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BADMASHIYAAN - Interesting interconnecting plots revolving around a con-woman remain the only merit of this fresh attempt. (Review By Bobby Sing)

07 Mar, 2015 | Movie Reviews / 2015 Releases

Beginning with a couple speaking about their affair in broken Punjabi, followed by a fake Sikh character given a weird get up and all forced lines just to create some silly laughs, BADMASHIYAAN straight away gives you the feeling of an amateurish attempt by the team in its first five minutes itself making a bad impression. The poor show (set in Chandigarh) continues till the next 30 minutes till you get to know that it’s actually all about a con-woman and her innocent romantic victims desperately looking for their true love that instantly makes you recall LADIES V/S RICKY BAHL or the recent DOLLY KI DOLI revolving around few similar concepts.
Progressing further introducing more of its key characters, it frankly looks like one of those self-sponsored projects by the new actors themselves, since none of them is able to make any kind of noticeable impact on the viewers. The narration fails to hold your interest for most of its duration (divided into three sections) and it all starts falling in line towards the finale only with some kind of freshness and interesting moments.
Actually the three distinctive plotlines in its script have been thought well but not written accordingly creating boredom in the middle and the same can be said about its direction too giving you nothing to praise in those two hours with performances ranging from below average to just bearable. The whole film revolves around the character of Suzanna who plays it over dramatically looking good only in a few sequences and Sidhant as her lover seems like a clone of Sushant Singh Rajput playing it poorly. Among the more experienced ones, Karan Mehra’s act remains highly inspired from Shah Rukh Khan throughout whereas the debutant Gunjan Malhotra turns out to be the decent one as compared to the rest. Surprisingly Sharib Hashmi of FILMISTAAN fame is not able to give any extraordinary performance here as the Don, but he still remains the best among them all underplaying the role as required. 
Continuing the poor show in its music and background score, BADMASHIYAAN is not at all funny or thrilling as per its exciting con theme. And the only time you feel like seeing something engaging is the climax wherein all twists and turns get revealed interconnecting the three subplots together in an interesting manner (that again makes you recall many English films based on this specific format).
So one might not mind watching the film on a channel along with some multitasking going on utilizing the two hours, but opting for it at a costly multiplex is certainly not recommended.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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