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BLOOD MONEY - Nothing new from Vishesh Films with all repetitive content inspired from their own old movies & the West. (Review By Bobby Sing)

11 Apr, 2012 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / B / Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

Vishesh Films's latest venture is just made out of their own old films and inspirations taken from the West as usual. The subject has no novelty at all ruining every possible excitement to watch it as a new release. Very strangely the promos revealed the entire movie and its storyline which was in fact the most unintelligent step taken for its promotion. The film is only able to hold you for a while in the beginning. But as the plot progresses it really tries to test that how patiently you can watch the same repeated stuff being shown on the screen with some different actors.

A middle class family boy, who dreams to be rich living in a big luxurious house, gets a job offer in a foreign country. His lady love is excited too but the good times gradually vanish in thin air as the boy comes to know about the criminal background of its company and the crimes in which he has been involved too unknowingly. Now if you can recall, the same was the basic storyline of Vishesh Film’s “JANNAT” (2008) too with the cricket betting background and to some extent the traces were also there in Mahesh Bhatt’s own “NAAM” (1986). Talking about the Western influences, a similar storyline can be seen in “THE FIRM” released in 1993 revolving around a young lawyer.
So, BLOOD MONEY is purely based on the Bhatt set film-making style starting off with a romance and then entering into a criminal zone along with a little sex and few good hummable songs. But at the same time, it strongly indicates to be one of those unimportant movies which are quickly made in-between the other Big money making projects to show some non-profitable expenditure in the firm.
In the acting department, all the sincere efforts of the cast including the confident Kunal Khemmu and the natural Amrita Puri (of AISHA fame), go in vain due to the stale & unimpressive subject of the film. Only Manish Chaudhuri is able to leave some kind of impact in the roll of the Boss among the supporting cast & Mia Udeshi is only there to fill in as the sexual attraction of the film.  
Supported by a fine Cinematography, it readily proves to be a Bhatt camp film due to the few interesting tracks in its soundtrack like Chaahat, Jo Tere Sang & Gunaah, which sadly remain incapable of saving the film from sinking. No doubt, debutant director Vishal Mahadkar brightly shows the talent he has in few sequences like the Diamond Selling scene in its first half. But I really fail to understand that why did he zeroed on to such an overused and uninteresting subject for his debut film. So learning a valuable lesson from BLOOD MONEY, he must give the subject of his film, the most serious thought next time.
Ratings : 1 / 5

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