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A mesmerizing sensual love song from SHEHNAI (1964) and the hidden unique beauty in its lyrics. (Articles on Hindi Film Music by Bobby Sing) - BTC Exclusive.

08 Sep, 2016 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

For all young and old friends, this is about a song which you must have heard for sure but might not have noticed the magic worked in it with a specific ‘unusual’ word and a unique expression used to define beauty, probably not to be found in any other love song with such sensitivity and sensuality as I strongly feel.
Firstly, we have a word in Hindi language as "PHOOT" used for breakage (Phoot Gaya Gharha!) or for rudely asking a person to leave in a state of anger (Chal Phoot!). The word is also used for denoting the springs flowing out of the mountains (Jharney Phoot Padey!), a bud transforming into a flower (Konplein Phir Phoot Aayin!) and may be for cursing the destiny too in a comical manner (Phoot Gayi Kismat!) or for crying (Phoot Phoot Ke Rona!). So it’s quite difficult to use this particular word in a sensual love song without making it sound awkward, fitting in the rhythm just perfectly.
However, the task is beautifully done by three masters as the lyricist, composer and singer together incorporating the peculiar word describing a beauty, looking at the tiny droplets of water shining in her hair referred as some precious pearls. And the opening lines go as,
“Na Jhatko Zulf Se Paani, Yeh Moti PHOOT Jayenge,
Tumhara Kuchh Na Bigdega, Magar Dil Toot Jayege”
In fact the creators use the word ‘Phoot’ in such a rhythmic and rhyming manner in the track that unless someone points it out to you, one doesn’t even feel like hearing something inept or lesser poetic in the verse from any angle.
Next you must have heard many ghazals, couplets, nazms or Hindi film songs describing the beautiful lips of a woman using various expressions and delightful poetic comparisons in their respective ‘sheyrs’. But the way they get visualized with an adorable sensuality in this absorbing song, takes the collective creation to a completely different level, again using the word ‘PHOOT’ in an entirely new perspective quite amazingly. And the antra (stanza/verse) goes as,
“Yeh Naazuk Lab Hain Ya Aapas Mein Do Lipti Hui Kaliyan,
Zara Inko Alag Kar Do, Tarannum PHOOT Jayenge,
“Na Jhatko Zulf Se Paani, Yeh Moti PHOOT Jayenge,
Tumhara Kuchh Na Bigdega, Magar Dil Toot Jayege”
The song has been penned by Rajendra Krishan with music by Ravi and rendition by Mohd. Rafi for film SHEHNAI (1964) which was produced and directed by S. D. Narang. On screen it has been picturised on Biswajeet and Rajshri as a couple taking shelter post the rains in an abandoned temple like structure.
You can listen, see and cherish the mesmerizing musical creation at the following link:

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