on screen as he was one of the first few star-sons to debut in those times after Kumar Gaurav and Sanjay Dutt. Plus Dharmendra had his own charm (still going strong in the ‘80s) and a humongous fan-following much more than both Rajendra Kumar and Sunil Dutt in that particular era. Moreover, those were the days when a hit soundtrack of a film release

SECTION 375 - If a complex courtroom drama leaves you in two minds seriously thinking about the case, it deserves to be seen as a must supporting such rare cinema. (Review By Bobby Sing)
Courtroom Dramas usually have a set format, wherein a case is being fought between two characters or parties, and as a viewer either you already know the culprit or you get to know it towards the end as a sudden disclosure. So most of the times, it’s always convincingly black and white, with the evil getting sentenced and justice getting served providing a much relieving satisfaction to the viewers.
However very rarely comes a film showcasing a courtroom drama, which not only leaves you in two minds con

DREAM GIRL - An enjoyable one time watch, missing the finesse and the effortlessness seen in the recent hit attempts in this particular genre. (Review by Bobby Sing)
The moment I saw the trailer of DREAM GIRL, the first thought I had was of a sub-plot and an interesting character seen in the National Award Winning CHILLAR PARTY called Googly - a young man born with a voice of a girl. On the advice of a kid, he decides to try his luck as a radio jockey posing as a girl and discovers a new path in life leading to success.
Maybe the writers got the fruitful seed of their script watching Googly in CHILLAR PARTY, or maybe they based it on the