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3-Iron / Bin-Jip (2004 - Korean) (Movies To See Before You Die - World Cinema / Love Theme)

13 Jan, 2014 | Movies To See Before You Die / World Cinema

What if I tell you that there happened to be two normal but extremely contrasting & lonely characters who meet in some drastic situations of a night. They fell in love or discover a strange, unexplainable kind of closeness in their tender moments together, without saying a single word to each other in almost the entire film and then decide to take some pretty bold decisions of their lives, communicating just through their expressive eyes and nothing else.
Now the statement might sound like uninteresting, impossible, awkward or also weird to many friends here. But actually this very strange thought gets converted into a quite simple yet beautiful, emotional and sensitive film, with all that warmth required to tell an impressive love story between two silent characters titled 3-IRON or BIN JIP. Yes, at first hearing, one might start thinking that how can a person make a whole 90 minutes film with such a difficult or rather unexciting premises. But director Ki-duk Kim forces you to sit down calmly and feel engrossed to all his well shot, thoughtfully conceived and refreshing sequences on the screen, taking the story forward in a pleasantly unbelievable way.
The script talks about a lonely, silent intruder who break into locked houses at night, doesn’t steal any valuables, eats the food, spends few hours, does some kind of housekeeping with minor repairs too and then leaves the house in search of another as his normal routine. But things do not remain the same when he enters a lavish house and witnesses a wounded woman who has been beaten up by her abusive husband quite brutally. Without revealing the further details of its story-line, this serves as the basic plot of the film which is surely going to provide the viewer, something fresh and novel, different from all the usual love stories having the same old routine stuff served as a new dish.
Despite being mostly shot in the interiors, 3-IRON has a splendid cinematography with an exceptional lighting and its images stay in your mind for long once you have finished watching it. Along with its 'out of the box' story plot, it has the much needed lighter moments too placed smartly and the film progresses at a nice pace throughout, as required. The performances are simply flawless, proving that you can still make an instant connection with the viewers without speaking many great lines. But you need to patiently stay with the characters in the beginning, just to feel the worth of it later. In short if you wish to see a distinctive yet poetic representation of a unique passionate love story then essentially watch this classic as a must and do yourself a favour.
Written & Directed By  Ki-duk Kim
Starring : Seung-yeon Lee, Hyun-kyoon Lee, Hyuk-ho Kwon & more.

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