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In this interesting part of the site, an attempt is made to find the ‘Inspirational Ties’ between Indian movies and film-makers from all over the world. But before you go for exploring it, I would like to say a few words about this section regarding my personal perception about the subject.
About Indian Cinema 
I love the medium of Cinema and its products from all over the world. But I simply adore our own Indian Cinema for its masterpieces & master film makers like no-one else. We have made movies like gems in the past & can certainly make more in the future without any doubt. And I really admire or get overjoyed every time a new masterpiece comes out of our own Industry made by its talented film-makers of the present times. However, the other truth remains that inspired movies have always been a part of Hindi Film Industry right from the era of Black & White films undeniably. So this is a section where a detailed list of such movies is regularly updated for the die-hard lovers of Cinema, interested in the subject and eager to know more.

About “Inspirations” 

We all get inspired from whom we admire or whom we look up to in our careers, which in turn helps us to find our own original paths of doing things. That’s my interpretation of “Inspirations” seen in the World of Cinema. Even Newton discovered the Law of Gravity when he saw a falling apple and got inspired. So there is no harm or wrong in getting an inspiration from the works of other masters. But it all becomes ugly when one tries to take the credit of something which is not his original creation at all and is just a replica of another person’s hard work.

The point I wish to make here is that this section of the site is in no way looking at our films from a lower angle. But its only an attempt to point out the alarming inspirations in our movies which have suddenly become more frequent in the recent times than in the past. So we do need to study and discuss this hidden but important part of our Indian Cinema as a must. However the information given here is completely based on my personal observations and the readers might have a difference of opinion for any particular film, which can be discussed further through a valuable exchange of comments.

So do keep sharing and visiting as new observations are being added regularly in this section both from the current and the past films.

Waiting to get a word from all true cinema lovers…
with warm wishes and HIS BLESSINGS,
Bobby Sing
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20 May 2024 / Comments ( 22 )

It's the most elaborate collection of information about movies which are inspired from other flicks, official & unofficial remakes and movies having significant similarities with other works from rest of the world.

Abhinav Praneet

Hi Bobby,

Its really good to see a dedicated space for the inspirations for our movies. Also your lists for must see movies also looks interesting and well compiled.

I too share a similar liking and passion for cinema. Congratulations on your blog.

Bobby Sing

 Hi Abhivav,

Thanks for being here and appreciating the passionate efforts. I really wish to keep on sharing all the info I have at a regular basis with all the friends here and responses like these just keep me going.

Thanks once again and Keep Visiting....Cheers!



Tees Maar Khan copy of Peter Sellers' After The Fox?

How many of you have heard about the most famous Hollywood comedian (after Charlie Chaplin of course) Peter Sellers? If not, please watch his movie The Party. Anyway, the point to bring up a man of such repertoire is because his films are still inspiring a lot of filmmakers from Bollywood. Peter Sellers 1966 Italian film After The Fox (Caccia Alla Volpe) is one such example. Yes, you heard it.

But the word 'inspiration' is too cliche. It's 'similarities' that count when our filmmakers get inspired. After a bit of research, we found out that one of the most anticipated films of this year, Tees Maar Khan, is a fully inspired version of the 1966 comedy, After The Fox starring Peter Sellers. And after watching the trailer, here are some of the 'similarities' evident between both the films:

Peter Sellers plays Aldo Vanucci (aka the Fox), one of the greatest criminals of the world, and master of disguise. After Aldo escapes from the Italian prison he was held in, he meets again with his friends, and plans to retrieve the "gold of Cairo" a large shipment of gold, that waits to be unloaded somewhere in Italy. Aldo devices the perfect plan. Posing as a famous director, he finds the ideal coastal village to unload the shipment, and persuades the entire population that he has chosen their village as the set for his new movie. Everybody, including the idiot chief of the local police is so excited, that they can't even imagine that in fact they are helping the Fox to get the "gold of Cairo".

1. After The Fox: Peter Sellers plays a master of disguises thief who makes an entire village a movie set to pull off a heist.
Tees Maar Khan: Akshay Kumar plays a master of disguises who makes an entire village into a movie set to pull off a heist.

2. ATF: Victor Mature plays a vain movie star acting in the "film within the film" and Sellers plays on his vanity.
TMK: Akshaye Khanna plays a vain movie star acting in the "film within the film" and Kumar plays on his vanity.

3. In both cases there is a bumbling police chief.

4. In both cases, the hero's mother really thinks he's a filmmaker.

5. In both cases there's a femme fatale.

6. ATF: A ship is heisted.
TMK: A train is heisted.

In the past, we have seen many Bollywood filmmakers getting inspired by World cinema and Hollywood films and making their own desi versions of the films without realizing the consequences. Well, it's time they do! In fact in the recent past, many Hollywood studios have taken Bollywood producers to court due to plagiarism and copyright infringement. Will Tees Maar Khan producers also face the music now? Well, this is something that only time will tell.

