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BEIIMAAN LOVE - This should ideally be one of the last projects of Sunny Leone's India Tour before slipping into the avoidable new-age HUMA KHAN mode. (Review by Bobby Sing)

17 Oct, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

As mentioned in the earlier reviews of films featuring the infamous Sunny Leone, this is yet another project that seems to have begun once the lady said YES to its producers doing the legal signings. And who needs a fresh story or some great actors when Sunny is ready to be there in almost every frame of the film and its sensuously shot songs delivering the much obvious.
Interestingly here the most amazing and honest fact remains that in these kind of projects both the makers as well as the actors very well know that why this film is being made and what are they supposed to do in it, without worrying about anything else in terms of performance, talent, cinema or creative satisfaction to be straight.
So in BEIIMAAN LOVE, we once again have the same rotten storyline of a bet between the friends to win over a beautiful girl, a mother with an undisclosed shameful past, a guilt-ridden suicide thrown as a twist, a second marriage arranged with a questionably modern girl (and a father too) and then the revenge planned by the victim heading towards a supposedly innovative but pretty badly executed climax contributing nothing.
Beginning with a song right away focusing on Sunny - the only ‘so called’ asset of the film, BEIIMAAN LOVE is full of ridiculous dialogues, painfully clichéd sequences and many poor performances featuring Rajneish Duggal in the male lead and Sunny’s real-life husband Daniel Weber too (reminding you of the 90s when Bhagyashree used to force the producers to take her husband Himalaya as the hero of her every film).
In short there is no filmmaking here to be straight and ‘the product’ is not even enjoyable for the ones looking for some sleazy kind of entertainment in return of their money spent. In fact this should ideally be one of the last few projects of Sunny Leone’s India tour and she will have to take a decision before she slips into the mode of becoming the new-age HUMA KHAN signing such pathetic ventures.
Overall if EK PAHELI LEELA can be rated Sunny’s best ‘Hindi’ film till date, BEIIMAAN LOVE can easily be called the worst and she will have to seriously think of something exceptionally great to make a comeback from here.
Rating : 0.5 / 5 (And that too strictly for its few above average songs with some catchy beats)

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