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Apna Aasmaan (2007) & Awakenings (1990)
25 Dec, 2008 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / A

Though these movies are not exactly similar to each other but still “Apna Aasmaan” does have some interesting similarities with Robin Williams & Robert De Niro starrer “Awakenings”. Whereas in “Apna Aasmaan” there is a fraud doctor giving a miraculous medicine to cure mental disorders, in “Awakenings” there is a real story of strange & sudden changes seen in few mentally weak patients, when they were given some new medicines by their doctor on a trial basis.

In both the films the patients also return to their original disorders at the end, after spending few days of a normal life.  In “AA” the director tries to make it more interesting with the child showing some extra ordinary mathematical talents when he is cured, but eventually fails to impress the viewer.

On the other hand “Awakenings” is an emotional masterpiece with brilliant performances by all the artists which was got 3 Academy Award Nominations in 1991.

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