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BANG BANG - Fails to rise above the routine glossy stuff overstressing on its shallow romance & well shot action sequences. (Review By Bobby Sing)

03 Oct, 2014 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / B / Movie Reviews / 2014 Releases

It’s like a fixed Bollywood ritual that whenever it comes to biggies with great star power and big monies involved like in BANG BANG, our makers always tend to present a below average mix mash of various genres together following a safe passage. So made on the similar lines this is another of those weak big budget major releases of the year which has nothing fresh in the name of content or storyline and is just interested in giving you some time pass entertainment with the same old typical romance, clichéd thrills, few innovative dances and many fabulous actions sequences and that’s it.
Talking about its official remake status of adapting the original KNIGHT AND DAY (2010), the English film itself was not a great movie at all to put in straight words. But since it had ample scope for both romance and action together, so probably that was the only reason they decided to remake it since it happens to be one of the safest subjects for making a big budget Hindi movie featuring two major stars of the industry.
BANG BANG begins in a typical Hindi film style in which a heavily guarded building in London can also be attacked by a group of terrorists hanging in the air coming from nowhere. And further the KOHINOOR diamond is talked about in such a manner as if it’s a gem made by some Pannalal Johri from the 70s film of Dharmendra. It offers only a few entertaining moments in the first half and then goes on presenting all seen before, predictable sequences post intermission with some at your face brand endorsements too, prominently inserted into the dialogues quite shamefully like “Dar Ke Aagey Jeet Hai”. Having no entertainment or fun value in its final hour, one really starts feeling tired of seeing the same two faces in a continuous mode and strongly misses some other strong characters in the narration providing the much required relief and change.
To give you a fair idea, in one of its boring sequences Katrina says to Hrithik, "Tumhari Saari Baatein Kitni Bull Shit Lagti Hain", which actually reveals a lot about the film itself. Both the lead performers give you nothing new moving ahead than their previous films and many talented names remain wasted in only a few scenes like Danny, Jimmy Shergill, Pawan Malhotra, Javed Jaafri and Deepti Naval. To add some comic element, a dadi is thrown in too just because the character was a bit hit in one of her recent films speaking in a Punjabi accent and the rest of the cast has nothing much to do as per the script completely focusing on its lead pair.
Still there are two positive points in BANG BANG, at least giving you some returns for your money spent on the costly tickets. One is its fabulous action sequences or stunts designed/conceived by a western team and two, the awesome dance movements of Hrithik, choreographed amazingly by the masters on some above average songs (which could have been much better). However I still am not able to understand that despite involving the same foreign team, why all the chroma sequences are easily catchable in a Hindi movie whereas they are simply beyond imagination in their western flicks. Moreover the makers made me wonder once again that why the best song of the film is always left for the end credits and not used in the film itself.
Anyway I frankly didn’t expect any path breaking film from director Siddharth Anand at all after his last few projects inspired from the west as ANJAANA ANJAANI, BACHNA AE HASEENO, TARA RA RUM PUM made post his initial hit SALAAM NAMASTE (again an inspired one). So BANG BANG, being a mediocre venture overstressing on its shallow romance and great action sequences alone was not a surprise for me personally. But if you are expecting to see something greatly novel in terms of concept, sequences or even performances in this heavily publicized biggie of the year released in a festival weekend, then you are sure going to be disappointed big time without any doubt.
On the other hand in case you are just looking for some enjoyable time with your partner, munching the butter popcorns, watching two pretty faces on the screen along with a well-toned body, a sensuous kiss, a fake romance, some brilliant well-shot action and few adorable foreign locations with a soothing air-condition on in this abnormal heat of October then its quite possible that you might like BANG BANG contradicting my otherwise negative viewpoint. So the choice is all yours.
Rating : 1.5 + 0.5 / 5 (With the additional 0.5 just for Hrithik’s amazing dance skills looking just awesome on the big screen.)

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