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A WEDNESDAY : Kudos to the fresh talent with new thoughts in Indian Cinema. (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

13 Sep, 2008 | Movie Reviews / 2008 Releases

First of all I wish to thanks “Mr. Ronnie Screwvala” for being a unique producer who has the guts to back up projects like “A Wednesday”. Secondly, Kudos to writer & director “Neeraj Pandey”, who brings a fresh & new tide in the vast ocean of Hindi Cinema.

“A Wednesday” is not a big movie, but it is many times powerful than all the 50-70 crores projects being talked about in the news. It’s a movie which shows the signs of intelligence and the art of film making flowing in the veins of our young directors. It’s a movie made with courage, with conviction and with a strong point to raise in favor of a common man.
Without giving away the main plot, the story is about confrontation between a man played by Naseeruddin Shah, who has planted bombs in the city and Anupam Kher, the Police Chief of the city. In simple words it’s like fire between two stalwarts of our Hindi Cinema and they both make it just worth watching. I remember seeing two giants together on the screen last time in “Saudagar” (Dilip Kumar & Raj Kumar) and way back in ”Shakti” (Dilip Kumar & Amitabh Bachhan). And like those two movies, this one too satisfied my expectations to a large extent.
Though the movie starts with some predictable scenes of planting bombs in public areas. But after this weak start, the moment first phone call goes to the office of Anupam Kher, the film is straight away in the top gear and never looks back. The script is strictly to the point and that takes the viewer to the edge of his seat with every passing minute. Many movie buffs may judge the main twist post interval but even after you have cracked it, the movie still has the grip to keep you glued to your seats.
Performances have many surprises in store for the viewer. First of all, Jimmy Shergil is completely convincing and once again impressive in his act of an angry young police officer.The four terrorists and the entire supporting star cast has done a commendable job which makes you believe the unexpected happening on the screen. Cinematography and Background Music both completely support the vision of the director.
Frankly speaking, the script has its flaws like what happened to the bag planted by Naseer at the station in the start of the movie. But these loopholes must be (essentially) ignored to enjoy one of the most powerful film of this year.
The last 20 minutes need a special and standing ovation for both the director and the actors. The long, strong and impressive explanation by Naseer about his reasons is a kind of landmark in Hindi Movies. You will find each word, completely justifying our day to day experiences in life. You will feel that whatever may be the outcome, this man (Naseer) is somehow saying the right thing, which you may have felt at some moment in your life.
The worth praising fact about the movie is that it doesn’t take sides for any religion or its followers. There are references to some Hindu & Muslim characters, but they do not indicate any partiality on behalf of someone particular character. At many times, the silence of the actors, just says it all.
And the best part is that the director refuses to tell the real name of the man causing all troubles in the end. And the narration says that “If a name is given then it will lead to un-necessary conclusion, so let it be a common man who chose to fight for his own safety”. And that, in my opinion is the most unexpected and original climaxes you may have seen in a Hindi movie. A well written and fantastically executed climax scene, when both Naseer & Anupam shake hands and cross each other is simply excellent.
The two volcanoes of talent, Naseer & Anupam Kher have nothing to prove about themselves, but they do prove one thing.....that we are not making much films which can tap the talent available in the country.
Imagine Naseer in “Jaane Tu....” & Anupam Kher in “C Kkompany” after watching “A Wednesday”. You will surely understand what I am trying to say. I also remember “Nasser” & “Om Puri” together in “Maqbool” in the same context.
Coming back to the movie, “A Wednesday” certainly takes its place among the Top10 movies of both Naseeruddin Shah & Anupam Kher. And the director “Neeraj Pandey” is a talent to watch out in the coming future.
An essential Watch, even at the cost of a holiday from your work.
Rating : 4.5 / 5

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