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While creating music or during the movie making process, several interesting anecdotes and happenings are there which remain untold for a long time due to lack of opportunities to recall or express. So this is an effort to share and enjoy some rare and exciting unknown facts related with the making of films, music and their artists with all the like-minded friends here. 
Though you might be familiar with some but many of the articles here would sure make you feel amazed about the hidden secrets of this creative world of music and movies. 
So would love to read your comments on the same and do send me your contribution too if you have got some rare info about any interesting fact or incident which you will like to share with all.  
Hence lets explore the unknown world of movies & music……and Enjoy!
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18 Jul 2024 / Comments ( 18 )

Hi Bobby

I must say that it is a great website with a great amount of research. Thanks for making it available to everyone.

I am doing some research on the language of Bollywood movies. In most of the movies, they write 'Hindi Feature Film'. There is one movie so far which have stated different languages e.g. 'Dhobi Ghat'- Hindi partly English, 'Pakeezah' - Urdu. I am still trying to find some other movies too. My work will be to show that a great part of the language is 'English', and even the rest of the language is not purely 'Hindi'. It is a mixture of Hindi & Urdu, and in some instances Punjabi too. Then why do the still keep writing 'Hindi Film'?

I wonder if you could help me with something. You can email me directly or create a blog here and invite your users for an open discussion.

Thanking in advance

Looking forward to hearing from you


p.s. could you please tell me what is the name of the 'censor board certificate' which they show in the start of each Indian movie? Thanks

Bobby Sing

Hi Shiraz,

Thanks a lot for your appreciation on my hard work exhibited here for all movie lovers. And I am really glad to know about the research too.

But please give me some time and I would get back to you at your mail id with some real useful info on the same.

It will not be too long but till then Keep Visiting and explore more of the articles here.




Thanks a lot Bobby.

I might be visiting your site for any possible help for my project.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


gautam das
Hi Bobby,

You are in fact inborn film critic and truely speaking a generous guy as well because you never ignore anybody seeking your cooperation in any subject associated with movie.Hats off for untired effort to aware the mass for wanting a good movie.

Best wishes

Bobby Sing

Thanks Gautam for your kind and appreciating words. I will surely try my best to keep up the standards.


Keep Visiting



Raja Shah
Hi Bobby,

I was wondering if you will review Chargesheet. Thank you.

Bobby Sing

Hi Raja Shah,
Though I really wanted to see "Chargesheet" but didnt go for it for 2 reasons :
One, because it was not having any shows after the weekend, and even the shows announced were not confirmed.

Secondly, I know what will be in it vaguley, as have seen the trailer........so really didint want to be very harsh to one of our own legends DEV ANAND, who is still making movies with his unstoppable spirit.

Still as you have requested, I will try my best to see it at the earliest.
Thanks for writing in after a long gap.


Raja Shah

Hello Bobby,

Thank you for your reply. It was precisely for the reason that DevSaab is still making movies, i wanted your evaluation as far as his vision is concerned. I know it can be demeaning since last many movies of his is a sheer waste of talent and time. Why don't our legends learn from the greats like "Clint Eastwood", did you see Gran Tarino, or A million dollar baby?

I really look forward to your unbiased report on chargesheet and want to compare it with my thoughts, as i think you are one of the very few ones who are able to present each movies in its true spirit, regardless of the background.



Bobby Sing

Hi Raja Shah,
Just now got another request of reviewng CHARGESHEET, so as it seems I will have to write about it at the earliest. So just Keep Visiting and I will soon post the review.
Thanks once again for inspiring me to watch it.


Hello bobby
I find so much information regarding movies, songs and your reviews etc.,
Can you add one more list pertains to travel I mean movies having travel theme,
Hope you will do something in this genre.

With regards

Bobby Sing

Hi Khamar,
Thanks for visiting the site and finding it useful too.
Truly speaking there is so much to add in here and I always feel like doing it more often by taking some time out from my other engagements.

As you suggested, the TRAVEL theme is no doubt interesting but its also taken up too rarely and a kind of off-beat subject too more interesting for only the documentary films lovers. In Indian Cinema there are very few films on this theme and one of which was the recent must watch "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara"

Still I have noted it down and would keep mentioning it separtely whenever there is a film based on such a theme.

Once again thanks for writing in and Keep visiting.


Hello Bobby
Thanks a lot for going through my request regarding travel theme films, I know it is off-beat subject and there are no good movies made in India on this subject.
There are number of movies made on this subject by different countries,available on MUBI, Listal and IMDB, and may be number of other websites, if you come across any such soul searching movies you can mention. Thank you once more
for your earnest reply.

with regards

Peru chopra

U r missing Aakaash Ganga, Yatra, Ghar Jamaee, Lekhu serial by Rijju bajaj and an introductory show Chalte Chalte.

U hve done a great job i appreciate ur work vry much.
I wish i could again watch these tv shows again.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Peru Chopra for your kind words and additions to the list too.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

Dilip Joshi

Hi Bobby

Love your blog.
Question: Where can I buy your book "Did You Know?"
Will appreciate your response.

Dilip J
Palm Beach FL USA

Bobby Sing

Many thanks Dilip Joshi Ji for your kind appreciation and interest shown in my first honest effort as an author.
For buying the book only you will find all Indian and International links at the following page :


And you can even read a few pages of the book to have an idea of its contents and more.
Hope it proves to be worthy enough of your time, money and effort made.
Please do let me know about your views as you get to read it.


V C Jain

Waiting for reply.
name of the movie in which the seth of a village gets son. he opens a piao/dharmshala as charity. one day he kills on guest, loot his assets and dispose of the body. then it become a regular practice. one day he kills his own son out of ignorance. the film is in rajsthani background.

Bobby Sing

Dear V C Jain,
I think you are the film you are looking for is Prakash Jha's PARINATI.
You can read more about it at the following link :

But unfortunately the film is not available in any format at the moment.
Hope the answer is correct.


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