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Movies, as I see them, are not just images flashing on the screen and Cinemafor me is more like a book to be read with love, proper attention and interest.
Contrary to what many people believe (particularly in India), Cinema as I see it is not only a means of entertainment or passing your time. Its an art equivalent to painting, composing, writing or singing. It is also a way of expressing new ideas and thoughts similar to all other famous mediums of art in a more impactful manner.
In fact, Cinema provides you a mode of expression better than all, because it is an amalgamation of Images, Sound, Music, Dialogues, People and their Emotions all together. You can actually relate with cinema better than any other medium of art through these collective expressions put together at one place. And thats what can be called the Real Beauty of Cinema or Movies.
So in this section, I would like to share my views on some particular movies, personalities and important events in the World of Cinema which need to be witnessed and discussed from a different perspective, moving ahead of the routine. 

Your valuable comments and contributions are invited for the same as I would love to discuss the articles further with all friends having some great inputs.

So Let’s Start Enjoying The World Of Cinema Together In A Different Way From Now On !

with warm wishes and HIS BLESSINGS,
Bobby Sing

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19 Jun 2024 / Comments ( 4 )

Hi Bobby,

Pleasure to read your reviews about all the movies but i like more inspired movie list or section where u write about the movie that has been copied or inspired.

I too in the same search for the original movies from which our hindi movie director take inspiration or directly copy it.

Actually few days back i was watching hitchcock and i came along a movie called "The man who knew too much" i don't know u might have seen or not , but i like to share this with you. that it reminded of a hindi movie that i had seen few years back which was coming on set max, that was Amitabh Bachchan's BENAAM (1974).

I totally got surprised that most of the thriller or suspense movies in hindi has been highly inspired from hitchcock. the same way of scene or all , even the music at some instant felt similar.

i would say the same about HITCHCOCK's VERTIGO OR REBECCA"..



Bobby Sing

Hi Jyoti,
Thanks a lot for your appreciation of my works and nice to have you here as a friend with the similar interests.

Yes you are right regarding the similarites between Hitchcock's "The man who knew too much" and Benaam (1974). 
and in the similar way both VERTIGO and REBECCA have also inspired more than one movies in Bollywood.

Infact Hitchcock is one of the top5 favorite directors of mine and as you mentioned it I would like to inform that he made  "The man who knew too much" twice in his career - 1934 and 1956. 
If you love his works then watch all his movies unconditionally and enjoy.
Do let me know if you want to know more about his works too and keep writing in.


Jasveer singh

Impressed with your study, views about the films. It needs lot of time and concentration.
Can you tell about the use of punjabi folk in hindi movies and also the articles about the subject and oblige.

Regards and good luck.
Jasveer Singh

Bobby Sing

Thanks Jasveer Singh for your kind appreciation and regarding the subject please chek the following link which has an extensive research account of Bollywood's strong relation with PUNJAB in three parts.




I hope you will enjoy reading them all and spread the word too.
Keep Visiting and Writing in,

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