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ALONE - Once again a routine treatment kills the potential horror plot. (Review By Bobby Sing)

17 Jan, 2015 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / A / Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

There is no competition to Horror genre in India as almost everyone is ready to try it once (irrespective of the star-cast), expecting that probably this time they do it right coming up with a real scary film breaking the long jinx. But unfortunately, ALONE remains another silly addition to the category of all those lazily made ventures following the typical filmy setting of mixing horror with sex and some soothing songs. Moreover this time neither you get to feel the horror nor are served with any exciting sexual content as seen in director Bhushan Patel’s last scary film RAGINI MMS 2.
Adaptation of a Thai film with the same title ALONE (2007), it was earlier remade in south too as CHAARULATHA (2012 – Kannada/Tamil) before the present Hindi version. And the most disappointing feature of this remake is that despite having a decent, novel plot revolving around two beautiful (twin) sisters, the writers/director fails to materialize on it absurdly and goes on and on with the same old clichéd sequences completely ruining its interesting premise right from the beginning. Both the scary and steamy-quotient are not able to deliver anything significant and the film ends just like that making you feel as conned by the makers stealing your precious two hours and the hard earned money once again so easily.
Being too dark throughout (in literal sense), you get to see a brighter screen only in the well shot songs and few other sequences in gaps resulting in a more annoying experience. Plus the boringly slow pace with a routine progression and average dialogues further become its major downers unable to exploit the potential plot that could have been used differently as required. In the performance section, the key face of the project Bipasha Basu continues with her deliberate move of doing more horror movies but displays the same expressions and erotic appeal repeatedly proving herself as a much better kisser keeping aside the acting skills. However the lady surely deserves an innovative director and project to prove her untapped talent in this particular genre quite clearly. Karan Singh Grover makes a confident debut showing his worked upon body and knows well how to do the emotional scenes (learning from this TV serial experience) evidently. But the poor screenplay of the film doesn’t let him do something exceptional making the best use of the opportunity given. In addition the supporting cast provides few funny moments in place of the scary ones resulting in a weird laughter in the theatre post intermission.
In all, the soundtrack with few interesting (but not great) tracks can be rated as the only positive feature of this lousy horrex film (as it is called). And its really a pity to see such an uninteresting remake despite having two clear references right in front of you for the guidance. Therefore you can easily skip ALONE to watch something more scary from your own DVD collection that is compelling enough to be given a repeat viewing.

(For records, one of its song "Touch My Body" has credited 8 lyricist for its creation, since it is a reworked track from Dr. Zeus earlier two songs namely, "Feel My Body - Don't Be Shy" and "Kangna".)

Rating: 1 / 5

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