Posted on BollywoodHungama.com

Bobby Sing

Hi Himanshu,

Great to read about this new revealation about Tees Maar Khan. Infact I had my own doubts about this movie since I found its poster to be somehow inspired from the posters of "Dick Tracy" too.

And yes, I am a big fan of Peter Selers movies and love to see him in own unique comic style. The movie which you mentioned "The Party" incidentally was also the same film from where the famous Amitabh Bachchan's Namak Halal act of losing a shoe was copied.

Chek out my post written on the same at the following link :

Namak Halaal (1982) & Amitabh's comic sequence with his shoe.



shashi reddy

Guzaarish is lifted from The Sea InsideĀ and The PrestigeĀ. Saawariya was lifted from a russian flick. Hum dil de chuke sanam from Swayamvarama, an old telugu film.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Shashi for writing in......But I dont think you have visited my site here in details before putting in your comment. 

With a request to spend some time on the section related to the inspired movies............Cheers!



hi bobby,

good to read all ur articles about the movie reviews and inspired movies,,
 so wat u think about 7 khoon maaf...

Do think it also inspired or sort of..
 i thought when i saw it promos for thte first time , it is like macbeth.... then i thought tat maqbool was the same sort of movie as macbeth..

so wat u think....
keep writting



hi bobby,

forgot to mention.... that  some years back i seen a same kind of movie .. i think that the movie named "METHOD" starring Elizabeth Hurley doing same killing in the movie..

so wat do u think have u seen the movie METHOD by Duncan Roy..

please send ur comment on this..

looking forward for ur reviews


Bobby Sing


I havent seen "Method" but which movie you are referring to which has similarities with it. I coudnt get it.

Please let me know as then only I would be able to comment.




Nice reading you reviews about all inspired movies.
I want to add something to it.

As i saw the trailer of TALAASh of Amir khan i felt like the plot is same as Basic instinct 2,, i'm not sure but the way the promos or the trailer has been showing it look like the same event in the basic instinct 2 ,,

what u say...? did actor like amir khan at this time of his career is doing something like this... shocking!!!!


Bobby Sing

Hi Jyoti,
The makers of TALAASH and Aamir Khan are taking extra care to hide their actual storyline but there are specualtions being made by one and all in the media which include the following.

Some say that its close to Aarushi's murder case, some say its another KAHAANI but the most convincing one is that its based on a novella released in 1975 called AN ACT OF PROVIDENCE.

However now you mentioning Basic Instinct 2, it will be really interesting to see what the film is actually all about.
And I hope Aamir and his director have something unrelated to show to us this time.





Sorry i didn't mention the movie.. that was saath knoon maaf .. which i had mentioned early it was Method (2004) ,
Elizabeth Hurley, Jeremy Sisto...
I don't know about the similarities but i felt like..


Bobby Sing

Hi Jrs,
Actually SAAT KHOON MAAF is officially based on the short story by Ruskin Bond called "Susanna's Seven Husbands" so the common point is only the murders committed by one lady as I feel.

Keep Visiting and Writing In,


A movie "arthur" (old one) directly inspired "Tumsa nahi dekha" emran hashmi-dia mirza starrer.
same dialogues,story,acting. only difference...the lead actress was not a stripper. the lead actress had an alcoholic father and not a retarded brother.
it also appeared to inspire "sharabi" of amitabh, but i m not sure which one released early.but tumsa nahi dekha was a direct lift (like dubbed in hindi) of "arthur".

Bobby Sing

Hi Ankush,
Thanks for writing in but actually both these movies are already there in the list at the following links and the articles should surely be an interesting read for you.

For Tumsa Nahin Dekha - Its there in the "More Inspirations in "T" Category" post.
LINK : http://bobbytalkscinema.com/recentpost.php?postid=postid062509070625

For Sharaabi and Arthur - There is a detailed article and the film released decades before "Tumsa Nahin Dekha"
LINK : http://bobbytalkscinema.com/recentpost.php?postid=postid052211052912



Even i think talash is too similer to basic instict.
sharon stone- kareena
micheal douglas- aamir
rani-jeanne tripplehorn
the mannerims of kareena look like sharon
micheal and aamir both werepolice officers
rani and tripplehorn the freind of inspector.... so?????

Bobby Sing

Lets See Ankush because when Aamir Khan is in a project then you cant really guess it clearly.
But I hope the film doesnt turn out to be a pure copy.


People who are comparing Basic Instinct to Talaash have not seen either of them.
Bobby Sing

Yes Vikran (and all friends in the thread), the film has nothing to do with these movies at all.

Talaash is a complete rip off English film Elephant White released in 2011.
Bobby Sing

Hi Abhishek,
Thanks for the valuable info and do check out a detailed article on "TALAASH and its inspirations" posted at the site too.
Keep Writing in!

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